It is what it is when you wear what you wear.

Alright on the Today Show they did a story on the sports broadcaster, Ines Sainz,  that is accusing the Jets of harassment.  I heard a little something about this before but didn’t get the whole story until this am.  I am honestly floored by these accusations from her.  If you think of yourself as a professional anything then you must dress accordingly to your profession.  You don’t see the guy sportscasters wearing board shorts, tight T-shirts and ball they are wearing suits and ties.  They wear this because they are 1. Professionals and 2. they have respect for their profession.  They go on to show what she was wearing when the ‘harassment’ took place, very tight jeans and a short sleeve button down.  The jeans were tight, cute, but very tight.  Then they go on to show pictures of her on a website in lingerie and other non existent clothing, then they showed her in a photo layout when she won sexiest sports broadcaster in a little bathing suit type thing.  And she still wonders why she was whistled at?

**please know that I am all about some cute clothes that show off your curves and the fact they make you feel good while you wear them.  I’m not knocking her for wanting to look attractive by any means BUT you are not at the mall or a club or out to dinner with your girlfriends, you are doing your JOB so dress accordingly**

Ok so back to the subject at hand.  She goes on in her interview to say that she has done nothing wrong in the choices she has made with her clothing while on the job.  Really?!?  You aren’t reporting on women’s basketball (not that it would be ok to wear said clothing there either) you are reporting on the NFL with big burly men in the locker room while wearing skin tight clothing and your boobs are hanging out and you are attractive to begin with and you think a man isn’t going to make a comment or even think something in his head?  They are men..this is what they think about 24/7 plus they just had to think about football for 3 hours so when their brains can finally rest what is the first thing they are going to think about especially when you wear that?  Their brains went into overdrive.  Come on’s not rocket science.  Even on the Today Show she couldn’t button an extra button so we weren’t overwhelmed by her cleavage.  It’s all about respect and self respect.  This would have been completely appropriate when you are out and about for the night..not on national television at 7am.  I’m pretty sure that Merideth wanted to slap her by the end of the interview.  If you want to be taken seriously in this profession then you need to show some respect towards it and yourself.

I am not condoning any harassment here what so ever because it’s never ok but it is what it is when you wear what you wear.  It’s like me leaving the house with major cleavage showing a skirt so short you can almost see my butt and heels and then being absolutely appalled and disgusted when I get whistled at or comments are made walking down the street.  Men are men and the way they think will never’s in their make up.  If you don’t want to be harassed, whistled at, comments made then cover up your body and quit letting it all hang out while you are doing your JOB.  Save your skimpy stuff for the club.

It’s a shame that she is going to make such a fuss out of all this and the Jets are going to have the spotlight on them and most likely be reprimanded when all of this was brought on by her and the choices she made before walking out on the field or into the locker room.

Get a clue lady!  I’m rooting for the Jets on this one you are on your own.

What are your thoughts?

To read more on this story here:  #mce_temp_url#

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  1. Completely agree with the idea of appropriate attire in the workplace. Does she deserve to be harrassed? No. Of course not. A producer should have stepped in and suggested that she put on a sweater or something. The whole situation was a cat-call waiting to happen.

  2. 100% totally agree! There is a time and place to dress sexy, and if you are a high end escort then some of that attire is absolutely appropriate. But as a sports reporter? NO, dress the part. The focus of the job is to report sports not draw attention to herself. If you want too dress that way, expect men to react to it. I’m female, I get it, that is WHY I dress that way in certain situations, to draw attention.

  3. Excellent point, well said. Bravo to you. And congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  4. Aren’t we blaming the victim here. Okay, her clothing was unprofessional, but is it asking too much of grown men to show a little self-restraint? Why do we forgive them for their behavior and not her for hers? Just asking.

    • Because women are smarter than men. Women should know better than to expect decency from a man today. Maybe 50 years ago, but not today.

      • As much as I agree with your overall statement, this one is a little sexist in it’s implications.

        She shouldn’t have been harassed, but she also should have shown respect for her job through dressing appropriately.

        The argument that “women are smarter than men” completely undermines your entire argument and frankly, I find it petty.

      • There is no basis for saying either gender is smarter than the other, so comments like that are unnecessary. I must honestly say I’m offended by how you can say that in such a matter-of-fact way without any regard to the men out there who ARE intelligent and respectful. Back to the post at hand, I think both parties are at fault. The reporter shouldn’t have worn what she was wearing since she was at work at the time, and the player(s) that harassed her shouldn’t have done so.

      • THINK AGAIN. That’s a dumb statement.

        More powerful, maybe. But not stronger or smarter. Sorry.

      • “Women are smarter than men.”

        I’m dying of laughter. Why do women consistently fall for men who treat them like insignificant peaces of dog meat, and then wonder why their life is like hell? Why are women more right-brained (emotional) while men are more left-brained (logical). If women were so damn smart, why do they have such a hard time figuring out why they are treated like whores when they DRESS SKIMPILY?

        Statistics prove that women are more likely to drop out of STEM jobs for this very reason. Now stop your feminist ramble and listen to the voice of reason. There’s a reason why the political conquerors of the world were men, from Alexander the Great, to Adolf Hitler (as much as I hate to say that).

    • Thank you, dmarshall58! Being dressed inappropriately may have been a deterrent but it is not an excuse for any type of harassment! It might be an extreme comparison but it’s like blaming someone who has been sexually assaulted because “she was dressed inappropriately and therefore, asking for for it…”

      • I agree too. Yes, indeed she might have been wearing clothes that were sexy …. but they could have shown a bit of restraint. Not only that. Is it Ok for them to make those comments? The only thing I wonder is what would have happened in one of the player’s daugthers walked into the locker room, dressed in a similar fashion. Would the players make similar comments or show some restraint because it was a daughter or wife or girlfriend? Additionally, how would they feel if a guy on the street or elsewhere behaved the way they did towards a girl in their family. Would they condone it? This goes both ways in my book. I do not condone their behavious towards her, and I would not condone ladies doing the same towards a guy. No human being is just a HPOA or a piece of meat that can be disrespected. No one.

      • Agreed and agreed – dmarshall58 and tigerlalie.

        Taking the OP’s argument to it’s logical next step would imply that any women who is dressed in ‘skin tight clothing’ around ‘big burly men’ would elicit some sort of response from the men, rendering the men helpless and at the complete mercy of their sexual urges, of which they would have no control over; the blame being placed squarely on the woman – she should know! Men have no control over their faculties! Articles like this and reporters like her just perpetuate this myth, instead of coming back to reality that no matter what, each person is in control of their own faculties and their sexual behaviour towards others.

      • That happens. Don’t kid yourself.

      • But she wasn’t assaulted. She was acknowledged. There is a BIG difference.

    • Men are as capable as women of Restraint.
      Men are AS intelligent as women.
      Men are Creatures of Reason, just as women are.
      While Ms. Sainz has her own issues, she is in her RIGHT to hold the Team and their COACH, he was in on it too, Accountable.

      • The reality is that women and girls get sexually harassed in epidemic proportions across the globe – from sweatpants to bikinis alike. It’s not about what “she’s wearing” or a man’s “lack of self-control”. It’s rooted in power imbalances and by blaming women, we’re only perpetuating it and making it worse for everyone. For more, check out:

      • Men are as capable as women of Restraint.
        Men are AS intelligent as women. WITHOUT THE LACK OF LOGIC.
        Men are Creatures of Reason, just as women are. NO, WOMEN RESORT TO REASON ONLY WHEN REASON FAILS.
        While Ms. Sainz has her own issues, she is in her RIGHT to hold the Team and their COACH, he was in on it too, Accountable. SHE’S IN CHARGE. THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL ISSUE. WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR TO MEN EMOTIONALLY. NO QUESTION. BUT NOT INTELLECTUALLY.

    • I completely agree with dmarshall58 on that one. They are fully grown men, not children or dogs. They can control their actions. And if the station thought it was unprofessional, I’m sure they would have told her, but I don’t think her wardrobe choices are solely based on what she wants. I’m sure the head-honchos hired a pretty woman to attract some attention – and look, it worked. These sportstars get away with acting like complete dicks a lot of the time, and it’s ridiculous. Use your nice, fat paycheque and go buy yourself some manners. Of course people are going to look at her and smile at her, etc, but shut your mouth. If this was your little sister, would you say she deserved this treatment? Of course, I think it would be nice if she were on equal ground with the male broadcasters and wore a nice suit, but again, I’m pretty sure that decision is not only hers to make.
      I live in a country where I am free to show my flesh without fear of imprisonment, death, or being outcast. You don’t see these guys getting harrassed when they take their shirts off, do you….. Why is there nothing said about the behavior of these guys who couldn’t grow up and control themselves?

    • I completely agree!

    • You’re on point dmarshall. Thanks.

    • How on earth is she a victim? As a women, let me let you in on something. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

      Women like that dress that way ON purpose, to get male attention. Then they cry when it’s not the EXACT kind of attention she wants.

    • Isn’t the point of wearing something like that to get a response like she did? I mean seriously. If one is wearing an outfit that showcases their body then they are putting their body on display…and then they are offended when someone acknowledges the display? I mean isn’t it a bit like broadcasting a TV show then getting offended when the show is watched?

    • I have to ask where her restraint was…I don’t understand how someone can get offended at someone acknowledging their lack of clothing. “See my boobs?” “HEY, you saw my boobs?!”

  5. THANK GOD!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one who felt like this! I think some people need to go to appropriate school before they enter into their profession.

  6. In my eyes she is not the victim this was self inflicted. I do agree that the grown men in question here should have used some self restraint BUT she is trying to come across as a professional and her clothing was completely inappropriate. I’m not saying they were right in their reaction but it could have been completely avoided if she were wearing professional clothing.

    • Okay, but don’t you think that this isn’t the point? To me, what she was wearing is hardly a short skirt and fishnets/stockings. We should be questioning the conduct of both, instead of blaming the woman. If a woman wears a short skirt, does that make it okay if she is raped? No, it doesn’t. Rape and harrassment is NEVER okay, regardless of what you are wearing or your sexual history.

      The reporter may have been a bit thoughtless but that doesn’t mean its okay to harrass a woman. They knew she was a reporter, and it does point to a lack of respect on the men’s part to behave like that with her. If a male reporter was wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt, I doubt the team would have catcalled and harrassed him. Whether or not she has posed in her underwear doesn’t give men the right to treat her like crap, or a piece of meat – she is still a human being, and deserves respect.

      • I’m middling here. I think that her clothes were completely inappropriate for her workplace. She should not have been wearing that, and to be treated as a professional she should have been dressed “professionally.”

        However, she should not have been harassed, whether or not she was dressed like that. They should have had the restraint, whether she was in a full-on suit or a bikini to have *not whistled.* It’s not that hard. Just leave the girl alone. Sure she’s hot, but do you need to give her a hard time about it while she’s working? No.

      • I have to agree with fnkybee.

        She’s not a victim. This was totally self inflicted.

        I don’t believe it’s ever okay for a woman to get assaulted and raped, but I do believe that she is playing the ‘woe is me’ card.

        She’s insulting, really, and the fact any woman would blame ignorance (“Oh, I didn’t know that skin tight clothing and half of a shirt in a men’s locker room would attract attention!”) on getting HERSELF into that situation is just ridiculous.

        To defend her and say “Oh, that poor girl, those men shouldn’t have made catcalls or whatever” is a slap in the face to self respecting people everywhere.

        There is NO other reason to dress like that EXCEPT to attract attention. And she knew it.

      • Oh Liz – and as far as her being a human and deserving respect?

        Sorry, I don’t buy it. You earn respect.

        And you don’t urn it by shoving sex down men’s throats, then saying, “oops, that’s not what I meant.”

    • Re: it could have been avoided if she were wearing…

      True perhaps, though not necessarily. Women are harassed all the time, many times regardless of attire. The only way the situation could have absolutely been avoided is if we expected as much of men as we’re expecting of this young woman (and we should have high expectations for both). If the Jets acted professionally, this never would have happened. To put the onus on women, or even to tip the scales in that direction, is not only damaging to women; it is essentially degrading to men.

  7. Totally agree 🙂 I mean hellooooo, and even if she wanted to be sexy, she turned out slutty. Hmphh.

    And check out my blog I’m new here 🙂

    • She may dress Provocatively at times, but for that Interview with Mark Sanchez, she was wearing Jeans. Yes, tight jeans, but jeans, NOT SLUTTY by any means, sorry.
      She’s HOT! Perhaps that is why there is a bit too much bashing…

      Point being, these MEN are not Teen-aged Hormone Ridden Boys…

  8. You’re right. You’re right you’re right you’re right you’re right you’re right!

  9. Like the writer mentioned, she is working. Her job is to deliver great interviews, not showcase how great she looks in a pair of jeans or lace top.

  10. congrats on being freshly pressed!! i heard a commenter on the radio say once that women should look in the mirror before going to work in the morning and ask this about their outfits: “Do I look like I might get lucky?” If the answer is yes, go change. I couldn’t agree more! I also agree with dmarshall58, men should show restraint, but seriously, this whole event seems like a publicity stunt.

  11. Completely agree with this post.
    I assumed this was the case before I even heard the full story. She isn’t the first attractive reporter, there had to be something more behind it.

