Just shoot me in the foot and get it over with.

Day 1 of 365: First Footing

I must vent, shoot myself in the foot or beat my children…I choose vent.  Yesterday was one hellacious day.  I am so OVER the ‘get me’s’, the ‘i wants’, ‘do this’s’, the repeating myself one thousand times, the lack of common sense, the lack of ability to follow simple directions.  I am going to purchase me a drill sergeant uniform and enforce boot camp up in here.   Somehow in the last week my kids have turned into common sense lacking little brats.  My daughter somehow has turned into this demanding little thing.  Em-“Get me some chocolate milk” Me-“No Mam, you may not have milk until you ask me politely” Em-“I want chocolate milk”.  UGH!  Since when is my little girl who is usually very polite and uses her please and thank you’s this demanding little diva?!  This has started since school started.  Is it because she has to follow rules all day at school and now she just wants what she wants right now?  Well tough bologna little girl!  Life sucks so suck it up.

My son, where do I start with him.  He is a very loving boy but lately, Good God!  He wasn’t in the door 5 minutes yesterday and I was all over him for not listening, being a little smart ass, talking back and just being rude.  He is the one that lacks the common sense..he better end up being a genius so it’s easier for me to understand the lack in this area.  Me-“Will get that off your head and go put it in on my bed so the dog doesn’t chew it up” (easy right..WRONG)  He goes in my room but he is in my closet doing god know what with the item that I told him to put on my bed.  5 minutes later it has made it on my bed.  I tell him to stop doing whatever he is doing and his rebuttal is but she did this, the dog was doing that.  I DON’T FLIPP’N CARE!  I told you to stop doing whatever and that means keep your mouth shut and just do it!  (yep venting)  Just so you know, my son knows absolutely everything, just ask him he’ll tell you.  He is never wrong and does nothing wrong.  It is always someone else.  Another UGH!  I had to get on him I don’t know how many times yesterday and everything had a rebuttal.  I had to turn away at the end or I might just beat him.  (not really but I want to sometimes)  Will asks me if he can have some gold fish for a snack, I tell him no but you may have a banana, apple or an orange.  He says fine I don’t want anything then.  Well Fine!  You can starve because that is all that I am offering to you at this moment in time.  Again, Will says well can I have a capri sun?  No I can pour you a glass of juice because the capri suns are for your lunches at school.  Again, he says, I don’t want anything then.  For the flipp’n love of god!!!!

Another one..I watch my son’s best friend everyday after school.  J doesn’t get a darn foot in the door and he says to me “I want a banana and juice.”  Seriously, am I your freaking server now.  How about a hello first.  How about we do homework, or go over spelling words or hell, I don’t know maybe talk about your day first before we start demanding food…my food.  Food that your mom doesn’t pay me enough for to feed you 4 times before you go home for the day.  Later in the afternoon he says to me “when is my mom going to be here?”  I tell him “here in about an hour, are you miserable?”  He says yes.  I ask him why are you so miserable?  He says “there’s nothing to do”.  Again..Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?  There’s not a closet full of toys, another closet full of 48 games, there’s not a basketball goal out front or a swing set in the back?  Another..UGH!

My husband says to stand them in the corner.  I have mixed feelings about this punishment.  My parents never did that to me or my sister.  It’s a little degrading in my eyes.  But I might just have to try it because talking isn’t working.  My son is to big for me to spank, it doesn’t phase him.  My daughter on the other hand all you have to do is say do you want a spanking and she turns to tears.  My dad had the power of the eyes and voice.  All he had to do was raise his voice and look at us with those eyes and my sister and I would just cower..  I don’t have this special human power..damn it!  I still have to find my power.  Trust me I am looking.  Is there a “Find your Super Parenting Power” class because if there is..Sign me up!

My sister and I were driving back from my dad’s last night with the kids talking about their behavior over the course of the evening and I realized something.  I have 10 more years of this crap, the back talking, the sassing, the “I know everything, you don’t know crap mom”.   I am now on a mission.  Mission: Whip my kids back into shape, back into the sweet little kids that are now hiding deep down in them somewhere.  Boot camp starts…NOW!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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