Science and the option to choose the gender of your baby.

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Let me just start off by saying I heard about this yesterday on the news and caught only the last half of the story but it got me thinking.  It was about society being given the choice to choose the gender of their baby.  To me this is just absurd.  You are messing with life and I find that greatly disturbing.  In my eyes if you choose the gender of your baby you are the biggest selfish pig there is out there.  Of course there is the requirement of  before you can make this decision you must first have a child already because of course we don’t want to be too selfish.  What’s next we get to choose what our babies look like?  Make sure they are athletic, artistic or a genius??  What will our world be like 100 years down the road if science keeps interfering with the choice we have when it comes to what gender we choose.  What gender will win?

I understand that there are people out there that have boy after boy or girl after girl and all they want is one of the other sex and say they will keep trying until they do but to be able to choose it??  Are you kidding me?  My opinion on this does not come from a religious view it simply is messing with the role of life.  I believe everything happens for a reason, you are given the opportunity to create a life which in itself is a complete miracle and absolutely amazing.  We make other people…that’s crazy.  But as a society we have became so self absorbed that just being able to make life, another human being, isn’t good enough and now we can choose what we get as long as we have the money to pay for it.  A little saying comes to mind that my daughter learned in preschool “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”.  Simple!  I think this should apply to this..the making of life.  Yes we get bummed when we have our heart set on one gender or the other and then the time to find out roles around and it’s the opposite of what you had your heart set on but are you going to love that baby less because it’s not what you wanted…the answer is no unless you are just an awful human being to begin with.  You are bummed for just a second but then realize you made shouldn’t matter what gender it is…you just made another human.

As I do oppose this method, I am not opposed to all scientific interference with fertility.  I do not oppose in vitro fertilization and other methods in that category, some just simply can’t reproduce due to different causes that are simply out of their control and that is when science becomes amazing in this role.  I do not oppose tubal litigation or the Essure and other methods alike and birth control..everyone has the right to choose if or when they will have children and how many they want.  My argument only lies in the choosing of gender and the thought of what is next if this become the norm because to me that is just scary and playing ‘god’ if you will.

Here is an article in the New York Times that touches on the ethical side of the issue:

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I’m right there with ya! I really wanted a girl, but now that I know I’m having a boy I absolutely cannot wait! He’s going to complete our family just perfectly and I can’t imagine having chose his gender one way or the other.

    I love that phrase “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” Little man’s teacher says the same thing and it’s amazing how well the kids respond to it.

  2. I love that saying too and I’m gonna have to start using it around here — my 8yr old stepson is entirley too influenced by our insta-gratification culture and he is used to getting what he wants at his mom’s — but not here at his dad’s –great saying, and he’s gonna learn it lol!

  3. I am with you on this. It speaks to how we have become as a society though. We are more worried about what we want and getting it, than enjoying what we have.
    Great post!

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