  12. Delia Harrington

    i think she should dress more appropriately, but i also wouldn’t be surprised if her network encouraged her to dress this way. also, this whole article is very “blame the victim,” which is unacceptable. she shouldn’t be harassed no matetr what she’s wearing, and saying that men are just “like that” doesn’t make it okay. boys are like that. men are not. every man, just like every woman, is responsible for controlling himself. I don’t know whether she was really harassed, but if she were, showing all the pictures of lingerie shoots or her in bathing suits is just a gross way of trying to slander her character so it makes it seem like she “deserved” it.

    • I agree with Delia. From an outside perspective (I’m English, and don’t have a clue who the people involved are!), it sounds like the media reporting on this story are trying to make it sound like she deserved any harrassment she received by focusing on her dress. Of course she didn’t deserve it.

      As with most of the comments here I do agree that everyone (men included) should dress appropriately for the job that they are doing, but I suspect that her sexy image is being downright encouraged by her network. A little controversy is bound to bump up the viewing figures!

      And personally, I do expect men to show restraint, regardless of what I’m wearing. They’re men, not animals – they should know right from wrong!

      • Very true. I agree that she was dressed unprofessionally, but would we be discussing her clothes if there hadn’t been harassment charges? No. And the last thing our society needs is more people thinking that a girl gets what she deserves just because of what she’s wearing. That mindset encourages men to misbehave and encourages women to put up with it and blame themselves.

      • EXACTLY!

        Amen to Bookish Bella too!

        The LAST thing we need is to propagate the Idea that We, as women, get what we Asked for based on our dress.

        THIS is the Dangerous Message that I seem to be picking up on

    • exactly! Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo gets harrassed because he is an underwear model for Armani?

      • I completely agree with you, it’s not okay to say that women get what they deserve because of the way they dress.
        my understanding is that this was a long fought battle by femmists, and I hate to see us revert to a position of blame.
        Also, as many people have pointed out, I don’t know how much autonomy she has over her choice of on air clothes,
        if she is handed and outfit and simply expected to wear it then she may be a double victim, by the Jets, but
        also by her employer whose choice of “costum” may be making her vulnerable.

      • Umm, yeah, I think he does! He’s followed by women all the time. He’s catcalled by women all the time! Women try to grab him, ALL THE TIME.

  13. I agree that her choice of attire was unprofessional and even borderline tacky. However, that does not give the football players a green flag to harass her. Why does a woman’s appearance dictate how she should be spoken to or treated? The newscaster was not bending over to “pick up a pen”, she was not groping herself in the men’s lockerroom (ehem, Lady Gaga), and she was not instigating such behavior she received. If a man came into the woman’s lockerroom in a banana hammock do you expect the woman to hoot and holler at him just the same? Doubtful. Such a double standard, no? Would she have gained more respect in the lockerroom if she wore a berka? She is not to blame for such crude behavior.

    • She would have gained more respect in the locker room if she would have walked in there in more appropriate clothing. I’m pretty sure if a man would walk into a ladies locker room with a ‘banana hammock’ on at least one woman would have said or at least thought something. We are HUMAN. Sometimes women can be just as bad or worse then men.

      • Agreed. If a half dressed Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham walked in to a ladies locker room, there would be cheering, catcalling, and perhaps ladies trying to touch and grab.

        Let’s get real, here!

  14. Are you kidding? We should treat everyone with respect, regardless of their age, gender, race or, yes, their sartorial decisions. It seems important to mention that it’s quite likely that her network supported or even suggested her outfit. I mean, hot girls in skimpy clothes reporting on sports? That’s far from a terrible business model.

    Plus, when we say girls in tight jeans deserve to be hooted at, we’re perilously close to saying that girls in tight jeans deserve to be raped, that it’s their fault. Jets players and coaches had agency here: they could’ve elected not to be douchebags. They didn’t. I have no problem holding them accountable.

    What i do have a problem with is the “she had it coming” argument you and others are making. Distressing and disgusting.

    • Hold up here…I do not wish anyone to be raped because of what they wear. My point is, again, you are claiming to be a Professional and wanting to be taken seriously so you should dress appropriately. Whether or not she was encouraged to wear what she wore (and if that is the case she should have brought that up in her interview) it is the fact that you are around a bunch of men in clothing that is appropriate for the club or wherever, not the work place. since when has it became so casual. The men and majority of women sports casters are wearing appropriate suits and ties or pant suits. If you want to be taken seriously then don’t dress like a hooch and expect people not to look or have something to say.

      • I’m sorry. What does a hooch look like, praytell? Since when is it acceptable to make assumptions about people’s character based on their clothing alone? I’m wearing a hoodie. Scary. I must be the emo Unabomber.

        I still don’t find you’ve addressed the issue of why it’s appropriate to disrespect anyone based on what they’re wearing. Like it or not, excusing people’s treatment of women wearing “slutty clothes” participates in a larger, harmful dialog that excuses rapists and blames women.

        Furthermore, it’s important to note that it’s extremely unlikely she just showed up in what you describe as “club wear” but what is really typical casual wear in some American/Latin American subcultures. Her network almost certainly encourages this style of dress. I would literally bet money that dressing this way is encouraged by her employers. Ergo, your essential complaint–about her own lack of professionalism being the problem–is wholly unfounded. Wearing what your boss tells you to is a part of the job.

      • What in the world is praytell? I don’t believe I EVER attacked her character!!! she could be the nicest person on the planet, I don’t know her but what I do know is that she should have more clothes on when she is reporting. I am simply addressing the issue of dress here..that is it. If you would like to make this about more than so be it. If you want to wear a hoodie, kudos to you, I love wearing hoodies! They rock. So I have no idea where the hell your first paragraph came from. It’s not appropriate to disrespect anyone but if you are bothered by being whistled at then you should cover up your boobs and not let it all be exposed. No one ever deserves to be raped regardless of how they are dressed or acts. I have NEVER said that. So you can go on making this to be what ever you want it to be.

      • “If you want to be taken seriously, then don’t dress like a hooch…” except, of course, if you’re a cheerleader. Funny how everyone has overlooked this little double standard. They dress scantilly all the time, it’s their job for pete’s sake, and we don’t hear about them getting harrassed. It does seem strange that one group of women in the business can dress scantily, but another group cannot. And no one seems to care. Hmmm. weird. Seems to speak more to society’s flaws than anything else.

      • yes a cheerleader is a cheerleader..that is their ‘UNIFORM’ i was a cheerleader so i am not slamming them. Just for the record though i think in 2 years they will be naked seeing that over the years their uniform has shrank dramatically’ but Ines is a sports broadcaster! THIS IS MY POINT. The cheerleaders aren’t in the locker room, if you are a cheerleader you know your job is two cheer on the team, look cute and entertain. But when you want to put yourself out there as a professional sports reporter and be in the locker room or where ever you should dress accordingly and have RESPECT for your job!

    • I agree churchrat. Regardless of what she was wearing, regardless of the crowd, regardless of anything she didn’t deserve to be harassed. The “she had it coming” argument is downright appalling. For the reasons in this article…

      In Australia, a women can’t be raped if she’s wearing skinny jeans. What kind of bs is that.

      • It’s inappropriate to misconstrue someone’s statement to try to make yourself sound smart. Obviously fnkybee wishes nothing ill on Ines. Saying that you must dress professionally to be taken seriously is a concise an true statement. We all wish equal was equal, but the truth is women have to take it upon themselves to make up the difference in the gender gap. You can not dress provocatively in a professional setting. You can not dress provocatively in a profession dominated by men and expect to be treated respectfully. Maybe someday that will be the case, but today it’s not. Many women work hard to be treated equal in male dominated fields every single day. Fighting this battle is not going to help those other women at all, it’s creating a wider gap. We need to be equal despite our differences not because of them.

      • Thank you thank you thank you!

  15. I was just sitting down to write about this! I am watching the interview on GMA but can’t seem to take my eyes off the reporter’s gigantic exposed boobs as she talked to George. I love how she didn’t even know there was a problem until someone brought it up! I am a firm believer that if you put it out there for the world to see, they are gonna look. Dress a little more appropriately- she knew what she was doing!

  16. on that note. What the hell was she thinking going into the mens locker room and waiting to interview Mark Sanchez? I agree whole heartedly about dressing appropriately but her outfit is just in bad taste. She needs to look at herself in the mirror and wise up. Dressing the female body is all about politics. Plus she looks like a groupie not a reporter, so why would any of those guys take her seriously?

  17. Go figure, if I wore thouse jeans at my work…I don’t even want to thing about it…But she is cute.

  18. Hey fnkybee!
    I totally agree with you as well. If you want to be treated with respect, then show that you are respectable. Appearance plays a big role in how people will see you, she looks like some random fan in the crowd trying to get his autograph.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      #1 – I’m not blaming the victim, because she’s not a victim. This whole situation was encouraged, by her, and self inflicted. She’s not a victim.

      #2 – You don’t just GET respect. You earn it. You want to be a sideline reporter as opposed to a cheerleader, then act like a REPORTER, not waitress at Hooters. Take a tip from (a href=””>Debbi Taylor (sideline Nationals reporter) or heck, even Erin Andrews when she’s working They’re busy talking about sports. Doing their job.

      #3 – You can slice it any way you want, but your appearance makes a difference as to how people view you. You can go on and on all day long about how things SHOULD be, but that’s the way it is. You want to be seen as a professional? Dress like one.

      #4 – I’m so sick of the lack of accountability in this country. Maybe the men shouldn’t have made catcalls (though I maintain she invited it), but how about SHE take some accountability and say – “Gee, maybe if I didn’t want sexual attention, I shouldn’t have shoved my sexuality down their throats!”

    As you can see in the interview she did not make anything of this. Someone else who over heard the comments reported the harrassment, not her. She also says she ignores such stuff and sticks to doing her job. she knew nothing of the issue until the Jets called her to apologize and ask her to help with their investigation.

  20. I must agree that I’m slightly biased and inclined towards fnkybees post seeing as how I dislike women who dress like that and go around playing the innocent bimbo victim. It’s quite demeaning all around.

    But if I absolutely had to look at this from a “victim” point of view, she shouldn’t have been harassed. I mean it is a free world in America right ? You could walk around almost naked and if a man touched you, it’s counted as “sexual harassment”.

    Check out my blog 🙂

    • I agree with you. It IS demeaning for her to play the idiot card.

      On the other hand, sure, the men shouldn’t have made catcalls, but until I’m 100% sure that a group of women (in general) wouldn’t catcall and try to grab at a half naked David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, then really, I don’t think this is a huge deal.

  21. If she wants to be considered professional then she needs to dress in a professional manner.

    If she works for a Latino network then she has been told to dress like this – Have you seen the Latin Grammys it’s all t*t and a**! I live in Mexico now and I’m amazed at the sort of slutty clothing on TV that is considered ok here.

  22. The people that hired her are not morons. They hired her because she DOESN’T wear the appropriate attire to conduct these interviews. That’s not to say that she was “asking for it” when she got harrassed because I believe that you should be able to wear what you want if given the freedom to do so. However there is a matter of dressing appropriately in certain situations; wearing painted-on jeans may be appropriate in the eyes of the spectators there but a little thought on her part would bring to light the fact that she may as well have been wearing a meat suit as she walked in to the den of drunken, hungry, and testosterone-filled men.

    Common sense applies here and she seems to be lacking in that. I don’t think she has any solid ground to stand on here.

    • I watched an interview with her this morning and after hearing what she had to say I’m now convinced that she’s definitely NOT a victim. With an attitude of “I’m not going to change, they will” in regards to the NFL and it’s fans she won’t get very far other thatn showing off her t&a. She referred to how she’s known in Mexico due to her image, and her image is tight clothes and showing skin. Well, reap what you sow. Keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you always got.

  23. SO that begs the question-why do women wear skin tight jeans?? or tight shirts that show major boobage?? For other WOMEN?! or to show off their body to MEN? in a MEN’S LOCKER ROOM! TO PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES!
    Women know exactly what they’re doing when they wear skimpy clothing, would they wear it if they got absolutely NO reaction from men EVER??? I’m thinking NO

    “Why does a women’s appearance dictate how she is treated?? Why single out women-why does A PERSON’S APPEARANCE dictate how THEY are treated? I f I see a man doing an interview in a women’s lockerroom in tight jeans and t-shirt, I’m sure the pure women athletes would say nothing RIGHT? Door swings both ways and this just reinforces the stereotype of ditzy slutty women sports reporters- and of course she’s a blonde-as a blonde, I take offense to that 🙂

  24. A person has to ask, why did she dress that way? I’ve seen this before in the medial, in schools, it happens. Women dress skimpy to attract a man or group of men, but then when they get a little rough she’s turning them in. Now I don’t condone there harassment at all, but don’t you think she brought it on for herself even just a little bit?

  25. I agree with you 100 percent. Girl should have covered up. As a fellow Radio and Television major…you NEVER go on the job in a tank top and tight jeans. Her producer should have told her to change. Maybe though, the station she works for isn’t that great to begin with. Maybe they needed the ratings.
    Tell me your thoughts on love and relationships.

