Would you want the world to know?

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This morning on the Today show Lindsay Lohan getting out of rehab was top news.  15 minutes into their first hour they did a full story on this breaking news.  Why again do we care?  Now it’s all about Tiger Wood’s divorce.  Again why do we care?  These stories beat out the story of a man who sawed (YES sawed..with a saw) off his own arm because he was stuck in a furnace.  (I don’t know why he was stuck in a furnace because it is going on the 2nd hour of the show and they still haven’t told this story but we know about Lindsay and Tiger) I mean come on..they are interviewing people to get to the bottom of these stories.  Lindsay Lohan’s mom (who is a piece of work herself), a lady that knows everything about Tiger’s now ex-wife and how many credits she has remaining until she gets her Masters in Psychology (she has 40 to get just so you know and you missed the Today show).  I don’t understand (maybe it’s just me) why these stories are top news.  Are we that shallow of human beings that we make this top priority on the news.  Is it to make the regular joe feel better about themselves?  “I was thinking my life was so hard until I heard about Tiger’s woes, I’m glad I’m not him that would just be awful”   Is to make sure we have “water cooler talk” at work, on facebook or at the next playgroup.  If so, SHEWEE, I am glad we are given these topics to discuss because I wouldn’t want to sit around and talk about the real current events (complete sarcasm there).  Do we thrive on other people’s screwed up lives, miscomings, and mishaps?

Would you want the world to know of your divorce, overdose, clothing mishaps, that you had lipo, time in rehab or jail?  Not me.  It would mortify me.  I would hate to have my boob fall out or be hammered and fall down and some putz paparazzi get a picture of it.  It’s bad enough when your friend does and it makes it onto facebook.   I do not watch Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, read Star etc. because for one I don’t care and two these are people’s lives we are talking about, human beings.  I know the celebs will never know that I don’t read about them or watch a certain show to get the latest scoop to find out who has had plastic surgery, botox, butt implant, divorce, went to rehab or who is doing who but that is just a little more privacy for them.

So to the media, E!, sleeze mags and the shows that go along with it…you should be ashamed of yourselves..how do you sleep at night?  What if it was you and your family that was in the spotlight and all your dirty laundry exposed?  I don’t think you would be such a happy camper then…just say’n.

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