Recap of “The Night of the Crazies”. Oh the People you meet living around Nashville.

Last night my friends and I had a little girls night out. It was interesting to say the least.  It was one of the those nights that you can’t prepare for and you wished you had a video camera or at least a pocket recorder so you have proof of your stories.   My girl L and I went to a local bar where it was the infamous ‘ladies night’, you pay $5 and drink all the draft beer you can in 3 hours. Game on. Side note-I hate draft beer because it goes down way to easy, tastes yummy as long as you don’t think about the last time the lines were cleaned, and it gives me a crazy headache in the morning, which I am having at the moment. The two of us are sitting minding our own when here comes crazy #1. I think I have a sign on my back that reads “if your crazy please come talk to me I want to know everything about you and your life”. He was a 51 year old truck driver who was staying at the local motel across the street. He made it a point to tell us his life story. Completely harmless but drunk and annoying. After he decides he has to go to his room to shower and get cleaned up so he can come back to the bar, L and I continue our conversation. *L is my dearest best friend, she has started student teaching this year so her and I have not hung out in 2 weeks so there was some catching up to do in between the crazies and their unwanted info* Next walks up 3 people, crazy #2 and #3, who sit down at the other end of the bar table. This was 3 of the totally mix matched people I have ever seen. The girl, crazy #2, is 38 years old and has on a blue wig with long pony tails down to her butt, sunglasses (it’s 10pm and we are inside), tight black tshirt tucked in to a fluffy tu tu skirt (like the ones the little bitty girls wear), black legging and these hot pink sandal getup shoes that come all the way up to her knees..interesting to say the least. Oh and she carried around this stick with a glitter ball on top. Was it her disco stick or her wand? Was she putting spells on people on the dance floor?  Come to find out she is a mooching drunk who is pretty much a whore.  Moving on..the next was her ‘boyfriend’ ,crazy #3, a 53 year old arab who claimed at first to have a purse business and was opening up a store in our town like next week. Further into the I’m crazy and must tell you everything about me…he says they came up from Florida to help in the clean up and restoration of our city after the flood that hit in May because they have a flooring business and he has done floors for all kinds of celebrities including Oprah. (Really? didn’t you just say that you were opening a purse store?) At another point he proceeded to tell us that he was a stand up comedian. Pick one fella and stick to it! The third person that was with them was this Mexican guy named Noel. He didn’t say much just sat there and smiled.

Finally our other friend gets there and was amazed at our newly found best friends. She goes to the bar to get a beer and comes back to tell me that it was bought for her by a quiet dude sitting at the bar who *claims* to be the son of Willie Nelson. Now this could be true because my sister used to bartend there and thinks she remembers ‘the son of Willie’, he must be a regular.  Oh the people you meet living around Nashville. Hold the phone I think I can top that one! I’m standing there trying to mind my own once again and crazy #4 walks up. He says to me “don’t you know who I am?”. My brain starts thinking….Answer “Nope”. He says “you really don’t recognize me? Again thinking.. I start to think maybe I should?  Again…Answer “Nope”  He says “I’m Kevin Bacon’s brother, don’t you see the resemblance?”.  Of course you are and I’m the sister of Pat Benetar.  He said that they have the same Mom but different dads.  So I proceed to tell him that he is full of shit and he goes on to tell me how his brother Mr. Bacon lives here and talked him into moving up here.  Oh what ever you crazy person!!  I looked at him and asked if we were playing Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon because if we were he was winning…I have to admit he did look like him but I do believe he is full of shit.  Over my hangover coffee and waiting for the Advil to take its course this morning I did some research and couldn’t find any information saying that Kevin Bacon has a half brother named Scott.  I even looked up his mom and it listed her children..No mention of Scott.  I usually wouldn’t care but I had time this morning so I said what the hell. I also looked up our best friend Wally who is the purse guy/floor man to the stars/comedian.  (he gave me the name of his website and told me to check it out..again I had time this am)  I go to his site and there are 2 youtube videos of him doing his “standup”..Um yeah good thing he has his other two professions to fall back on. 😛

As the night went on “the beautiful people of the town” 😛 started coming out of the woodwork and it became even more of the twilight zone so that is when we decide that if our brains have any more stimulation by the crazies our heads will explode.  Therefore..time to go home..back to reality and back to normal civilization and normal human existence.  Ahhhhh…home.

The End.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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