  26. Remember that every coin ever made has at least three sides to it, and each side must be thoroughly examined before a verdict can be made. Two wrongs can never make even one right, yet they can lead us to right. They were both wrong in this case and the lesson here is not to do either of these things! 🙂

  27. Completely agree. I’ll probably get bashed for this, but I might even go so far as to say she WAS asking for it. Let’s face it – we women know how to get attention from men. Put simply, she was dressed to get attention. To get all bent out of shape when someone comments about it is ludicrous. Intelligent women know how the world works, and if we choose to dress provocatively, we don’t do it for “ourselves.”

    Women like her piss me off when they don’t own up to their own decisions – they make the world a little harder for women who actually ARE harassed.

  28. Couldn’t agree more with your take on this. She needs to take her profession seriously and show a little more class.

  29. If the player(s) in question behaved in a way that is defined by law as harrassment they he/they should be charged and due process happen. However i’d also like to fine the reporter in question for being stupid and helping support the stereotype that women connected with male sports are there to be eye-candy. Too many good female sports reporters are working hard everyday to kill this stereotype. Big props to those sisters!

  30. Great post! I appreciate your perspective and agree. Either wear something less revealing (which still may get comments) or wear what you wear but don’t make a big deal about the comments. In fact, enjoy your attractiveness as some of us don’t get that type of attention. Nonetheless, harrassment is not okay to say the least. Congrats on Freshly Pressed! LB

  31. I have to agree, as a professional you should know the appropriate dress codes as sign of respect and etiquette.

  32. She was hired for the exact purpose that everyone is blaming for her harassment. Girl with hot body doing sports interview…it’s a good business plan. If you go to a job and you are not professional, your employees will say something to you. Clearly, her wardrobe is considered appropriate and probably even encouraged by the network. Regardless of what she wears, no one deserves to be harassed. If a woman in skimpy clothes gets raped, is it her fault? Furthermore, if a woman isn’t dressed appropriately, that somehow leaves the door open for disrespect which then makes harassing that woman okay? I don’t think so!

    Another point, She isn’t the one making a fuss about it. The NFL is the one that pushed the charges.

  33. I have to say that I think I agree with an earlier comment — the people who hired Ines knew exactly what they were doing. I am sure she is an excellent sportscaster – who happens to be extremely attractive — yep, no accident there. That said, if she doesn’t have the sense to step up her professional attire then a producer or someone should have taken the time to mention it. Perhaps she was left in the dark on this matter on purpose? Even so, you would think that someone who is at that level of broadcasting would have a bit of a clue when it comes to what is appropriate to wear to work.

  34. Amen. I’m glad someone pointed the hypocrisy out.


  35. PS — Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  36. First of all – congrats on being freshly pressed! Second of all – I couldn’t agree more that she was hired essentially because she’s attractive. If only she realized it was to her own detriment. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you are dressed for a Girl’s Night Out.

  37. I’m not particularly sure if anyone else made this point, but harassment has nothing to do with your clothes. A woman can be harassed while wearing baggy sweats and a bag over her head. Its not about being attractive. She is simply harassed for being a woman, so the issue turning into “how she was dressed” is just another way to distract from the fact that in this society we encourage men to treat women like they exist to be sexually harassed. Personally I find it insulting to say men are just like this. I hold men to a much higher standard, and thus even if this woman was butt naked, if this woman was harassed, the men who did this should have controlled themselves. This woman has zero control of their actions, so none of the blame is hers.

    • This is the kind of point I was trying to make in my earlier comment. Harrassment has nothing to do with what you wear – I have been harrassed before wearing baggy jeans and a coat!

    • It’s really hard to draw the line. At what point harrasment becomes “self inflicted”? Jeans, but not too tight? Shoes, but not that high? Why men can wear whatever they want, while women should embrace the image of what we think is a “woman of respect”? What escapes this image becomes “self inflicted”? Even if she were naked, that kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable. I think is really dangerous to say that ‘men are men, that’s the way they are’. First of all, men are like this because we live in a society that allows them to be like this (and that judges a victim not by her cause, but by her clothes) . Second, I don’t think women should just accept the fact that it is what it is. The message this kind of behaviour send is that women should know their place in the world. Wearing tight jeans in the club is ok, men will very much appreciate and, hey, maybe you will get some free drinks. Everywhere else, don’t you dare. Because if anything happens, well, you should’ve known better.

    • This is exactly what I am trying to say in my reply to this post:
      I’m glad there are some reasonable people out there!

      • Frankly I think you are reading too much into it and for some reason or another have made it your mission to bash me. You see, I live in what is called reality and see it for what it is. We all want to live in this perfect little world where everyone is nothing but equal and we can all parade around in what ever we would like and do what ever we want and all be merry and happy but it’s just not how it is yet. So you go on living in your little Anthropologie world and only seeing things from your point of view and see where that gets you. Again..Good day.

      • I haven’t bashed you at all! I have just responded to the points you have made in your post. I have a right to do that just as much as you had a right to post your opinion. I think you are the one that has been bashing me about shopping at Anthropologie and claiming I don’t live in reality.
        Well reality check. I am in my final year of medical school and have had to deal with a lot of advances from men while working at the hospital. I understand that being a female, you have to be very careful about what you wear to work. Even the slightest glimmer of cleavage and you get attention from the patients (and sometimes even the other doctors). So with that knowledge, I basically wear the closest thing to a burka because I don’t like the attention at all. With that said, no matter what I wear, I still get those comments. In fact, I once had to deal with a doctor (who was a patient and hospitalized at the same hospital he works at due to a car crash), who had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to have anal sex with him, amongst other lewd he said to me. I reported it, of course. No matter what I wear, there will still be guys who feel like they can treat women like that. It shouldn’t matter what the woman is wearing!

      • Point taken..and I truly apologize. I think I got myself worked up reading all these today and everyone making my point what they want it to be and I stopped at yours and lashed out. you did not deserve that I am honestly sorry.

      • Thanks, I appreciate the apology. You’re right, I can’t imagine having to deal with this amount of attention on such a touchy subject. You can’t take it personally, because it was never my intention to attack you personally. I’m glad that you were honest about your opinion, and that we had the opportunity to openly discuss this issue.

  38. Trial attorneys handling sexual harassment cases on behalf of women who allege sexual harassment are always very concerned about allowing women on the jury. Why is this? Women can be extremely harsh when evaluating one another’s conduct (in case you are curious, men with daughters are preferred in these situations). As to what one chooses to wear, what may feel appropriate for one person may appear “slutty” or “provocative” to another. In fact, the “older” generation” is frequently mystified about the clothing of the “younger generation.” This is one reason that many jurisdictions do not allow the manner of dress of the victim to come into evidence. To claim that “boys will be boys” which this article does, at least in part, removes all responsibility as to the ALLEGED conduct in question. Men may be programmed to think certain thoughts, but that does not mean that such thoughts should translate into conduct. Of course. employers should be allowed to have rules as to dress code, but inappropriate behavior, if it actually occurred, should not be dismissed by alleging that men are unable to control themselves. With respect, I think you have this one wrong.

  39. peopleneedthickerskins

    Seriously? All this over a whistle? Am I missing something or have people just gotten so over sensitized, they blow things out of proportion. At what point will we start being arrested for saying things like, “Hi” or, “How are you?”. “Oh my gosh, they talked to me, I feel so intimidated”. People need to grow a thicker skin, or quit leaving their homes.

  40. Unfortunately, we men do have a tendency to think about sex……. a lot! But surely the same thing would happen if you had a guy interview a women’s sports team wearing no top with his six pack out and tight shorts? The girls would make a comment! She needs to grow up and realise that she lives in the real world.

  41. Bottom line, she should’ve picked a better outfit. Obviously she wanted to look good and feel good, and what she needs to know is that she can still dress professionally and still look good, feel good, and even sexy, but “classy” sexy. Someone needs to help her with her fashion wardrobe ASAP.

  42. She just wanted a little publicity, more than likely every move she made was premeditated and well thought out.

  43. yep, I agree. I think women wear provocative clothing like that for the attention. If there were no men on the earth would a woman still dress that way? You want to be seen, you want to be admired and you want the attention so don’t complain when you get what you ask for. Not condoning harrassment either but what do you expect? True, she has the right to wear whatever she chooses but like you said, you get what you get when you wear what you wear

  44. Agreed! Agreed! Agreed! Agreed!

    As a woman, I admit…if another woman has quite obvious cleavage sitting right out there, I’m looking. It’s not that I’m attracted to it for a sexual reason, it’s that you can’t help but look at something that’s right in your face. Now, I didn’t see the interview, or the follow up on the Today Show, but it sounds like this woman is a bit of an attention seeker perhaps? If she’s comfortable with her body and willing to accept the fact that she will receive attention (both good and unfortunately bad), then by all means…dress as you want to dress and deal with what happens. But it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work that way…you can’t have it both ways. Women go to clubs dressing sexy because they want to attract men (or women). If you dress in a similar manner while you’re working, you will receive the same kind of attention. It’s sad that women have to be aware of this, and shouldn’t be held completely accountable for the actions of others, but there are going to be some people that take things too far if you let them take it too far. And dressing in this manner is not exactly shouting “Hey! Don’t pay attention to me!”. She obviously got what she wanted…attention. It just wasn’t exactly the kind of attention she was looking for…

    And just to follow up all that…I in no way condone any form of harassment. I believe a woman should be allowed to be free from harassment no matter what she wears…men too! But I am also not naive and know that it’s going to happen. It needs to change, but until it does, those who choose to dress inappropriately for the time and place will be forced to deal with the consequences. Sad, no?

  45. I’m not sure exactly what was said, but if it’s just a whistle or a “you’re hot”, take it as a compliment!! That’s why women wear jeans like that anyway, right? So long as they’re not vulgar, what’s the big deal?

  46. No woman should be treated like a piece of meat or stand for abuse from others as she did but I agree a producer or someone in her crew should of stepped in and had her wear a different outfit. She may not be a good fit for the NFL since she claims to be the sexy’s reporter in Mexico.

  47. I totally agree with you. How does anyone expect to be treated professionally if you aren’t dressed to impress?

    Always dress for the job you want, not the one you have. And being a sports broadcaster, she shouldn’t be dressing like that anyways. Who lets her do this? I would be fired if I showed up for work looking the way she does. Learn some modesty.


  48. I agree with this article 100%. Civil obedience and Appropriate respect for oneself and others goes for all. If you are going to dress in a way that more than likely might warrant a simple comment from an onlooker or even a dollar bill tucked into your waistline, then you should, as the article title suggest, understand that is what it is.

    Man or women, if you are going to dress this way and place yourself in an environment that is risky, the you are not as smart as you think. For those of you who think she was encouraged to do this by the network and/or executives in charge, she could have made it clear where the line is drawn. Hey. Even girls that work at “Hooters” have a choice where to work. No. Really.

  49. Modesty and being approiate in public isn’t what it used to be. Sadly, the way she presented herself has become the norm.

  50. There is no excuse for harassment! There is not excuse for improper dress either. I work in an office and if that was worn to work you would have been asked to leave. She does not look like she is working as a sportsreporter. When she reported for work she should have been sent home. There is a dress code and I am also sure what she had on was on the don’t list.

  51. Bravo to all who point out that the network is probably encouraging her to dress like this. I don’t think it’s appropriate attire, but the network might. If you want to blame her for how she’s dressed, also blame those who exploit female sexuality for ratings.

    As for the argument that men “can’t help themselves,” and that “smarter” women must help men control themselves — that’s incredibly insulting to both men AND women.

  52. I agree completely that women (and men) should dress appropriately. The problem is that in her case, she probably doesn’t have a say in what she wears. I am willing to bet that the producers tell her what to wear. She is just an employee; she has no say in these things.

    If she did choose her own outfit, then I’m on your side. Otherwise, the producers should be ashamed and should really be the ones to blame.

    ❤ Milieu

  53. You are so right! If a person wants to be seen as a professional by others, well then this person should dress accordingly to the situation. BTW, I loved this part of it:
    ” You aren’t reporting on women’s basketball (not that it would be ok to wear said clothing there either) you are reporting on the NFL with big burly men in the locker room while wearing skin tight clothing and your boobs are hanging out and you are attractive to begin with and you think a man isn’t going to make a comment or even think something in his head? They are men..this is what they think about 24/7 plus they just had to think about football for 3 hours so when their brains can finally rest what is the first thing they are going to think about especially when you wear that? Their brains went into overdrive. ”

    Nicely written, to the point and funny!

  54. I’m not clear on what the alleged harassment entailed, and I do agree that a person should dress in a manner that shows respect for themselves and for others, the idea that men are always think about sex so women need to be careful about being sexual is BS.

    I’d also be very interested in knowing whether Ms. Sainz has much choice over what she wears on camera. In the broadcasting world wardrobe is very frequently controlled by the network/station rather than by the individual broadcasters — in which case maybe she should be filing suit against her station rather than the Jets.


  55. There are two issues here. One is the conduct of the football players, which was wrong. Just because they get to be neanderthals on the field does not mean that behavior should continue off of the field. But secondly, Ines does need to dress appropriately. Not to avoid harrassment but be seen as a professional. Perhaps she has not been clued in by how other women sports reporters around her are dressing or her network wants her to be that innapropriate. We don’t know.

    We do know from the Debrahlee Lorenzana case that you can dress in an appropriate but attractive manner and still get harrassed. When you have proof of other co-workers dressing in outfits more revealing and you are the one getting harrassed, maybe there is an issue within that company.

