Living through a TV show for a little more ‘Time’.

The Passage of Time

Image by ToniVC via Flickr

The new show on Showtime, The Big C, is one of my favorite new shows.  It is about a woman, a Mom, with Melanoma and her ‘time’ left.  The reason is personal, it touches me in a very true and honest way.  My mom passed away 5 years ago suddenly from cancer, Melanoma.  Last week when I watched the first episode I had no idea what it was about, I was just too lazy to turn the channel after watching Weeds.  When I learned that it was about a Mom with Melanoma I didn’t know if I could watch it, I thought it would be hard hitting this close to home for me.  I stuck with the first episode and loved it.  This week I fell even more in love with the show.  The meaning of the show, what the mom is doing.  The mom has not told anyone in her family that she has been diagnosed with Melanoma and has maybe 18 months to live.  She has kicked her husband out prior to knowing and has vowed to spend the summer doing great things with her son.  She said in the last episode, after yelling at her son for never picking up his clothes, that she has wasted so much of her time in her life picking up clothes and closing cabinet doors (which the husband and son are guilty of).  She burned some of the son’s clothes that she picked up off the floor along with her couch because she has always hated it..You go girl!

Her son was scheduled to leave for soccer camp for 6 weeks over the summer and she at the last minute decided that he wasn’t going to go, instead they will spend the summer together doing fun things.  The son of course was furious and thinks she is just being mean, remember he does not know his mom has cancer.

Here’s the kicker, this is what made me bawl my eyes out last episode.  The son goes to sleep for the night and she gets a pillow and blanket out of the hall closet and sleeps next to his bed.  What is she doing?  She is making the last of her days memorable for her son so when the day comes he doesn’t look back and say I wish I would have stayed home from camp or I wish we could have done this or that.  She is making this time precious.  She is making her time Great.

Yes maybe I am living through the show at the moment because I didn’t have a chance to do so with my mom.  My mom was diagnosed with advanced Melanoma on a Friday and we lost her 2 days later on a that Sunday.  My sister and I didn’t have 18 months, hell we didn’t have a week to spend.  We had 2 days in the ICU at her bedside.  I treasure those last days, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t recall something that was said, holding her hand for the last time, saying I love you for the last time.  It shatters my heart that we didn’t have more ‘time’.

So the fact there is a show that deals with the ‘time’ that you have touches me very deeply.  There is a meaning in this show that some might just not understand.  You never know when your ‘time’ will be up, you will never know how much ‘time’ you have with your loved ones, your children.  You must live your life like tomorrow is your last, you must tell the ones you love that you love them, always treasure these moments..this ‘time’ that you have.

I would have done ANYTHING for just a little more ‘time’.

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