Grandparents are moving to town!

My dad and stepmom live in Indiana, we are in Tennessee.  They are the BEST grandparents to my children.  Around November last year they started talking about moving down here to be close to my sister and I and especially my kids.  My dad has never lived outside of the state and he is 61 years old, same for my stepmom so the thought of them actually doing it I didn’t think would happen.  Their first talk of it was “well maybe sometime in the next two years”.  Then it was maybe in a year.  Well over Christmas my stepmom’s dad passed away, her only left ‘tie’ to Indiana.  Dad told me they were driving home from the funeral and my stepmom who was crying said to my dad “i’m ready to move, let’s do this”.  My dad just thought this came out of the emotions she was going through.  He gave her a couple of days to think about it and her mind never changed.

Now a little background on my stepmom…My stepmom never had kids, never wanted them.  My sister and I were her first dose of kids (I was 15 and my sister 11 when they got together), and oh did we give her a time at her first lessons in parenting 😛  I have to admit she handled us very well.  I love that woman!  When I was pregnant with my 1st she told my dad that she is not a grandma and will not be called grandma, she was dead serious.  Dad just looked at her and laughed and said “you just wait until you hold that baby for the first time”, she wasn’t falling for it.  Needless to say when she met Will for the first time her eyes filled with tears and she said “nice to meet you Will, I’m your grandma”.  Ever since then her grandbabies are her world.  She and my dad are the best grandparents ever.  She does not stop when they are around, they get her undivided attention 24/7.

So anyway back to the moving…So it was going to be in the next year we are moving down, this was in January.  Needless to say they bought a house down here in June and just closed on theirs up there and will be here on Thursday!  They found a wonderful house that has room for the horses and land for my dad to hunt on AND an inground pool.  It’s nothing compared to what they are leaving up there, their house in Indiana was an oasis away from it all..quiet, all nature around you, the horses, the fishing, walking trails…81 acres of just peace and quiet.  You could see every star in the sky.  I will miss that place immensely and so will my kids.

What I am thankful for is the memories that will be made with them down here.  Don’t get me wrong they made plenty of memories with them up there but that was only every 3 to 4 months we would go up.  Now they can see them at least once a week and have that bond every child should have with their grandparents.  Some of the best memories I have are of hanging out at my grandparents house, staying the weekend, swimming and just enjoying the moments with them.  My kids will have that now too.  We have not lived near family in over 10 years, we are very excited to have this again.  All of us girls in the kitchen cooking for Thanksgiving, going over for Christmas, watching football games together (I love to watch football and college basketball with my dad), just being and creating many more wonderful memories.  My dad wants to teach my son how to hunt and my son wants to go hunting with him!  This is fantastic!  My dad used to take me hunting with him and it was great!  He finally has a boy to teach all the manly things to that he couldn’t with his daughters.  Ha ha!

I hope it brings my dad and my sister closer too.  They have never been really really close, I was the daddy’s little girl and my sister the mommy’s little girl.  They have always had a decent relationship but have had their outs.  After our mom passed away 5 years ago they have had more of a relationship and this makes me happy.  It also makes my dad very happy.  He is finally having what he has always wanted a relationship with his youngest daughter.  When they sold their house up there he called to tell me about it and he was choked up, crying a little.  I asked him what was wrong and all he could get out was my sister’s name.  I said “oh no what did she do :)” and he said he just hopes that my sister knows how much he loves her and how much it means to him to be closer to her and hopes that he sees more of her once they are here.  Awwe…my dad and his mushy moments.  I hope the same for them too.  I really really do.

Thursday is the day when the next chapter will start and I can’t wait.  My kids are so excited to have them down here, we have been counting down the days for 3 weeks now.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I’m so happy for your family! You’re going to love being so close to your parents! I used to hate it (when I was younger and single and didn’t give a hoot about family) but now with kids it’s the best thing ever!

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