    Good post. One that will have people talking and thinking.

  56. Did she ever tell any of the players that their comments made her feel uncomfortable?? She dressed inappropriately (probably condoned by her employer)and she led the players on by smiling and enjoying all the attention, yet she never told them to stop. Any real professional would know how to handle themselves in this situation. Her employers let this happen and they are milking all of the exposure (no pun intended) and the NFL can always use a class in HR. America needs to stop wasting time and energy on moody flight attendants and people looking for their 15 minutes. I’m sure there’s a reality show already in the works.

  57. Harrassment should never be tolerated, especially by men who are placing themselves in the position of role models to young boys today. And I do believe that these Jets player should be held accountable for his actions. They should be held, and hold themselves, to a greater standard. These are men who are, and will constantly be in the public eye. They should show respect if they wish for respect in return
    But, on the other side of the argument, Miss Sainz works for a major news outlet. Her outfit in the pictured example, is not something that should be allowed by the network/broadcast company she works for. She’s at fault for the poor decision to wear these clothes while she’s considered “on the clock” and her producer is at fault for allowing her to be on camera in it.
    The status quo currently being set by social media, and society, is getting to the point that is unacceptable. Women are pressured to look as “sexy” as possible, and I’m sure the ratings for her stories soar because the fact that she is a beautiful woman working in a field that is surely dominated by men. So, when a woman will wear an outfit like the one pictured, she should not be surprised when the reaction is less than what it is.
    The fault lies in multiple hands. Societies image that presses women to be “sexy” rather than “professional”. Her producer, and the network’s, lax attitude to their own Dress Code while thier employee was on camera. Miss Sainz for her poor clothing choice during this instance. And to the Jets player in question.

  58. When you dress to attract attention, you shouldn’t be surprised when you attract attention, right? The other night I was at a bar – sitting by myself winding down after a long day. My companions had gone home for the night, and I was left to finish one more beer and relax. A young attractive woman in the bar, about 10 years my junior, would have been topless had she been showing any more cleavage. I’m a gentleman, and of course I took glances, but was careful not to stare or make a rude comment. After about 10 minutes, she yelled over at me asking why I was sitting by myself, and then proceeded to stumble over to me, and drag me by the arm to sit next to her and her friends at her table. Obviously, she had dressed to arouse, and it drove her nuts that she was not getting the attention from me that she wanted. If these football players see a woman dress the same way (and even if she is “at work”) should they not conclude this woman is no different than the young lady I met in the bar – and want the attention? Sure, the men could have been better behaved – but this is biology and human nature – expect it.

    • “If these football players see a woman dress the same way (and even if she is “at work”) should they not conclude this woman is no different than the young lady I met in the bar – and want the attention? ”

      No. Even she or some other woman were at that very same bar, let alone work. Because they are not this woman you met at the bar. How hard is that to understand. I mean, simply because this one woman in a bar who from your description was obviously tipsy at least and dressed in your perspective provocatively wanted attention, it doesn’t mean all women who are dressed in someone’s opinion as provocative should be treated with less than respect. What you are advocating for, and what basically a lot of people here, including the author of this blog is the ole “she was asking for it” because she was dressed a certain way.

      I suppose when you go to the beach, given how much skin all the women are showing in their bathing suit, you believe that they want this kind of rude attention. If they complain, we should all just tell to go put on a robe. Or maybe a burka.

      • ok again…MY POINT IS…She is at work…she is a my OPINION you should dress accordingly! No one deserves to be harassed and from what I have heard it was a whistle or a ‘catcall’ which really isn’t a big harassment (touching, groping, obscene comments yes) but lets look at the whole picture here…she is reporting on a man’s sport..she is in a locker room full of men. You Can Not tell me that something is not going to be said or thought. I mean come on! Just think what is said after she leaves! My point again…if you want to be taken seriously and not have a comment or look made then you should dress appropriately. Kudos to her for just ignoring it and doing her job! Everyone should be treated with respect that is not in question..We are HUMAN. I NEVER said ‘she was asking for it’. I simply stated that as a professional you should respect yourself and your JOB. To me she is NOT respecting her job.

  59. You are on target. Ms. Sainz is a non-story. End of story.

  60. Agreed! If I dressed like that at the office I worked at, I would have been fired. You dress appropriately for work. It’s a matter of respect, not discrimination. A woman that dresses like that and complains gives us a bad name. Of course we dress like that when out with our friends. Why? Because we want the attention. Hello?! If you want to be taken seriously, dress that way. You can still look sexy when you dress for work, without being overtly sexy. Your confidence is sexy. And by saying that, I say, this woman has no confidence. Which is sad because she is indeed hot.

  61. I agree with wearing appropriate clothing in appropriate situations. As a junior in college studying TV Broadcasting, this is an interesting story to think about. I think professional women in this business should be picky with what they wear if they’re going to be on camera. Why wear something tight anyway; the camera adds ten pounds!

  62. I agree! I have always known that you dress to reflect an image of your personality or to express yourself in other terms. So wearing sexy clothes to work is giving the message of “please hit on me”. That is why there is something called dress code. When you bring it on yourself, you better take it. I think this is some sort of hypocrisy to dress skimpy then whine when men hit on you!

  63. She knew what she was doing and did it on purpose to get media attention on her. Men when on a testosterone high as well as an adrenaline rush don’t always act appropriately or think before they speak. I am still against any women going into a male locker room. You don’t see men going into a women’s locker room. There is no equality, but the feminists demand absolute dominance. Grandma said it best when she talked about how women should dress; show enough to let them know you are a woman but hide enough to let them know you are a lady. I have no sympathy.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  64. WOW!! Man, I am a girl who was taught to act/dress in accordance to her profession/job. If I want to get respected, then I need to dress respectfully. She’s kinda asking for it with her boobs all hanging out and stuff. Good grief!

  65. Actually she’s not the one who made any claims about harassment. She felt uncomfortable but focused on her job. Someone else complained about the cat-calls and locker room comments and the next day she was getting calls from the media and the team owner. She has dressed this way for the past 9 years of her professional career and all of her life. You can bet her producers and fans appreciate her style. I don’t happen to fall into that category but I think it’s wrong to ignore the facts.
    In her own words, she’s not sure any one acted inappropriately.

  66. I agree with you. nothing wrong. good post…………

  67. Her outfit choices were very poor. If she wants to be taken seriously in her profession she needs to take her profession seriously, and dress appropriately. She seems to be exploiting her good looks to advance herself and possibly get herself better interviews.

  68. OMG! I totally agree! Those jeans are just too tight! She doesn’t even look like a reporter on the pic even if she’s holding out a mic. If women want to be respected, they should show some class. 😉

    I’m new to the blogosphere, please help get more page views.. and feel free to comment on my posts. Thanks y’all!

  69. Wow, this post is disgusting. It’s all about slut-shaming: the notion that if someone in revealing clothes is attacked, she was asking for it. It’s a shame society hasn’t moved past this. She could’ve been there in a bikini, for all I care. The onus should be on the men to practice restraint, not on her to change the way she wants to dress. Would you blame a person whose plasma is stolen for having such a shiny, cool tv in their home? The victimization of women is the only crime in which it’s ok to blame the victim.

    • Wow and what post did you read exactly?!?!? Did I ever use the word slut? did I ever attack her as a person? the answer my friend is NO i didn’t. Again, my point is the attire worn and professionalism. If you want to be taken seriously then dress appropriately! That is it..period. Show some class for you and your profession.

      • You don’t have to use the word slut to be slut shaming. Your post was slut shaming. You’re also conflating two issues that shouldn’t be conflated.

        1) Appropriate work attire: Does her attire follow the dress code set forth by her employer? I’ve heard yes, but I don’t actually know because I don’t know whether her employer encouraged a particular dress code.

        2) Whether it’s appropriate to harass a woman, regardless of setting and attire? The answer to this is always no. By your logic, Victoria’s Secret models should expect harassment and submit to it. You know what? They shouldn’t. They’re doing their job, going about their business, which in this case involves looking nice for the cameras. That doesn’t make it ok to be harassed…ever!

        It’s very dangerous- and stupid- to conflate the two issues above. The first is a practical discussion about workplace attire. The second is a sexist, slut-shaming, blame-the-victim argument as old as time. In no other situation would we be questioning the recipient of abuse/harassment and not the perpetrator of it.

  70. great view on things.. i had heard about this but i never really understood what happened with her and the jets.. you really cleared things up :] thanks!

  71. I don’t think it’s ever OK to sexually harass a person for any reason. It should not matter what they wear, or don’t wear. On that same note, a person in the spotlight should realize they should always represent themselves professionally, in all facets, in dress & action. That includes both the reporters and the athletes. Both should hold themselves to the same level of professionalism. I don’t know where the line could or should have been drawn in this case. It is definitely interesting, I do not think she was dressed appropriately, but as I have heard it she did not complain. Also, as I heard it all that was done was a whistle, which I think was what she probably would appreciate. So to me no harm, no foul. We all are getting too thin skinned. If she was dressed professionally, then I would expect nothing but a professional response from the men.
    In my opinion, I don’t really understand why anyone HAS to go in the locker rooms, anyway, what is that all fired important you can’t ask before or after? If you notice, that’s always where all the controversy happens with men & women with interviews & sports…

  72. “I am not the one who made the charge and who says I feel uncomfortable,” she told ABC.

  73. Hi, English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive me.
    I find it horrible to blame a victim of harassment just because she was wearing skimpy clothes. It’s like saying she was “wanting it”. This has been the major excuse for all rape cases for ages. Is it too much to expect decency from grown up men? When will we women stop blaming each other?

  74. I don’t think that her clothing makes the harassment okay. But it is not okay that she is wearing no clothes while doing the interview. It makes all women in the journalism profession look unprofessional.

  75. Did you watch her interview this morning? I did. She is not the one who is accusing The Jets, is the Women in Sports Broadcasting Association. She did not have any negative comments towards The Jets or the NFL. She did not choose to have this spotlight on her, it was done for her.

  76. I agree 100% No Question. She is a intelligent person, what did she think was going to happen? I mean honestly why do you wear things like that in the first place? To get attention. I hope this doesn’t go to far and the Jets get seen as a harassing organization.

  77. As is often the case, both individuals are at fault here.

    No, men, boys, grampas shouldn’t cat call. It’s disrespectful and demeaning to stare at a woman for ten minutes as she walks down the street in a mini skirt or a paper bag–because, let’s face it, if she’s halfway attractive, they’ll do it no matter how she’s dressed.

    And it is completely stereotypical and similarly demeaning for a female to dress in skin tight, revealing outfits when she is doing a job that no more requires that get-up than does branding cattle.

    And yet, we see it daily.

    Not just on TV.

    How many times do we notice a female walking into a coffee shop on her way to her desk job in high heels, a short skirt and a barely buttoned blouse?

    Um, all the time.

    How many times do we visit a doctor’s office and see the secretary’s cleavage before we’ve even entered the office?

    So, no, what’s-her-name sportscaster girl is not alone nor is she completely to blame in her situation.

    And yes, her claims are also ridiculous and only succeed in shining a huge spotlight on her stupidity; although, they are not, at the same time, baseless. She doesn’t deserve to be treated as a piece of meat in a locker room full of men.

    Her accusations, too, draw attention to sports’, especially national football’s, disturbing levels of male chauvinism and believed superiority.

    So who’s to blame? Everyone. The media included, of course. We act–and dress–the way we do because we’re not only allowed to but encouraged to do so. We’re told that we are supposed to and that everyone else does it so that makes it okay.

    Our society’s values are at fault. And for that we should all be, if not only slightly, ashamed.

  78. I just wonder if that is her outfit for all on location interviews or if she made special arrangements to wear that. Worth a look, I’d say. 🙂

  79. I don’t think what you wear should denote whether or not you get harassed… my biggest problem here is that she’s at work, on TV nonetheless! Wear professional attire so people take you serious. Period.

    Nice post and congrats on freshly pressed!


  80. Women/female “reporters” in the locker room/men’s sports fields was a bad idea from the beginning and this is why. I can remember not so long ago ther were not such creatures and “incidents”. Once again the “uneven “playing field” when a chick can cry “rape” or any other outlandish accusation, and all the guys have to run for cover while the media “covers” it when in reality she should cover-up.

  81. The idea of being a “professional” at work seems to be greatly lacking in the United States. There is no “work ethic” like my parents taught me. This is ridiculous, like most allegations that make their way to the U.S. courtrooms.

  82. I don’t even know who you’re talking about, yet I’m going “Yes, ahu…Yes, yes, Yes, you tell it how it is!” while shaking my finger in the direction of my screen in acknowledgment!

    Good job!

  83. Did you see the video of a football player running up behind her at a game (she had no idea the player was behind her) and started dancing lewdly? Was that her fault too because of how she was dressed?

    I agree she needs to dress more appropriately for business, but although we may believe her dress to be “wrong” does not excuse or give permission for anyone to make lewd getures or statements towards her.

  84. That kind of attire is appropriate if you work at a club where you dance around a pole or any other ADULT themed place of business.

    How do we define being harassed in today’s society? If she wears this outfit into a night club and 5 guys hit on her, is that being harassed or simply a natural response you would expect?

