It’s completely random

just a random picture I think is funny

I hope you are ready for some complete and utter subject jumping randomness…because that is how I am rocking it today.

A few posts before my latest two were way too serious and a bit negative so I have unpublished them.  Life’s too short to be all negative and serious all the time.  I think I will do a cartwheel..oh wait it’s only 7:45am..maybe later.

Why can I walk around my house and think of something to blog about and then when I sit down at the computer my brain goes blank like it has never had a thought..ever.  Complete flat line ______________

Speaking of the brain..I watched a show on pbs last night..Nova it was “what darwin didn’t know”  Very interesting indeedy.  Did you know that we have 23,000 protein genes in our dna.  It’s the same amount as a chicken and less than an ear of corn.  CRAZY!  Our dna makeup is 99% identical to an ape’s.  One of the major differences between humans and apes is our brain doesn’t quit growing until we around 30 years old.  Well how about that, does that explain why I feel a little dumb at times.  An Ape’s brain quits growing at around age 3 or 4 due to their skulls fusing together so early and not allowing the brain to grow anymore.  Also they have a muscle in their head which is their jaw/chewing muscle that is the size of a thigh muscle.

I am so full of wonderful information!

I checked out this morning which is a website that asks random questions and is supposed to spark your blogging brain.  One question was..Name 3 Songs you never get tired of.  These are mine:

1. Freestyle’s “Don’t Stop the Rock”.  This song is my ringtone and it makes me want to break it down every time my phone rings and not answer the call.  Plus you should never..EVER… ‘stop the rock’.

2. Brooks N’ Dunn’s “Neon Moon”.  This was my mom and I’s song.  We would dance our certain way together and sing it as loud as we could.  My sister and I keep the dance alive and going.  I love it!  I can’t wait to dance with my daughter this way.

3. Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”.  Well because it’s funny and it makes me smile and it just doesn’t get old.

There are a lot of things that I need to do today but I think instead I am going to go shopping.  Shhhh…it’s a secret.  There is a really cute skirt at the Gap that I don’t think I can live without…it will be mine.

I ordered an iphone yesterday and I am super excited.  I am getting all Mac’d out because I’m cool like that 😉  Just got an email saying it has shipped..Can I get a ‘holla’.

I think my dog might be mildly retarded.  But that goes for any animal that crosses our threshold into our home.  I think they literally check their brains at the door.

It drives me crazy that stores around here do not open until 10am.  I am ready to shop by at least 9 so open the damn doors already and take my money that I should be spending on other things but instead I am willing to give it to you.  It’s funny to go to this one shopping area called The Avenue because if you get there before 10 you see many cars of moms that have dropped the kids off at school and that are ready to rock some shopping…kidless style.  Blissful shopping.

Why is it when I am broke I can go shopping and find a crap ton of stuff I want and usually more than not buy it but when I go and have money to spend I can’t find anything or I can’t justify buying it?  Hello, my name is Jamie and I have a shopping problem.  Is there a 12 step for this?

I am going to see Helmet next month in concert.  I like Helmet but I am a little scared of the concert.  We went to a Slayer and Gar concert way back when and I think I still have nightmares about that concert, plus I got hit in the head with a flying tray.  (Not that Slayer/Gar is the same as Helmet) Oh and before I ever went into the venue they sniffed my cigarettes and smelled the joint that was in there that already had been smoked.  I could have died!  Shame on me for saying “sure put it in my pack”.  Lesson learned.

When I look back at the stupid stuff that I did, it is completely shocking that I never was:

1. arrested  Wait I did get arrested one time but thankfully got out of it before I got booked..thank god I new a state trooper that saw me as I was being walked in, in handcuffs I might add, by an officer that I went to school with that wanted to talk to me about his cousin that I dated.  That was peachy especially because it was 9am and I got pulled over for expired tags (which I didn’t know they had expired) on my way to work while I stopped at the post office to pick up the mail.  But the trooper called the judge himself at home (it was a Saturday) to get me out of it.  I had a warrant out for me because I failed to pay a $1, yes I just said $1, seatbelt ticket.  shame on me!

2. Never went to jail..because of the state trooper.  Thank you Tom.  He luckily kept his boat at the marina where I worked so this is how I knew him.  Plus he would pick on me all the time by hiding beside the office building and would listen to my conversations on the phone on his police scanner in his car. So unfortunately he always knew what I was up to.

3. Made it home safe so many times.  We were so stupid.  There was one night where my roommate drove us home and the next day asked if I had drove home. you did and obviously you don’t remember.  Go us!  Who gets the stupid award..We do!

4. Didn’t get more than 1 minor consumption.  Should have had 2 but my sister took the wrap for me on the second one since I was still on probation from the first.  Oh and we were dealing with the same cop that had arrested me in front of the post office.  On top of my sister and I being in the cop car pleading for no minors my drunk ass boyfriend, who is my husband now, hopped in the backseat and started up a conversation of whatcha been up to with said cop.  That was a night to remember.  We were at a field party and the reason the cops were called in the first place was a fight broke out and dude 1 went after dude 2 and dude 2 hopped in in his truck and dude 1 latched on to the side of the truck and ran it into the bon fire.  Dude 1 thankfully let go before going into the fire..I still don’t know what happened to dude 1.  We did get the whole thing on video though.  Crazy!

5. Am alive.  period.

6. That my brain is still in somewhat of working order (this can be debated on a daily basis).  Oh the ‘experimentation’ we used to do and thought it was smart.  It was dumb yes..but oh was it so much fun.  Wouldn’t change it for the world.  Plus I feel that I am one up on my kids when or should I say hopefully ‘if’ my kids get to that stage.  “Umm…would you like to tell me why your pupils are the size of golf balls or the size of a pencil tip?????”  Then I can mess with them…then they are grounded..for LIFE.

I love getting random emails from my husband that say nothing but ‘sup’, ‘ hey have a good day’, or ‘love you’.  They make me smile and make my day.

I still get butterflies when I hear my husband play his guitar and when they have a out because I still to this day want to charge the stage and rip his clothes off.

I hate more like loathe plucking my eyebrows..this is like water torture for me.  I can sit and get tattoos for hours at a time but plucking my eyebrows..ouch!  Plus it doesn’t help that I wait too long to do it and then I need more like a lawn mower than a pair of tweezers to do the job.  I just need to take my butt to the salon and get them waxed to have it over with quickly but that entails making an appointment and working it into my schedule and that just might interrupt my shopping ;).  Just kidding..

Well there you go…complete randomness.  Now I must go get my butt in gear for some shopping…the doors open in an hour and the countdown has now begun.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I think you can give your dog an IQ test.

    I’m with you on the shopping thing. I’m up and ready to go at 9, so I hate waiting until 10. Sundays are even worse because I’m stuck waiting until 12.

  2. Love that pic, I have it on one of my posts but it could be a life mantra!
    As for blog posts at any given time I have 10 different ones started but never really know which ones, if any, I will post until I login.

  3. LMAO @ that picture!

    Did you find anything good yesterday? I’ll have to live vicariously through you this winter since the only thing that’s going to fit me is my bath robe and I’m not going shopping for any more maternity clothes!

    • LOL! Yes unfortunately I did..I came home with 3 skirts, a sweater and a tank. But to justify it at gap wear I got the skirt, sweater and tank the woman gave me 40% off because I was bummed that they don’t honor online sales in the store. My skirt was on sale on the site and not in the store. SCORE! Oh and I got my iphone today!!!!

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