Friends..I love them.

A great friend is rare and what I mean by “great friend” is someone that knows you so well that it is almost creepy.  Someone that knows what you are going to say, that doesn’t question anything you do, they just get it.  Someone that would help you bury a dead body and not question it (not that I have or plan to do that)  I have always been a social butterfly with friends galore, friends with everybody.  I get along with anyone that isn’t become psycho over time and you are out the door, I don’t have the time, patience or energy to deal with that kind of nonsense.  I have many good friends but great friends only come around every once in a great while and those are the friendships that will last an eternity.  I have had 4 over the years.  Two I went to school with, one I met in my short time while living in Maryland and the other I met when I moved to Tennessee.  Friends are priceless, they are there when you need them, they are your support, they are your outlet, they are there.  I don’t know what I would do without my group of friends that I have now, they are an extension of my family.  I love them dearly.

My two back home and one in Maryland are wonderful.  We don’t talk all the time, we might go months without having a phone conversation but when we do we never skip a beat.  It’s like we just talked yesterday.  My friend in Maryland I met soon after moving there and we just clicked.  It was spooky almost.  I only lived in Maryland for 7 months and in that short time a beautiful friendship was born.  I treasure that great friendship.  Over the years since I have moved away from there she has made many trips to see me, I was in her wedding, we keep in touch regularly..she is amazing.  Love that girl.  She gets me and I get her, no questions asked.  Love you Kara!

One of my friendships that I made when I moved here has blossomed over the course of 5 years into something great.  She was the first person I met after joining the moms club here.  (the moms club is an organization for stay at home moms, it is a great way to meet people when you move and know no one, especially here where every one seems to be a transplant)  She is amazing.  She gets me..I get her.  Over the last year and a half she has went back to school and is now student teaching so needless to say I don’t get to talk to her on a daily basis anymore.  We went from daily calls to a couple times a week or now every couple of weeks.  I don’t like this whole job thing she is doing 😉  She is a great friend.  She can finish my sentences, knows what I am thinking pretty much before I even know what I am thinking…she is my partner in crime.  I talked to her yesterday for the first time in almost 3 weeks and we had so much to catch up on.  The funny thing was or the lovely thing I should say, I started to tell her about a couple of things that have went on that started a little drama and she knew exactly what I was saying and what my point explaining.  Lovely.  We didn’t have enough time on the phone so she came over last night and we sat on the patio, me with my wine and her with her beer and for hours there was no silence.  She has memory that is unmatched by anyone.  She remembers everything, she knows what I am doing before I decide to do it.  Love that girl.

I have many good friends here and I love each of them dearly, I rely on them for my sanity.  I had to weed out a few due to crazy issues but the group I have now we will be friends forever, I will always be there for them and I know they are there for me.  Over the course of the last year it seems we have all became busy with life, kids, work or whatever it might be.  We used to get together on a weekly basis whether it was a playdate for the kids, lunch, mimosa morning for a friends birthday (this is my favorite!) or just coffee.  Now it might be once a month and there is always someone missing.  It stinks and I miss those days so much.  I am going to make it my mission next month to gather everyone up…we will all get together, the gang will unite!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. We are all really lucky to know each other! Let’s plan that get together SOON!

  2. We are all really lucky to know each other! Let’s plan that get together SOON!

  3. You are an amazing person and a great friend! Love your blog 😉

  4. I love the “moms club.” Even though I don’t have children, I do have a mom. Maybe I should start a club where I live for people who have moms and like vodka? Does that sound like a good idea for a club?

    • Absolutely! Our husbands think we should rename ours the drinking club because it seems that’s all we do. We are really good at finding a reason for a mimosa morning and our moms night outs are usually a big “let’s see how hammered we can get and how inappropriate we can be” fest. Good times!

  5. very true. you just made me think of my good friend back in NJ and made me miss them all the more while reminding me how lucky I am to have them. It’s great that you found a friend like that from mom’s group. I had that after we moved but it didn’t work out after 3 years of us talking daily and being like sisters. Friends really are the family u chose.

  6. Here here! It’s been far too long! Let’s make a plan and all get together soon!

    • We will! I’m going to start an email early, like next week so we can pick a time that no one is busy. I am hosting dinner club this month so we can do it all then and I’ll make sure to pick a weekend everyone is here, even though a mimosa morning sounds wonderful!

  7. I vote both! 😉

  8. I love friends who can finish my sentences and friends who I can pick up with even though we may not have talked in awhile.

    Great friendship prayer!

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