    I have seen hundreds of women interviewing sports figures over the years and do so in a completely professional manner (both etiquette and attire) and have somehow avoided “harassment” .

    On a more personal note: Women should not be allowed into the mens locker room in the first place (or men into womens lockers rooms for that matter). Why are cameras allowed into a locker room in the first place? Why not just follow the players home and interview them while they are in their own bathrooms. These individuals should reserve the right to dress and shower in peace (like the rest of us do).

    Gotta get back to work. I am trying to find a way to convert a Ning site into one that I can control and get support on if necessary. This is the site I am trying to convert if anyone has any suggestions:

  85. If she wanted to be perceived as a professional then she would match her clothes to the occasion. She wanted attention…and now has a ‘story’ and some free publicity to go with it. It’s a shame that she wouldn’t use her energy to be a good role model for girls who would like to be in sports reporting. I’m by no means saying that a lady reporter shouldn’t be given full respect by the players…she should. However, you would think that she would know that there are certain “hazards” that come with certain professions. After all, having a bunch of hyped-up, aggressive guys whistle at a pretty girl in skimpy clothes is not that far fetched on an idea.

    Michael Bowers

  86. Pretty much all of my reactions to this post have been covered already.

    1. Does anyone REALLY think she has the final say in what she wears? Are you kidding?

    2. I know no one said “it’s ok to be raped” but… start telling people that they caused another person’s actions because of how they were dressed? Dangerous ground, sister.

    3. I’m not a dude (clearly) but I’m insulted by the blatant gender stereotyping in this post. Mainly in terms of how fnkybee defines men, but also the women. What, if we wear something you don’t approve of, we’re a “hooch”?

    4. All that being said, I do agree with one point in the actual post: we’re lacking in class. But, honey, pay attention – that’s across the board. Not just this one sportscaster. How many cops do you know have their boobs sticking out of their shirts, unless they’re on a prime time cop drama? Don’t blame her for the way society wants women to dress (she didn’t pick out that outfit, OR her attitude – she wants to be successful and this is how she does it).

    5. Look, it’s not that I don’t get your overall point here – it’s just that this is missing the bigger picture. For example, many people have made the point that women know what to wear to draw attention. No shit, Sherlock. But – ever even consider the society that we live in that provides attention to women for their looks over their brains, and plays up the idea that men respond to looks only? A society where sex and skin sells? When we respond only to the fact that “she showed her boobs and had it coming” instead of either a) having more class as a society and/or b) realizing that she was probably given that outfit/agreed to it because it provided her with attention. We blame HER for a choice that is indicative of what is important to a SOCIETY – but don’t look further? Blame her for what is so clearly blatant in this society? AND add to the gender stereotyping by saying she should have dressed how YOU think a woman should, and that this is because men can’t handle their shit and all they think about is sex?

    Dear god. How simplistic.

    Really, it is personal choice what we wear and it shouldn’t incite ANY behavior from anyone. You shouldn’t be able to define for me what’s acceptable. If my boss has a problem, than it’s up to him/her to deal with that – not you. The bottom line is this: we should be able to wear what we want to, because it’s a personal choice that shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone else. Idealist? Sure thing. Reality in this day and age? Hell no. Will it ever be? Probably not. But you see what I’m saying?

    I’m not diggin on you fnkybee – I just think maybe you should look at this a little more in depth.

    • it’s all good 🙂 but i think everyone is taking this and twisting it a bit. All my point was is that you must respect yourself and your job. I have learned that she was not the one that claimed the harassment and i think it is great that she can ignore it and do what she needs to do. My whole thing is the just the attire, that’s it. I love to get dressed up in some tight fitting jeans and a cute top and go out and yes i have gotten whistled at and have had comments made but it is what it is…I looked cute and got noticed. There is nothing wrong with that. Now if a man wants to make crude comments or a lay a hand on a woman for the way she is dressed that is completely absolutely not ok. I’m just saying that if you are a professional reporter knowing that you are going to be around a bunch of men and especially in a locker room you should cover up just a bit. That’s all…RESPECT YOUR JOB. I get that it is a hispanic channel and their way of ‘socially acceptable attire’ is a bit different from ours. AND I can honestly say that thought did not cross my mind at 7:30am this brain was not all the way functioning 🙂

    • Why is it that the athletes cannot say what they think? The first amendment did not guarantee freedom of speech except for boorish speech, it guaranteed freedom of speech. Period. If she wants to dress provocatively that is her right. If they want to comment on the fact that she has dressed provocatively that is their right. Basic fairness. It is a free country.

    • Mad Respect Nikki04.

      Sadly the Simplistic View IS the Popular and Usual View…

      Not just in this area, but Across the Board.

      Thank you for Organizing the Data 😉

  87. I just wrote a tiny bit about this today too. I think it’s interesting that she says she won’t change what she wears because she wants to be attractive. Okay, attractive to who? Men? In that case, why are you complaining because they found you attractive and whistled? I mean really…you can’t have it both ways.

  88. This is all driving me nuts. Any one who thinks this gal is not wearing the clothes she does to ‘work’ her body is a fool … flat out. Good grief look at what she wore on the Today Show! She dresses like a model in a mag meant to stimulate desire from men. She is not simply letting her body be her body (which is well built and voluptuous) but she is upping the ante of provocation by what she wears. If you don’t think she’s an advertisement for sex (or masturbation), then you sure aren’t paying attention!

    Throwing footballs in her direction and cat-calls sound like male appreciation for what she’s showing all over the place on-line (not that particular day). Should they have ‘restrained’ themselves? You bet. Do I think they are so god-awful for not? Nope. This gal has set herself up for this incident all the way. It was the response from OTHER women who witnessed what was going on who made the complaint and advised her to do the same. She has not issued a complaint … she has stated she’ll leave the decision up to the Jets management. More tease from this woman. She drives me nuts!

    I am quite sure that the Jets management will lay down the law to its players about locker room and field behavior. I also hope that this gal’s boss lays down the law with her about appropriate work attire. Yea, right.

    And by the way, rape is not about the clothes a woman wears … it’s about power. Unattractive, fat and poorly dressed women get raped all the time. Power in this case? This gal knows where all the power lays … trust me.

    My opinion may not be PC, but I am sick and tired of looking at women – and girls – wearing the outfits they do, and not owning the flag they are sailing.

    • To me it is funny how feminists fought for ages to get the “woman object” out of people’s minds, now the funny part is that they are defending this view more than anyone else. It is a fact you are treated based on the way you dress, usually an attire can tell who the person is. There is a fact that if you enter in a room full of men in skimpy attire that there is more chance to get harassed. Is it right? No but it is a fact. Men are visual and seeing more of a woman will do something to them. Simple.
      BTW when you pay for a voluptuous body, you sure wanna use it to advertise yourself. The woman went into the trouble of getting a nose job and implants all over the place, I bet she wants to show them off.
      Someone said that women do not belong in men’ locker rooms and vice versa, I agree. When the boundaries disappear on one way, expect them to disappear on the other.
      Funny part she did not seem annoyed that someone else filed for harassment, she just took the publicity. Should tell us something. Also she did tweet that she was annoyed by the behavior and that she felt uncomfortable. Maybe, just maybe she was looking for the all the ado to get her up there in the famous rank…

  89. This blog and so many of the comments here are truly depressing. One can have an opinion about what is professional dress and not professional dress for any given profession or situation someone may be in. That is a legitimate topic of debate. One can decry the casualness that creeped into the workplace. Yet this debate has nothing to do with sexual harrassment.

    You state: “I am not condoning any harassment here what so ever because it’s never ok…” then you add even in this sentence, the infamous “but,” followed by “it is what it is when you wear what you wear.” Your entire blog is developed to condone the behavior of the men because she crossed a line of inappropriateness regarding professionalism and dress codes and therefore whatever happened is her fault.

    But I would ask you who decides where this boundary is established. There are those who would say is not right for women to show as much skin as they do at beach or pool side in their bikinis. Women shouldn’t reveal that much in public. Do they get to say whatever they want to these women, because “hey, they should just expect that kind of thing.”

    There was a time when wearing dockers and a polo shirt would have incredibly unprofessional in some office places where it is now the standard. Standards change, and they are different for different people. In this particular case, her employer had no problem with it, which makes me think her audience, which is the customer, did not have a problem with it. She wasn’t breaking any decency laws. Yet somehow because you have some image of sports reporters in suits (and have you seen how some of these guys dress, especially the ones not in front of the camera – they’re a lot more Oscar Madison than Edward R Murrow) that justifies it.

    I am a man and I don’t make derogratory comments, or whistle, etc. regardless of what a woman is wearing. I know a lot of men just like me. And I would say that the general rule is that we have respect for people, all people, and, crazy us, we consider women people.

    • I don’t know if it is my computer but there is no reply button on your posts. So I cannot reoly to your comment you made to my post upthread.

      But to answer part of your question – yes I would expect the men in the locker room to have plenty of thoughts, and I would gather she would, too. I would also assume given her looks that pretty much most of those thoughts would have been thought if she was wearing business attire.

      And she is not the only one in the media today who is unprofessional in their attire. That you picked this woman and the harrassment issue that has arisen from it says that what you want to do is draw a line between her attire and the reaction it got. That you spend the entire time degrading her for her choices makes it pretty clear that she deserved it.

      As you said: If you don’t want to be harassed, whistled at, comments made then cover up your body and quit letting it all hang out while you are doing your JOB.

      Of course women are harrassed, whistled at, comments made, etc who have “covered up” their body. Including female reports who were dressed professionally.

      Maybe the issue is about men learning to respect women, and not women worrying about being the evil temptress because they sinisterly put those naughty thoughts into the heads of men.

  90. She is fine though! I’d like to $&@?3#%^* “oh snap did I just think like a ball player after a long game?”

  91. I think she should be able to wear whatever she wants whenever she wants. She looks cheap/professional/whorish; that is another issue. Players should be able to control themselves.

  92. Yes, if men were ever to refrain from whistling at or demeaning every attractive woman they saw they wouldn’t even be men. Ever notice how when guys are just “being guys” it’s always in the presence of a bunch of their fellow guys? Especially when their fellow guys are big and burly (read: physically capable of doing lots of physical violence), these norms of masculine behavior are especially pronounced. We certainly could go around assuming that all guys (especially the ones in the football locker room) are A: straight B: biologically incapable of not acting on their assumedly ravenous sexual impulses. Or we could, you know, call all this out for what it is: a system of behavioral norms designed to keep both men and women playing their proscribed roles.

  93. not saying I am right, after all I do have a fair amount of Neanderthal in me, But I watch some Hispanic programs from time to time. I watch to see scantily clad Latin women.She dresses that way to get ratings. Its like Halloween. If you dress like a hooker, you want people to know you are a hooker. This gal dresses like my girlfriend when we go out. My likes people staring when she leaves the house( I also enjoy telling guys “she’s with me”). If I see someone wearing olive drab BDU’s I will think they are in the military. I don’t condone the players behavior, but I certainly don’t see her as a victim. Arsonist who get burned while torching houses are not victims either.

  94. If she had a face like a startled moose and a body like a regular gal would she have the job she does?

  95. My response:

    I am so glad that while there are some that agree with this blog, there are just as many that point out exactly what I’m trying to say!

  96. Where have I been? I thought I was on the wrong blog for a minute, lol! What is Freshly Pressed?

  97. I agree with you maybe 70-30. I do think it’s important to dress appropriate to your profession, and I would never wear the outfits she wears to my work. My disagreement comes with this statement that you make:

    “If you don’t want to be harassed, whistled at, comments made then cover up your body and quit letting it all hang out…”

    You clarify as “at your job” but that whole idea just rings of victim blaming to me. As a woman, I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, without having to worry about whether I’ll be harrassed, whether I was asking for it, etcetera. It just feels way too much like the “she was raped because she wore a thong” mentality that you used to see everywhere.

    I agree with another trope’s comment – it’s as much about men respecting women as equals as it is about women dressing appropriately.

    • yes absolutely you should be aloud to wear what you want when you want to! this is america isn’t it. BUT when you have a professional job you should dress accordingly. You are in a men’s locker room wearing my OPINION it wasn’t the wisest choice. It is all about respect whether it be male or female and having respect for yourself and your job.

      • I mentioned before that she is Mexican and that has a large influence of what is considered appropriate and inappropriate. However i’m not so sure that she even has this awareness, which makes me question how aware of her surroundings she is. If she lacks THAT awareness then even though she may not be asking for trouble, it is (obviously) an inevitability.

        Most (not all) people who heard about what happened have basically the same reaction: “what an idiot. who dresses like that and expects people to respect her?” This reaction is simple and straightforward and to the point. It also sums up things nicely.

  98. I think the main issue here that’s getting lost in the discussion of what she was wearing, is that she was not dressed professionally for work period. The other side to that coin is, who was she interviewing? Professional athletes. The men she was interacting with were at work the same as her, and they had an obligation to conduct themselves professionally, they did not. So while I agree that she was dressed inappropriately for a professional setting, they behaved inappropriately and did not conduct themselves professionally towards her.

