Is there a Seymour Butt here?

My kids…they crack me up.  A couple of little laughs that I have gotten today…

I got my son a Bart Simpson sound birthday card last week, well for his birthday, that when you open it up it is Bart calling Moe’s Tavern and asking if a Seymour Butt is there.  When he opened it up the first time he listened and just gave a little giggle, I think just because we were all laughing and he had presents to open because how dare I make him open his cards first.  He closes it and moves on and does not say anything more about the card.  This evening he grabs it off the counter and bring it in the living room to give it another listen.  All of a sudden he starts cracking up and yells “Mommy I get it!!!  It’s See-More-Butts!!!!”.  I about died laughing because for one I knew he would find it hilarious I just thought he would have ‘gotten it’ last week when he first opened it, too much excitement at the time I guess.  And two he was laughing so hard he could hardly breath.  It was classic.

My daughter on the other hand today tried to be all kinds of sly with me.  Her and I had a girl afternoon with lunch and shopping, two things we are excellent at.  We left the house and as we are driving down the road I ask her where we are going to eat..of course her answer is ‘McDonald’s they have good chocolate milk’.  I say no way jose how about O’Charleys?  She says ‘do they have chocolate milk?’  I think my daughter might go into a withdrawl episode if she doesn’t get her daily dose of chocolate milk.  I tell her yes and then I change my mind, I say ‘let’s just go to Arby’s’.  She again asks if they have chocolate milk, I tell her most likely.  She says to me “Well I will eat there if they have chocolate milk and you take me to walmart and buy me a toy”.  She goes on to tell me that there is a new Rupunzel (spelling?) that she needs because you can braid her hair because it is so long.  I said to her ‘don’t you already have one?’  She says yes but you can’t braid her hair because it doesn’t have the braidy thing to do it for you.’  Of course!  Duh!   Did she just try to bargain with me?  Yes, yes she did.  I just said I don’t know about going to walmart but we will see where we end up in hopes that the whole thought will be dropped and forgotten at least for today.  Oh it was not.  We pull into Arby’s get out of the car and start walking in and she once again reminds me that she is only eating this because I agreed to buy her a toy.  I am recapping all the conversations that have now taken place trying to pin point exactly when I told her I would buy her a toy.  I am at a loss.  I look at her and ask her if she is trying to bargain with me…she says “momma I don’t know what bargain means.”  Oh my bad.  We eat and yes she got her chocolate milk…shewee!  When we get back in the car she reminds me about the toy bargain and now suggests that we should just go to Toys R’ Us because they have tons and tons of toys.  Oh this child…  Our first stop of the day was Bed Bath & Beyond and long and behold they had water bottles with names on them in the nice colorful puffy stuff.  She found her name and starts asking for one.  I said if you want that then there is no toy.  I kid you not she stood there for 5 minutes trying to make up her mind if this water bottle is worthy enough to take the place of the ‘toy’ she wants and needs to badly.  Finally after watching smoke come out of her ears due to the thought process that just took place she decides it is worthy and we purchase the water bottle.  One point Mommy…I win..One less barbie to add to the already over flowing basket of barbies in her room.  HAHA!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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