Life is good when you wake up to an “awwe” moment.

Photos: Is Life Good? Or is Life Crap? ;)

Image by vincentgallegos via Flickr

When I walked out on the back patio this am I looked up and the sky was a beautiful shade of pink.  It was *awwwe* beautiful.  I wish now I would have taken a picture but it was 6am and my brain was on auto pilot.  I know its going to be a good day.  Granted it is only 8:15 but so far so good :).  Other than the silly band drama we had this morning it’s been good.  (my son couldn’t find a specific silly band and I am pretty sure his day is ruined now, not mine haha!)  This morning the weather is perfect so I am out on the patio with my computer, coffee and the dog.  Life is good.

A song comes to mind…

Aint nothing going to break my stride
Nobody´s going to slow me down
Oh no, I have got to keep on moving

Not today baby…not to-day!

I’m looking forward to getting my hair done this morning..some new color..a new do. It’s time for a change.  Something funky and sassy.   It’s the little things in life that bring on the happiness.  Getting a little pampering is one of them!  I just wish I had time for a pedicure..maybe tomorrow.

The kids are staying the weekend at my dad’s for the first time since they have moved down.  The WHOLE weekend.  I am super pumped for this, you have no idea.  What to do with the husband for a whole weekend?  How does this work?  Hmmmm……  A movie, go see a band, just sit around a look at each other, I just hope he doesn’t get into one of his swings where we have to work on stuff all weekend.  Hopefully we can just “be” and enjoy each other.  We shall see…

I have some awesome things to look forward to in the next month.

My husbands birthday, my son’s birthday and going up home for the world’s fair.  For my son’s birthday we are getting him a flat screen for his room.  He said he wants one and wants cable ran into his room.  Well kid you are getting it.  He’s going to poop his pants.  My husband on the other hand..I have no clue.  He is the hardest man in the world to buy for.  Think, think, think.

The first weekend in October I am going to my home town in Indiana for the annual fair.  Some, like my sister and husband who are anti-social goofballs, think it’s ridiculous.  Well *stick tongue out and make noise* on them.  I made my sister go last year and you would have thought I cut off her arm.  Secretly I know she had a good time and enjoyed seeing everyone. Shhh..don’t tell.  When I moved away I said I would never go back for the fair..well I have been home for it more than I haven’t.  I enjoy it.  I get to see everyone I went to high school with and it’s like a reunion of every class every year.  I get to catch up with my friends that I have had since Kindergarten.  My dad has always been amazed on how close our class has always been with many of us being friends since elementary school.  We have never lost touch.  This year I am super excited because thanks to facebook I have reconnected with a couple of my old besties and we have plans to get together for dinner and drinks.  I have not seen these ladies in 5 years..since our 10 year reunion.

On that note..Life Is Good..Have a fabulous day!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Your son is going to be psyched! I know people don’t really say “psyched” any more, but it’s too early for me to think of another word.

    I hope you enjoy the weekend to yourselves!

  2. Oh girlfriend I do! I am old school psyched, pumped, stoked, rad, just to name a few 😉

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