  99. I think what she wears for her profession is entirely acceptable. In a sports-world full of men, let’s be honest, don’t the women broadcasters, more often than not, if not always, get the job based on their beauty? (Not to say she didn’t have to have credentials upon getting the job)
    If she wants to show off her body, let her, it’s her choice! But if she makes the decision to do so, she’ll have to take the comments going along with it. Harassment in this type of job field is a gray area if you ask me…
    And a side note: She can’t actually be that uncomfortable with the comments made since she continually dresses that way. There’s no way in HELL this is the first time someone’s voiced their *ahem* opinions.

  100. Amen Sister! (or Brother!)

  101. This is why the Taliban has women wear burkas … because it is the woman’s fault that men are uncontrollable. Maybe we should do that too, if this is her fault.

    • Going to the other extreme would solve a problem. But seriously, let us say a woman dresses in a very short skirt and a barely covering anything top, add a lot of make up to that, should she complain if people think she is a hooker? This comes to that really: dress according to the image you want to reflect. If you want to reflect the image of a sexy woman it will expand the span of comments, not saying that women dressed professionally won’t get harassed, but it makes the chances less.

      • But whose definition of what kind of attire signals one is a hooker will we use? Think about what someone from the fifties would say going to the beach these days or even to the local mall. What you think is modest dress now thirty years ago would have been scandalous. And some of those folks are still alive. There was time when it wasn’t proper for woman to wear pants, lets alone jeans (which is all this reporter was wearing). Yet some women were brave enough to say that just because i wear jeans doesn’t mean I’m immoral. (and just for the record, the holier-thou-attitude that is coming through a lot of these comments toward women who have fallen into the sad situation of having to sell their bodies is just as disturbing as the general attitude of blame the victim).

      • So then, if there were a dress code “in the locker room” or for the team that is an appropriate response. If the owner or manager of the team said to the reporter, that attire is inappropriate, rather than sexually harassing the reporter, that is understandable and reasonable. The team can set boundaries even if the news agency does not. Simple and reasonable expectations set. Harassment is inappropriate no matter what people wear.

        And to answer your question directly, “But seriously, let us say a woman dresses in a very short skirt and a barely covering anything top, add a lot of make up to that, should she complain if people think she is a hooker?” Yes, she has every right to complain, especially if she is “on the job”.

  102. you’ve struck a nerve- awesome comments.
    I agree with your comment about men not wearing board shorts etc… she is going for ratings with the outfits and is a sad role model which makes me think young girls are looking up to her and confirming that sleeping your way tot the top is appropriate.
    great article.

  103. Uh, seems like folks are forgetting that this young lady reports for a television network IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.

    Where people might dress — wait for it — DIFFERENTLY??

    Since when did American professional dress become the standard for professional dress elsewhere? If she wants to let it all hang out, then that’s her decision. If her employer doesn’t see a problem with that, or in fact, benefits from it, who’s to say it’s “wrong”? (Never mind that it helps keep women in the dark ages.)

    Now, back to the post. Yes indeed. Her dress was entirely inappropriate by American standards. AND the behavior of the players was entirely inappropriate by American standards.

    But perhaps all of this is OK in Mexico? Who are we to continually judge other cultures?

  104. Agree w/ you 100%.

    It is our responsibility to dress appropriately for our profession. Ines dresses the way she does because she likes the attention. She should expect these kinds of incidents to happen, especially working in such a testosterone-driven industry. Yes, she asked for it. Sexual harrassment is unacceptable, but it will continue to happen because of the boundary she is already crossing.

    As a massage therapist, I know I’d be putting myself in a stupid situation if I played up my sexuality. It’s all a matter or responsibility.

  105. If you dress in a provocative way looking for a reaction, why are you surprised when you get one? On the other hand, boys will be boys is a stupid excuse. If it’s a “professional environment”, then everyone needs to act appropriately.

  106. I agree, she should not have been wearing what she was wearing. If she takes herself professionally, she should dress like it.

  107. I can think of no better way to agree with the post than by saying, if you are going to dress like a slut, you will be treated like one. If you take yourself professionally then dress like it.
    computer & pc repair

  108. I agree with the post . Our opinions will not matter because they will interview a few celebs and other news people, not to mention a number of legal eagles who love face time on talk TV. These people will all say, ” She can wear anything she wants”. And isn’t that just stupid. Forest Gump is still right. Stupid is as stupid does. Amen. Write your local news people or the main stream media to make yourself heard. I did.
    Thanks everyone

  109. thinks it’s funny that the majority here are getting their panties all in a bunch over my opinion and most are completely missing my point here. And to Artemis…you annoy me.

    • And some of us are probably guilty of responding more to other comments than to the original post. So if we seem to be missing your point, that could be why. Hey, you got people talking. That’s good, right?

    • Here’s something to ponder: when you write something and put it out there for others to read, you may, in the process of making your point, inadvertently make another point (or two). So while you may not have set out to make a case of why she deserved what she got, you did in the way you constructed your argument. And that ISN’T funny.

      • well mr. opinionated..i did not ask to be freshly pressed and didn’t know that 6,000 people were going to read it so MY BAD that I didn’t reread it a hundred times to make sure there wasn’t underlying points being made. So i don’t think you are funny but kind of annoying.

    • I love this on going drama. I want to be freshly pressed. Great article you deserve it. I bet she is a slut, screw the additional points needed in your article.
      She knew exactly what she was up too……she is pretty hot!!

  110. I always say that your “projected immage” is important as your reputation. The two are linked. And, she seemed unappologetic on her interview on the Today Show this morning…she was wearing a tight mini-skirt as well as a shirt that had a plunging neckline and was unbuttoned in a way so that I could see not only cleavage, but her right breast!

    It doesn’t give men the right to “cat call” so to speak, but really…you’re going to get attention from men dressing that way. And I think that’s exactly what she wanted, and what she got.

  111. We are so screwed. IF she’d been dressed as the professional she supposedly is when she’s on the job, we wouldn’t even know who she was. Now, she’s as famous as the preacher from Florida and his non-bonfire. Totally. Ridiculous.

  112. I agree that she should’ve dressed more professionally. That type of clothing is unacceptable in 99% of all work environments. And I dont think she has grounds for a harassment case.
    Men shouldn’t be given a break just because they are men. Women think about men sexually, too, and calling out to a man or woman in any way is unacceptable. And photos of her wearing lingere have no relevance to this claim, because she can still be sexually harassed even if she has dirty photos of herself online.
    But there really isn’t anything here for a lawsuit…she shouldn’t have been wearing those clothes, the men shouldn’t whistle or whatever…they’re both wrong here.

  113. Obviously the reporter craves attention, be it positive or negative. It’s really common sense, if she wanted to be taken seriously while working, she would have dressed modestly. A little butt cleavage is fine on a Friday night at the bar, but not while on the job. If she is seeking sympathy from people out there, then she should prepare for disppointment.

  114. Skimming through the comments, I see a number of feminist cliches about victim blaming, men being this-or-that, men having an obligation to control themselves, “harassment” being inexcusable, and so on—a mixture of misconceptions, half-truths, and truths regularly misapplied outside of their valid context.

    I do not know exactly what has taken place here, so I will avoid passing judgement on the reporter and the players. I will, however, protest against the over-sensitive “men are brutes and to blame; women are victims and innocent” mentality that shines through in some of these comments. Wait to hear both sides of the story, try to see both perspectives, do not expect others to behave like you want them to (they may have a legitimately different opinion on correct behaviour), etc. In particular, bear in mind that allegations of harassement are very often arbitrary and based in incorrect perceptions or over-sensitivy—not the actual misbehaviour. (Again, I make no statement about this particular case.)

  115. Well, I do understand what you are saying – and if she was dressed more like a whore I would understand – but if you think like that then it is like saying a women can’t go and have a drink in a bar, or even it is okay for a guy to harrass a women because she had a good time partying and got drunk – it’s like where does the line get drawn. Sometimes women like to be noticed but not harrassed. What about cheerleaders should we dress them up in more appopriate atire – or are they really dressed right for there jobs – why can’t they jump around in sweat pants instead of skirts – like I said where is the line drawn

  116. In Mexico we know her: She’s neither a professional nor a sports broadcaster. She’s more like a model or a showbiz reporter doing sports broadcasting in TV Azteca.

    The same way, the rival broadcaster Televisa, has not only hoties but comedians, celebrities and other sorts of weird folks doing that kind of job, specially in the Olympics and the FIFA WorldCup.

  117. Yeah, if you plan on dressing like that then be expected to hear men calling out for you! Lol even her outfit the the Today Show was almost inappropriate. ALMOST (;

  118. She’s hot and a locker room full of testosterone of NFL players, please give me a break. Is she legit and has been in other locker rooms before? Or was this thought out looking for a payday. Go NFL!

  119. The Latino News Channels particularly companies like Azeteca, Univision, Telemundo, and others seem to have female broadcasters that dress a bit more revealing. Just compare the ladies from Fox Sports, ESPN, against any of the shows on the Spanish stations….big difference

  120. This lady is an idiot. She has dung for brains. I am former sportscaster. I used broadcast wome’s volleyball. I wore comfortable clothes. Shes is radiating sex pure and simple. This is offensive It is wrong…

  121. i agree with the original writer of this article. the clothing, was inappropriate given the nature of her job. There was nothing wrong with what she was wearing had she been going shopping or hanging out with friends, but that was not what she was doing.

    but can we please stop this stupid double standard about men always and only thinking about sex 24/7! Yes we do think about it a lot, but women think about it just as much! They just do a better job at hiding it so they are not viewed as being “slutty” or “whoreish.”

  122. Jennette and Sean

    Completely agree. She is in a professional sports broadcaster role. She has an obligation to dress the role.

  123. Does anyone realize that when women dress that way for attention, they are the ones emphasizing the difference between the sexes? If a man walked around in a “banana hammock” he would not advance his career, but women can sell their bodies to get a promotion or more attention. Women make the decision to wear skimpy clothing specifically to take advantage of the male sex drive, and then, when they acheive their aim, they turn around and get pissed off. What’s up with that? It’s the same as when men flash their cash to get a girl, then turn around and complain that their girlfriends are shallow and only like them for their money.

  124. sorry I`m not agree

  125. Okay that’s kind of like blaming a rape victim for getting raped. It doesn’t matter what she wears; yes I know it’s unprofessional and so forth, as pointed out before, and really women wonder why men will never see them as equals it’s things like portraying one’s self as just a nice set of tits. Still it doesn’t matter what she wears she could show up dressed in nothing but a meat bikini like she’s Lady Gaga, it still doesn’t give ANY one the right to lay a hand on her. Nope, women should wear what they want, just as men should and not get hassled. As someone who gets wolf whistled at and occasionally have had my ass grabbed I’m sorry but it’s not okay, no matter what, show your approval some other way and show a little respect!

  126. When did the players sign away their freedom of speech rights to say what they want? If you don’t want to listen, don’t listen.

  127. I did a bing for this lady, this outfit was conservative compared to a lot of the ones she has worn. Congrats on freshly pressed.

  128. I absolutely agree with you. Yeesh.

    Great post. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  129. Don’t blame the victim, blame the victimizer.
    Too often we have a tendency of rationalizing things like this, putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and determining that they made a mistake that they’re now paying for.

    There’s this alternative view of life that everyone is doing the best they can. We shouldn’t judge, we shouldn’t rationalize, we shouldn’t put ourselves in other people’s shoes, because for all we know, having lived the life they have, we’d be doing the same thing.

  130. She’s loving the publicity, are you kidding? She’s probably been waiting for this the whole time. Even though it’s negative publicity, she got it. And is loving every minute of it!!
    I’m SO with you on this! I love the way she’s playing the victim. OH PUUULLLEEEEASE! Spare me *small violin playing in my hand*

  131. And as a professional athlete, your image is what sells you so you should know how to relate with the media, even if they’re being idiotic(like she is here). But again, professional sports being filled with idiots is the reason why I stopped following them – both on the reporting and on the field.

    And this shows the type of people that play American football. No offense, but I bet she could report in lingerie if she was covering tennis. But again, tennis isn’t low class – this is why she wouldn’t even be allowed to do it in lingerie.

  132. lmadr, give me a break. I suppose I can kill your whole family and you won’t judge me for it since you didn’t live my life, right? People choose to dress like easy women or act like people who have no class and grew up in the forest. Both sides are to blame on this one – it’s funny, but the more society takes your position, the more of this you get. It shows how foolish your beliefs are.

  133. She should not be shocked at all. This article is completely accurate and if she was reporting any womans sport she wouldn’t have choosen the clothing that she did. In fact they would have probably used a different reporter to even report it.

  134. I can’t wear any stuff like that especially with my job, doing massage, so I basically wear like a big trash bag for my uniform so nothing shows, at all.

  135. I dunno. I’m all for no harassment, period, but I’m also for common sense. Like: Men, get your mind out of the gutter, and women, realize that men’s minds are going to be in the gutter about 24/7 and don’t enable them. I think it’s a double-fault kind of thing.

  136. I didn’t know who she was before this “incident” and, in a short time, I won’t remember who she is either.

    I live in South Beach, Florida. There are thousands of women who live in a 5 mile radius who are as outwardly beautiful as this reporter and could probably report just as well. I didn’t know of her prior and I watch plenty of sports.

