I’m not a spring chicken anymore..but I can and will still hang

You might be getting older when you go out on a Saturday night and you are tipsy and home by 10:30, in bed by 11 or in this case pretty much passed out.  Got to love Red Snapper shots..3 of them and they were big so probably the equivalent to 6.  They kicked my butt and made me happy.  No headache though so that is a plus but I do have a body hangover  I have been out a lot in the last month or so and when I look back at it it’s pretty funny.  And no not every night I was home by 10:30, I can still hang when I need to 🙂 I just need a cup of coffee before venturing out.  A couple of the times out I tore up the dance floor.  I love to go dancing.  When I turned 18 and was old enough to go clubbing my friends and I were at the club 4 nights a week.  I never had a fake ID, never went to ‘hook up’, we went to dance and if we met a cute dude that was a plus.  Back then you had to be cool though, had to have the right moves and care what you looked like dancing and god forbid you were the only one out on the dance floor.  Not so much anymore.  I love the day that I realized I didn’t care what people thought.  (Not that I am a bad dancer, I have always been known as the one that could dance and still can *toot toot my own horn*)  But now it’s a different story, if I’m out and a good beat comes on I’m breaking it down whether it’s by myself or with a group of friends, I don’t care I am out there.  But what I have noticed is how my body feels after a night out cutting the rug.  My right knee kills me and my thighs feel like they are going to detach themselves or someone has just beat the living daylights out of my legs.  Oh yes the wonders of age and not being in shape anymore.  Good times.  I live in Nashville so where ever you go there is music playing, every bar has a live band every day, every night.  Live music starts at 10am here..I love it.  Some are good and some make your ears bleed.  I don’t do the club scene anymore, I am too old for that..I realize this.  Plus you go in and it is full of youngin’s that are practically naked and dancing with dudes to the point of almost needing a room.  WOW, did I just say that and  turn into my mother on that one?! I’m going with yes.  Oh well..I am still young, only 33 but I think there should be a cut off age of ‘clubbing’ at 25.  Just my opinion.  So I have moved on to real bars.  Big people bars, bars where you walk in and you see anyone from 21 up to 109.  Bars where people go to have a good time, listen to some music and not care what other’s think..it’s not a fashion show or I’m hotter than you, it’s just you are out lets boogie and get our drink on.  This is one thing I love about Nashville.  Everyone is out, it seems, for the same sole purpose…a good time.  I also enjoy sitting in a nice little hole in the wall bar, which is where my husband and I went last night.  The bar that is nothing fancy, just a bar with a juke box playing, people throwing darts and playing pool.  Awwe…nice.  So the moral to the story is…I am getting older..not old..just older and I feel it in my body but I will still always go out and have a good time, suffer the longer hang overs and body aches but damn it..It is always fun while we are out.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Around 10:30 or 11, I’m ready for bed. I’m waiting for the night I pass out in a bar corner. Not because I’ve had too much to drink, but because I’m just that tired.

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