Say What?! Unexpected news at an unexpected time

Yesterday I got some unexpected, stop you in your tracks, excuse me what did you say?, I don’t think I heard you correctly, pick my jaw up off the floor..WHAT?! kind of news.

Next weekend I am hiking it up to Indiana to my home town for the annual fair aka high school reunion and I am staying with my step dad for the weekend.  My stepdad and I have kept a relationship since my mom passed away, we call and check in, I stop by when I’m up to say hello and see him.  But I have not stayed in that house since a month after my mom passed away, so needless to say I am a bit nervous or maybe anxious to stay there next weekend.  I love my stepdad dearly, he is an awesome man.  Him and my mom were married for almost 10 years before she passed.  We had a little falling out after she passed away regarding money (go figure) but we immediately squashed it and moved on but the relationship was never quite the same.  Now he has since had girlfriends and has dated which I am completely 100% fine worries there.  Except for one chick (I like to call her a different name that too starts with the letter ‘c’ but that is a very nasty word so I won’t use that one) that he dated that I had the pleasure to meet a few years ago.  My sister and I stopped in with the kids to say hello and there stands this woman who first of all looks like she has been rode hard and put away wet, she has a beer in one hand (it’s like 1pm) and a cigarette in the other and when she speaks her voice scares the shit out of me.  She is pleasant to my sister and I and says hello..blah blah blah.  My stepdad goes outside with my sister and kids and I am left alone with this ‘chick’.  We are sitting down in the living room talking and she looks at me and says something to the fact (I really wish I could remember her exact words) about living in this house with all this ‘shit’ as she points around the room.  That ‘shit’ she is talking about is my mom’s things.  My stepdad never took away my moms stuff.  He has always kept it the way it was..minus a few things here and there.  No biggie.  My mom had a decorating eye, her house was lovely, homey, and done to a T.  So why would you want to redo everything because it looks great.  Anyway she says this to me and instead of standing up and punching her straight in the face I bite my tongue, put my hands in my pockets, glue my feet to the floor (so I don’t say, punch or kick her in the teeth) and walk outside and gather up my sister and kids and head the hell out of there.  I later tell my stepdad what she said to me and he was floored by this and find out I am not the only one that dislikes this ‘chick’ immensely.  Needless to say thank god he stopped dating her shortly after our visit.  After that I really never asked if he was dating anyone and he never mentioned it to me.  Kind of a weird conversation to have anyway.

Ok so on with yesterday….I call my stepdad as I am driving down the road to check in and make sure he is still cool with me staying there next weekend and he says “Hey I was just getting ready to call you!”  Cool.  He asks what time I am going to be in on Friday and I tell him and he says ‘great, well I won’t be home until after midnight or so on Friday because our flight doesn’t land until midnight’.  He hesitates a moment and goes on to say “I am leaving tomorrow morning for Key West and I’m getting married”.  Huh?  What?  Come again, I don’t know if I heard you right.  What was that?  So now I am driving with my jaw on the floor and everything around me pretty much disappeared.  I start to process this information and pull over in the walmart parking lot to finish up the conversation, because I no longer need to be on the road with my jaw down by the gas pedal.  All I get out is ‘Congratulations’, which I sincerely meant but still processing the info.  I just start thinking please don’t be the ‘chick’ from before..please please please don’t be marrying that.  So I ask him who the lucky lady is and he tells me, her name is Susan and it’s not the mean ‘chick’.  Ok COOL.  I’m totally down with it, I am sincerely happy for him.  I knew this day would eventually come, I just wasn’t prepared for this kind of info at this moment, I was caught off guard.  Here’s what I find funny or weird or something…My dad was married to my mom who’s name is Sue then they got divorced and married my stepmom who’s name is Susie (Susan).  My stepdad marries my mom who’s name is Sue and now is marrying a woman named Susan.  See what I mean?  CRAZY!  Now if I find out this woman’s birthday is in November I am going to have a straight up heart attack (my mom’s and stepmom’s birthdays are in November, 3 days apart).  So the conversation goes on and they are getting married in Key West on the beach barefoot.  Awesome!  But here’s the kicker and the ONLY thing I have a problem with…Key West was my stepdad’s and mom’s place..that’s wear they went..always.  My mom would have loved to been able to get married there on the beach with her toes in the sand.  But it is what it is..moving on.  I am truly, sincerely happy for him.  Then a siren goes off in my head and I totally interrupt what he is saying and tell him that I will find somewhere else to stay so I don’t put Susan in an awkward position.  How weird is this..he gets married to a woman who has never met me, they get back from their wedding/honeymoon and here I am in their home..his stepdaughter from his wife that passed away.  Umm..awkwardness for all.  He stops me right there and says “no way, you will stay here with us, she is fine with it we have talked about it and she is completely ok with it”.  Then there is two minutes of back and forth of are you sure..yes, case closed you are staying here.  Ok then I am staying there.  I can stay with friends, that is not a problem, but staying with him is pure convenience, he lives right downtown, a block away from the bar we all hang out at and i can walk where ever I need to go all weekend, no drinking and driving just drinking and walking.  I am looking forward to meeting her, yes it is going to be so freaking weird…weird I say.  I just kept telling him I don’t want her to feel awkward with me being there and to please tell her I am not a bitter stepchild that will automatically not like her..he just laughed at me and said it will all be fine.  Okie dokie.

So on top of staying in my mom’s house where I have not staying for over 5 years which causes some nervousness to begin with I get to stay there with him and his new wife.  I am going to need a lot of alcohol or better yet shots next weekend.  This is going to be interesting.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot to handle. I never understood this type of M.O. With individuals…find someone, say ta-da we are together and then everyone one else is left saying, “who is that person? Why haven’t we met him\her. Wtf is going on?” I have been there too! When I really like someone I want to talk about someone, introduce them to others and try to allow them to assimilate before actually fully including them in my life, but to each their I suppose…

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