    While I tend to agree with your position, I find your choice of language like, “get a clue lady!” don’t further your cause. Additionally, you might want to re-visit the facts and update your story. That’s what responsible writers do. I read in USA Today that she has retracted her complaint although I can’t vouch for the accuracy.

    Mike LaMonica

    • Well Mike I never claimed to be a writer or a reporter on anything. I didn’t know I was *required* to keep glued to the tv all day and update. I am just a girl keeping a blog and it by chance got freshly pressed for everyone to read. So my bad.

  137. All she wants is Attention.. No To Sexual Harassment but She’s Looking For Trouble..

  138. While I do agree with dressing for your profession, it’s disrespectful to everyone you work with or encounter while working. However, the post makes it sound as if the Jets “couldn’t help themselves”. Those football players are grown ass men and they most certainly can help themselves.

    You said “They are men..this is what they think about 24/7 plus they just had to think about football for 3 hours so when their brains can finally rest what is the first thing they are going to think about especially when you wear that?”

    You may has well have said, ‘Love their little hearts they’re just too stupid to know how to act.’

    I agree that dressing like a teenager who just discovered her boobs is in poor taste and that dressing that way at HER JOB is nothing short of ridiculous. But saying that you should expect to be treated poorly because of what you’re wearing because men can’t control themselves is just sad.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed though. I enjoy your blog even when I don’t agree with you.

  139. Your reasoning is similar to baning cars so there aren’t any accidents. RESPECT! Lets teach that to our kids and they wont come on blatantly and rudely to any woman no matter how slutty she dresses. Was her outfit inappropriate? YES, but only animals respond to their instincts without filtering them through their consciousness.
    And another thing: Muslims ask women to wear burkas so other men wont become attracted to them (right?) This would be the extreme of what you are suggesting here.

  140. Hmmm…
    While people may like to pretend that what you wear and how you present yourself should not be an issue- in the REAL WORLD (where I prefer to reside)… it just DOES!

    Why is there even a debate on this matter? It’s the sme reason why there’s a DRESS CODE @ most places of employment… because how you look, or choose to represent yourself, which inturn is representative of the organization where you’re employed-matters! … PERIOD!

    In college, I tutored NCAA basketball players and I “knew” what I was getting into, and dressed/ behaved/ carried myself accordingly…. and guess what? Harassment wasn’t an issue! Did some of the guys find me attractive? YES! Did they disrespect me or behave in a demeaning manner towards me? Hell to da’ Nah!! LOL

  141. wow talk about a heated debate. By EEOC standards this isn’t sexual harassment. Her work is in the media, it hasn’t hurt her its helped her. Harassment isn’t someone saying something you don’t like. It didn’t create a hostile work environment. Comparing to rape or sexual assault ridiculous. Rape is rape. They are not even in the same ball park. Maybe the players could claim harassment, “some gorgeous woman is in our locker room while I am butt ass naked, it caused me to get an unwanted erection which made my work environment very uncomfortable”. Anyone man or woman foolish enough to be in close quarters with nude members of the opposite sex and believes that the subject of sex isn’t on the top of the list of subjects to talk about is kidding themselves. When the situation is reversed the woman usually gets paid in singles, five spots, and tens…if she is really hot.

  142. I totally agree with you on this one. The sportscaster was just waiting to be harassed.

  143. It’s like what Dave Chappelle said, “You’re not a slut, but you’re wearing a slut’s uniform!”
    Great read, sometimes people just overreact…

    If you’ve the time, check out my blog!

  144. last comment on this blog (posted here since i can’t reply to reply on my comment): If you write an opinion piece on word press, one shouldn’t be surprised when others come around expressing their opinion. Sorry to disturb your desire for an echo chamber. And I am not trying to be funny. I think violence against women in our society is a very serious issue and when someone who is getting, whether they wanted it or not, a lot of views by the public at large, who is, unwittingly or not, supporting the mindset that leads to the justification of that violence then I think I have an obligation to speak my mind. Peace.

    • While I agree with the sentiment that those who publish blogs should respect others right to express deviating opinions (cf. several of my own posts), I consider the rest of your comment misplaced: The claim about justification of violence is a distortion of what actually takes place (notably, a kind of distortion that very often pop-up on blogs criticizing the behaviour of a women—no matter how justified the criticism or irrelevant the distortion). Further, the implication that violence against specifically women (as opposed to violence in general) would be a problem is very hard to justify. All-in-all, men are more likely to be exposed to violence. Notably, domestic violence, where the claims about violence against women tend to center, is a roughly 50–50 issue, with many studies showing more violence stemming from women than from men and men as the more common victims. (Cf. e.g. )

      • When one looks at subsets of populations who are exposed to violence, then the population that is most at risk because of defining aspect of their population subset are the transgenders. This violence has it has own set of dynamics which share common characteristics with some characteristics with certain kinds of violence toward women, which being a much more broad categorization has many kinds of subgroups of dynamics from domestic violence to date rape.

        And there is violence directed toward women by women, and men receive violence because they are men, but this blog did not address those dynamics, but rather focused on the common characteristic of justifying women being target for abuse because they have somehow caused the men around them to become aroused. It is similar to the blaming the gay man for causing a hetero male to become angry because he was making the hetero male feel uncomfortable with the presence of some man who just might be looking at him with sexual feeling.

      • Here you basically repeat your flawed and unfair accusation of justification of violence/abuse/rape/whatnot.

      • Where is the flaw in the accusation when the blogger writes:

        I am not condoning any harassment here what so ever because it’s never ok but it is what it is when you wear what you wear. It’s like me leaving the house with major cleavage showing a skirt so short you can almost see my butt and heels and then being absolutely appalled and disgusted when I get whistled at or comments are made walking down the street….

        This basically spells out it out – if i dress a certain way that might be considered arousing I should expect it and no one should say that whistling and comments is wrong because I was asking for it. Considering that she wasn’t wearing a skirt so short that the players could see her butt. And wearing heels is an invitation to be catcalled?

        And the process of objectification is one of the steps that leads to violence toward people. So justifying behavior which reinforces objectification is justifying the violence that becomes an emergent resultant of that objectification.

      • Distorting a justification of whistling into a justification of violence is one gigantic fallacy. Equally, we could claim that a mother who directs a harsh word at her child is a child beater.

        In addition, the whole “objectification” issue has been a long standing claim from some groups (notably feminists and the anti-porn movement). However, I have so far never seen an actual justification for this claim, and an explanation why this would be worse than e.g. focusing on a particular aspect of say a singer, a baker, or a bus driver (as objects providing song, baked goods, or transportation). A life without objectification in a number of situation would be near impossible—and if you were to claim that men who look appreciatingly at a woman in one context are unable or unlikely to estimate her for other reasons in other contexts then my answer would be that you are a highly ignorant and prejudiced misandrist. (With similar statements about different contexts applying, obviously, for appreciation and objectification of the singer, baker, and bus driver.)

    • “Distorting a justification of whistling into a justification of violence is one gigantic fallacy. Equally, we could claim that a mother who directs a harsh word at her child is a child beater.”

      What I am saying is not that whistler is a rapist, just as the mother who calls her child a “idiot” is not a child beater. What I am saying is that in both cases the first behavior paves the way for the next behavior. The power of language, which is more than words but includes images and “whistles”, is that it manifests internally an individual’s understanding of who that is sitting across from one.

      (And I would agree that this reporter reinforces the predominant paradigms regarding gender roles and definitions, which is not necessarily a good thing, but that is another matter.)

      When we look at how could the Holocaust happen, we understand that it stretches back hundreds of years, of ways of describing a certain population in certain ways as to dehumanize them so to say.

      Of course we objectify in the broad sense of the word. As Derrida says, there is no outside the text. As engage the word, there nothing but objects, each labeled, and some cases broken down into sub-objects (stool is composed of seat and legs). In general usage, objectification is like the term discrimination. We all discriminate, such as when we ponder which head of lettuce looks best to buy or which concerts we will attend, but in such a discussion as this discrimination is that action in which we make choices regarding an individual because of such facets as race or gender or sexual orientation when our ideals tell us that such discrimination is not ethical or moral.

      So objectification in this context is that process through which we dehumanize certain group or groups of people in order to justify certain behavior towards them. I cannot as a landlord see a gay couple as equal to heterosexual couple at the same time deny the gay couple equal rights to rent an apartment. So I must in some way redefine them, so as to justify the act of discrimination. One way to describe this redefinition is objectification (which as you point out is not a good way to describe it, and points to our lack of terminology to describe the dynamics of oppression). But to oversimplify, there two separate objects gay couples (bad) and hetro couples (good). The bottom line is that the living soul of all involved are lost. But that is part of our struggle, caught in our heads, immersed in the words and objects in our heads.

      When the mother calls the child an “idiot,” that child becomes something other than the child called “a joy” or “friend.” Is it easier to lash out violently against an “idiot” than it is against a “friend”? I would say so. I would say it is more likely that the parent will transfer blame to the “idiot” than to the “friend,” that the “idiot” needs to be taught a “lesson.”

      • I am not going to go in a long(er) off-topic discussion, but I state for the protocol that many of the statements that you make are too speculative, misapplied in context, or outright faulty, to be used as policy justification. In short: The risk of a slippery-slope should be kept in mind, but equally the risk of over-reacting or being paranoid—and this does not appear to be a case where a slippery-slope is likely.

    • well in my opinion you are an ass.

  145. dammmmmm! She looks good. Lemme whistle @ her one sec. Woo! Even I’m checking her out right now and half-ass reading this post. I wonder what her workout regime is. hmmmmm.
    great blog btw…about whatever it is you’re talkin ’bout. 😉

  146. It’s an interesting discussion… Do you have more specific info about the situation?

    What was said? How was it handled at the time of the incident? etc…

  147. It just seems like she’s trying to get more publicity. There was an interview with her and she called herself “the hottest sports caster in mexico” If she’s going to give that title to herself, she shouldn’t be surprise that guys are gonna try to holler.

  148. I have to say, I was a little upset at this story. Not because she was saying she was harassed, but because this tripe made it all the to New Zealand. Sorry to say lady, your in a dudes locker room, your not bad looking and have a smoking hot body with a great rack. What did you expect when you walk into the mens locker room? I’m sure it’s not the first time she has had it happen and no doubt it won’t be the last. I know this will get up some females noses, but NFL is a male dominated sport, it’s our modern equivalent to gladiators fighting in an arena and men will be men. I’m not condoning what happened, but she better come to terms that she’s not interviewing an internationally spelling bee competitor in Starbucks surrounded by the McLovins of this world. She’s in an NFL mens locker room with half naked guys who probably want to do nothing more than throw back some beers and in some cases, get laid. It’s all male hormones and if she can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, then stay in the lounge.

  149. Dead on!

  150. I completely agree with appropriate work attire being neccessary. The producers, etc. don’t ask her to change because she’s noticable and getting ratings up. She needs to take responsibility for her inappropriate attire, not the reactions it gets. I’m not entirely sure what the Jets did to harrass her, but they need to take responsibility for it. Saying that they’re men so they’re more likely to be harrassing isn’t a good enough excuse, neither is the fact that they were playing a sport, doing their job, for 3 hours. Believe me, I see your reasoning here, but its excuses like that which let people get away with this stuff and much worse.

  151. I agree. Dressing appropriately is also a way of respecting others, your profession, the occasion and also is demanding respect for yourself. Dressing up wearing tight jeans or short shorts and hanging tight tees – save them for clubbing or malling or whatever is the occasion for that (Not unless your work needs that kind of outfit or if you are working at Hooters, those outfits are required).

    Also, writing (handwriting); your actions; how you speak also shows what kind of person you are. Write legibly if you want to be understood, showing a lazy hand writing shows disrespect to the one reading it. Dressing accordingly in any occasion shows respect to the occasion and the person involved (thus in this blog, the person being interviewed).

  152. With all the opposing views here we have to wonder about the outcome of this situation.

    Our opinion is this:
    Ines Sainz seems to have been in her field long enough to know what she is doing. Obviously her work is satisfactory and the ratings are high.

    We wonder what those of you, who feel that Ines was inappropriately dressed, would like to see her wearing, after her career has been based upon tasteful clothing that show her figure. Remember that Jeans and a nice shirt are quite common for sports.

    From what we read there are undertones of jealousy in the article written here. It isn’t Ines’ fault she was born with natural good looks. From what we have seen it was part of the gimmick that allowed her to land the position of a sports reporter. This seems to be the way her job was laid out. She is the sexy girl who knows sports and knows how to get the story. There is nothing wrong with this.

    The clothing, shown in the photos, were no reason for harassment. The way Fnkybee describes this you would think that Ines was wearing much less clothing. No matter what a body is wearing or not wearing there is no license to harass another person.

    It is really amazing, with so many more important issues, all around us, that someone actually took the time to rant about what a sports reporter is or is not wearing and continue on to say that it is her fault she was harassed because of it.

    Fnkybee, would you consider it okay and a females fault if she were raped because of what she was or not wearing? Would you consider it okay and the fault of a woman who was punched in the mouth, by her husband, because he didn’t like what she just said?

