It drives me crazy….

Things that drive me absolutely Flipp’n Crazy!

1.  People that don’t use turn signals.

2. Wet loose hair…GROSS and it gives me the heebe jeebes

3. This one particular sound my son makes..he thinks its’s like scrapping fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

4. People who are on time..I don’t care if you have 30 kids (the most used excuse) prepare..and be on f’n time.

5. Being lied to..why not just be honest?

6. When you go into a public bathroom, pick a stall and the last person didn’t flush.  Seriously?  Is it that freaking hard to turn around and push a lever?  Lazy ass gross people!

7. Bratty f’n kids that wine, cry, don’t listen, think it’s ok to run around in public, scream, throw temper tantrums etc.  I guess it’s not the kid’s fault it’s the parents.  (i have kids so i am not a shitty kidless person)  Be a parent and discipline your child.  Think about the people around you.  Yes your kid is cute but when he/she acts like that..not so cute.

8.  People that push God down your throat.  I totally support your thoughts and ideas and beliefs but leave me to mine…I don’t go to church, I make up my own mind, I know I am a good person and don’t need an organization of mind washed/fucked people telling me how to live me life and what to believe.  So yes I don’t know if I believe in god…I’m leaning towards NO.

9. Barny-the purple dinosaur should be shot and every kid that is on the show needs to be placed in therapy.

10. stupid people, dumbshits, douchebags and know-it-alls.

11. People that stalk you as you are walking out of the store for your parking spot.  I intentionally take my time packing my car and will kill time in my car because of this.  If you have kids in tow or are pregnant completely ok but if you are some lazy fat ass that is just to lazy to walk an extra 20 feet you are waiting for my spot.

12. people in walmart and walmart itself.

13. people that live in this country that don’t speak the live is your home…learn English.  AND teach your kid English before sending them to school.  I wouldn’t move to Mexico and not know Spanish.

14. Telemarketers.  You should be ashamed of yourselves and your job.

15. hair in the bathtub

16. chaos and stagnant time

17. people who are mean for no apparent reason.  I did not piss in your wheaties so be nice to me and others.  SMILE for goodness sake you are alive aren’t you?

18. forwarded emails that are about religion.  I don’t want your God. Quit sending them to me.

19.  cleaning..i do not enjoy it at all.

20. people that think it is ok to wear skin tight clothing when you shouldn’t..who told you that you looked ok to go out in public in that? (that was a little shallow of me but it is true)

21.  Negative people.  Life is too short to be negative and crappy all the time.  You are alive, the sun came up, you are breathing…be happy or don’t leave your home.

22.  spoiled rotten kids..I am doing my best to not let my kids become spoiled.  I have to admit that I was spoiled when I was growing up but yet I appreciated everything I had and do have and did not act like a brat.

23. the kid Nevel on icarly.

24. a bad hair day.  Thank god for hats.

25. Nickleback.  Seriously stop singing.

26. my dog..he is on my shit list right now.

27. people who are mean to kids..child abusers, rapists, the ones who ‘accidentally’ leave their kids in a hot car and they die…they should be strung up by their balls or if they are women by their nipples.

28. mosquitos

29. people that talk to me while I am on the phone and say tell them this or that and jump into my conversation.  if you want to talk to them hold on and i will give you the damn phone but for now shut the hell up and let me talk.

30. shitty servers and/or bartenders.  This is your job, this is what YOU chose to do and make your money now put a flipp’n smile on your face and do your job.  I am a great tipper but if I see you doing nothing when you told me you were going to get my kid a refill i’m not tipping you.

sorry, had to get that off my chest….all better now 🙂

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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