    Things that make you go MMMMMMMMM

    • trust me I am not jealous of her, her looks or her job. I think she is a very beautiful woman in a hard job so kudos to her. Jealousy..NO

      • Fnkybee, I don’t envy you for having to read all the idiocy written here. I think people lost common sense! You probably should have said she should have gone to work in a bikini, it is innovative and the players should be hanged cos they whistled!
        I wonder who is this guy who would be such a saint to never have a reaction to a scarcely dressed woman! I bet he does not exist! And if he is gay, it does not count!
        To all those who took the party of less common sense, no it does not give anyone the right to harass or rape (or anything in that line) her, but the pervs will be taking notice. Period!
        And “natural beauty”??? pleeaaaase! Klunckin films, google her and check some old pics. Everyone is pretty now, thanks to cosmetic surgery!

  153. I agree with everything you said… right up until your disclaimer in the middle… “its okay if a girl wants to slut herself out”. Those are YOUR words… quoted in my vocabulary… because you cant say it like you mean it – too degrading, I know.

    No, its not okay for a girl to “show skin” or “show shape”. Thats just a slut, nothing more. If you use your sexuality as a tool, if you are so desperate for sexual validation from male attention… then dont deserve the respect of an equal.

    Womens rights doesnt mean you can ethically whore yourself and still demand respect for it. And you have no business blaming men for your treatment as a sex object any more.

  154. custompaperpoint

    by the way she is beautiful 😉

  155. I do agree 100%, you do make a very good point.

  156. Congrats on getting freshly pressed!
    From what I read, everybody’s view point makes sense! A few things-
    1. Its not about how tight her jeans were. Even in a field like the media, I think dressing in formal attire is essential.
    2. I think she knew it was coming. Personally, I think she enjoyed it.
    3. I’m entitled to my own opinions and so is the author of this blog.
    4. Typical male behaviour.
    5. I think the argument about “objectification” is now officially a digression.

  157. I agree with you completely!

  158. reasonstohateamerica

    I have been saying exactly what you said all along.

  159. The old adage about advertising rings true:
    You don’t place a billboard where nobody will see it.
    If you wish to advertise & cause some controversy you’ll position the thing in such a spot where it will garner the maximum attention. Should people disagree with the copy of the add there are still procedures to follow, nobody gets the “right” to tear it down.

    I firmly believe that women should all be allowed to safely parade the streets if they do decide to “advertise” or wear skimpy outfits for whatever reason.

    I also think that proper planning is important when choosing attire, entering a testosterone-filled arena could spell danger for those flippantly flaunting everything.

    A very interesting post! 🙂

  160. This is one way that you can look like her or begin to develop a body like hers, and you know that she is fine so check this out. It is really possible to freeze weight off.

    Let’s get it done!

  161. She’s no professional reporter. More like a clueless high-schooler. She needs to grow up, present herself as a professional reporter, or join the cast of a soap opera.

  162. In looking at all of the comments I’ve yet to see one major point that needs to be considered in her clothing choice — culture. She comes from a Latin culture where women dress sexy as a matter of course. The issue is just as much about cultural differences as it is about sexual harassment and what not to wear in American culture.

  163. Speaking as a “professional,” it is entirely possible to come across as feminine and sexy in more professional clothing. She should dress more appropriately for the job. The thing that gets me about this entire thing is that she says she’s not going to change anything. This type of thing with the Jets is just going to happen again. Some people….

  164. Ah yes, the old chestnut roasts again. ‘She begged for it.’ ‘Don’t blame the victim.’

    I have to ask though, what is the point of dressing in skimpy and revealing clothing? What is the reason for wearing these clothes while out at the clubs or anywhere else? Isn’t it true that the entire point is to draw attention to ones self? The plunging necklines and short skirts aren’t worn because they offer respite from heat, they are worn to emphasize sexuality and to draw the attention of admirers or possible suitors, no? So, when that mission is accomplished, when one gets the attention that they were fishing for one can’t really complain about unwanted attention can we?

    Let’s also reel in the extremist talk. This is “unwanted” attention or a few unwanted comments. That’s a far cry from real sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is quite real and tangible. This whole case ain’t it. And, if you don’t want attention, stop calling it upon yourself.

    BTW: Why are women in the men’s locker room? Why are any reporters in the men’s locker room?

  165. joaquin, give me a break. If someone dresses like a slut, they should expect being treated like one. If I began to walk around on the street in a police uniform, I’d expected people to think I’m a cop. I could paraphrase Dave Chapelle’s joke on here with the whore-police uniform, but I won’t. I will teach my daughters not to dress like sluts instead of teaching them how to respect them.

    Yes, while I disagree with the premise of this post that men can’t help themselves and they can only act like animals, which is demeaning to men, she is to blame too.

    Also, I don’t get why how you dress shouldn’t matter. It should since how you dress reflects your personality. If you dress like a street walker, it’s all I need to know.

    Kluckin, I have no problem with how she looks. I look far better than she does body wise and probably face wise too(I have no idea how the heck her face is). I suppose that since Phil Jackson won quite a bunch of NBA titles, we shouldn’t criticize the fact that he has idiotic inbound plays and rotation patterns either, right? What you talk about – that this woman has a long career in mass-media shows how trash the MSM is, not that she is good. Also, the laws on sexual harassment are bullshit – they shouldn’t exist. If we are to discuss the silly stuff you brought up, I have 1st amendment rights to offend women who dress like teenagers trying to get a boy to deflower them.

    reneamac, give me a break with us being harassed all the time. It’s feminist paranoia at best. If you don’t act like trash that would get on her back in two minutes flat, you won’t get harassed. I suppose I should go in a bad neighbourhood with transparent bags full of money and then wonder why I got robbed.

    Mavis, if I was the coach, I wouldn’t allow her in the locker room until she’d dress like a professional woman, not a groupie willing to get gang banged by the whole team in the locker. And these would be my exact words – woman to woman. And men are smarter, you should check IQ distributions.

    CogitoErgoCogitoSum, I agree with what you said to a point. Same as I tell my friends to stop caring about women in general. Providing and protecting is the thing you give to women who submit and provide exclusive sexual action. If you don’t get both of those two, you are selling yourself short. It’s funny, but I got a lot of men to dump their girlfriends over them being self-entitled money grabbing women. Now they all thank me for it.

    another trope, what I don’t get is why the Jets didn’t say she sexually harassed their players by dressing like an easy groupie. If words are to be offensive, how you dress is too. And I would prefer 1950s fashion to be back and I’m 20. And discrimination is moral. Blacks are 13% of the US population and commit 52% of the homicides. Avoiding them is a sane thing to do since the odds of encountering a murderer are higher if you pick a random black or a random white. Discrimination is both ethical and moral, non-discrimination isn’t just immoral, it is down right insane. And Derrida is a Marxist fool. I could ‘deconstruct'(since you Marxist fools are fond of this word) all the idiocy that you posted here, but I will spare you the trouble.

    Viviane, how she felt is irrelevant. Maybe the players felt uncomfortable about having a woman in their locker room too. I’m waiting for male sports reporters to cover female locker room stories though. If not, we are evil discriminatory people and we should all die just like the 100+ million people killed by Marxism. 😛

  166. I agree with you. She should have known better. Perhaps she did it on purpose? Dressing the way she did and then going into her locker room as some sort of messed up career move? It’s just sad that people do this type of crap for attention.

  167. This woman knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She KNEW that dressing provocatively was going to turn heads. She KNEW it was going to draw attention to her. End of story. Then when she gets the attention, she makes a stink about it?

    Look, I don’t believe that women deserve to get raped or assaulted and such because of how they dress, BUT, with that said, if you don’t want men staring at you, if you don’t want the situation to be about sex? Then don’t make it about sex. Dressing like a slut is making it about sex. Not sports, not a professional career, but sex. She wasn’t harassed; she’s not a victim. If I step out in front of a speeding car when I don’t have a walk signal, I’m not the victim of a car accident. It was my own fault. You can’t tell me she dressed that way and had NO idea it would attract men.

    She should be fired from her network for being unprofessional, and for drawing negative attention to her employer.

    I’m sick of this whole ‘Women need to stand up for each other” crap. When she wants to start acting like a respectable adult instead of a porn star, then I’ll get her back. Until then, I’m siding with the Jets and the players.

  168. Every culture has its quirks and lets all leave it at that and not be bigots like the KKK albert pike or even the Black Panther Movement! by the way albert pike was founder of the kkk and noted Satanist.

    amen. Let’s win in 2010!

  169. by the way America is turning into the third reich what with this communist guy in office and homosexual nancy pelosi who can’t compromise with the republicans.

    Ancient Rome and America are no different. They both worshipped their heros sports or otherwise and of course S-E-X!

  170. Congrats on being freshly pressed! You sure got a heck of a conversation going on! Great post!

  171. In the first place, she shouldn’t be in the locker room full of men with her being the only woman around, even with the purpose of doing her job. The scenario alone spells danger….

    Jess B. Hinkle

  172. Wow you started something with this post huh?! 😉

    I agree entirely. And in no way did I take away from it that you said “she had it coming”.

    Just go at it from a job point of view. Look at any hot chick that works at your job. Some hot chicks dress work appropriate for the position and some dress not so appropriate. That girl wants attention for her looks more than anything else. She likes the attention. But only the kind of attention that she wants. Same with this reporter. She wants to be noticed for her hotness more than her reporting. This is the same girl that run up to Tom Brady in a wedding dress at the Superbowl! All this is doing is putting her name in the media. And she knows it!

    I hate the Jets. And no woman should get harassed. This woman didn’t get harassed. She’s an idiot. A hot idiot. But an idiot nonetheless. I know. I’ve dated her kind so many damn times. 😉

    • yeah it’s kinda crazy! Just a thought or opinion from a girl drinking her coffee at 7am writing what I thought and thinking nobody would read it and it has had 10,000 looks…truly insane. Thanks for reading it for what it is and not finding all of these ‘underlying points’ that I guess I made, as I have been told. In my book what happened is not harassment, so I agree with you. I’m not a fan of the Jets either but on this one I am.

  173. Was it bad for the Jets players to whistle at her? Yes, its rude, depending on if its taken seriously or not.

    But we have to look at the big picture and think “ok, she’s wearing non-professional, tight clothing in a locker room of 53 guys, mostly half naked”. I googled her and saw the photos of what she dresses in when she interviews soccer teams in South America and her attire is even less professional down there.

    My assumption is that she is a sports broadcaster because she is ultimately attractive looking. This doesn’t seem to a profession she pursued because she likes sports and/or broadcasting, otherwise she would be wearing more formal clothing. Thus making it irrelevant on why she is complaining about the athletes looking at her and whistling.

  174. great structuring of argument. even if we think fashion is freedom, dressing appropriately should blur comfort, esp when your job asks for it.

  175. What do I think? She is just hungry for her 15 minutes in the headlines….

  176. Perfect.

    I don’t know why women/ladies/teens fuss over being whistled at, yelled at, etc if they are dressed the way they are dressed. You asked for it. If you’re not asking for it then dress like you’re not asking for it!

    • She dressed in said manner TO get attention. In the Soviet, or elsewhere over in Europe, it’s known for a woman to strip-tease while reporting the weather so as to get ratings. This woman, who I had read wasn’t bothered, dresses that way because it’s part of the uniform that gets ratings. Her bosses are the ones making a stink to get more ratings.
      Notice how no one really cared about it until the Sexist Card was played. Unfortunately some time when a woman is actually harassed (while not standing in the middle of a group of naked sweaty men after engaging in a lot of testosterone-laden activities), she will not be taken as seriously due to “Oh. it’s just a woman making stuff up again”. That will be the victim.
      By the way fnkybee, nice article.

  177. Like the article. Good job. You seem to have a much more positive intelligent reaction to yours than mine – then again I wanted to cut to the core.


  178. I agree with you; she should have the common sense to dress appropriately for her job. However, it really bothered me that you keep saying things like “Men are men” and catcalls, etc. are “in their make-up”. Not true. Sexist comments are learned, not innate, and I think if people spent more time teaching their sons the proper way to treat women, they wouldn’t grow up to be jerks. Buuuuut, that said, 2 wrongs don’t make a right and I seriously want to know what this woman was thinking when she chose her outfit in the morning.

    • True. I do not mean for my statements to come across sexist..people out there reading my blog don’t know me and my sense of humor and sarcasm and I think that is where a lot of my statements came across the wrong way to others. It is very hard for different humors and sarcasm to be caught and taken the right way when you are writing/reading versus hearing with the ear to hear tones used. I know not every man is the same just like I know not every woman is the same (guess I was being a little stereotypical) but I also didn’t know so many were going to read it or I might have (and I emphasize might) chose to bring my point across differently. I know I am not like every other woman out there. It’s all good though. Thanks for reading! And I agree..what was she thinking! 🙂

    • Two things in the above comment disturb me. Firstly, the claim that cat-calls and whatnot would be sexist. They are not. They may be inappropriate in a given context, but there is nothing sexist about them. Indeed, most of the claimed sexism I hear about simply is not sexism. Secondly, the idea that there is a proper way to treat women. There is not. There is a proper way to treat people—equality is a two-way street.

  179. This is funny…HAHA

    Online Tech Support

  180. horrifying? Really?! and in your post you find it legit to compare a woman’s attire to a dude with an artificial leg as the same ‘situation’? get your head out of your ass..the reality is what it is. yes we all wish it was the way we all want it to be but it isn’t. again the point was totally missed and yet another made it what they wanted it to be.

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