The Devil’s Dungeon, You might get impregnated by the devil.


Devil goat

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Holy $&*#%!!!!!  Please feel free to insert any profane word where the symbols are because believe you me any word will do, I am pretty sure I used every profanity in book last night.  The Devil’s Dungeon is where we visited last night and yep it lived up to it’s name.  My sister  informed me that she likes to be first, heading the group through the haunted house because and I quote..”nobody is going to take my scare away from me!”  Well, Ok then.  The line moves and cuts off at us to go in, Lindsey informs door dude that she wants to be first and he lets her know she is getting her wish.  You see my sister has a way of getting what she wants, it’s a gift or some sort of super power, last night her super power worked…we were first.  We are taken into a room to sit and have the rules told to us by a red dude who informs us one of the rules is no runnings because if you fall you will be impregnated by the devil.  Perfect!  I have always wanted to have satan’s child!  I’m already a sweaty mess.  Here we go..arms interlocked..deep the door and enter Devil’s Dungeon.  It took us almost an hour to get through the dungeon, screaming at every turn.  We were told that the ‘actors’ or as they should be called Satan’s helpers are not aloud to touch us as we are not aloud to touch them. Cool, right?  Well they never touched us, instead they would get so close to your face you could feel them breathing on you, never a touch.  I do believe we touched them a couple of times because they wouldn’t get the f*&k out of the way!  Just let me through dude, you made your point and almost made me soil myself now let me get on with my bad self to the next episode.  It was a very well done haunted house I have to say.  There were people climbing the walls, jumping out at every turn, a zombie lady in a wheel chair which was fabulous, dude dragging a shovel after us, you name it.  Then we entered the abortion clinic..oh good god!  That was interesting.  Then we came to the coolest part of the place.  We entered a hall way where there was a bridge we had to cross and all around the bridge the walls were turning, the walls had holes of light shining through with a strobe light going.  You couldn’t walk straight across it, you were constantly losing your balance and holding on for dear life, like the bridge was the one turning.  It was the best optical illusion!  After passing a dude dressed up like a fairy with the word slut written across his stomach we entered a pitch black room with I don’t know how many doors.  We picked one and entered.  It is pitch black, you have to feel your way through.  We ended up back with the slut fairy..shit!  Enter again, pick another door.  Let me just say this was my least favorite part of the place.  I don’t like not knowing where to go, I was dripping sweat like I just ran a damn marathon..not cool man..not cool.  We finally made it to another room where there were more doors, by this point we have lost the rest of our group and it’s just the 3 of us.  For the next 20 minutes or so we feel our way, pick another door, end of up the same freaking place.  SHIT!  There was an employee in this room that would give us *hints*.  Sure.  His hints were “it’s the door to the right on the northern wall”  Seriously?!  I forgot my damn compass at home dude.  Then his other hint was “its the door with the handle”  Great!  That narrows it down, there are 5 doors (I’m guessing it was pitch black).  We finally picked the right one and moved on.  We came to the last room thank god and there stands this dude with glowing red eyes that liked to get right in our face and I mean I could have touched noses with him, who proceeded to tell us that we are fucked.  Great!  I felt like it at this point.  He would get so close to us and spit air at us that it would move our hair..Creepy!  He cornered us for a few minutes and had us almost peeing in our under roos.  We finally slip past him and see the light to the outside.  We cross the threshold into fresh air and there is a guy sitting there that looks like he is waiting for his peeps to come out, he says to us that was great wasn’t casually.  We say yes and just as we get the word yes out we hear a chainsaw and we are chased halfway up the parking lot.

It was a good night and I think I’m good with the haunted houses for the rest of October.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Good stuff! That sounds like a very good haunted house. I should be at another haunted house tonight but didn’t plan anything out, because I have to be the activities director as you know. You’ll be seeing a post on that shortly…

    • Activities director is in our makeup being geminis I do believe! Lindsey and I are always the ones that are planning and making decision within our crowds. Which doesn’t make any sense seeing that we can’t make a decision to save our lives! haha! Can’t wait to hear about your haunted outing!

  2. If I could have that tunnel in my house I sooooooooooo would! Maybe we should just create that tunnel between Will and Em’s room…drugs have nothing on that tunnel.

  3. P.S. you just inspired my tired-from-work ass to create a person crawling on my ceiling! Gawwwwwd Manny thinks I’m crazy!

  4. Um..OK…that seems VERY VERY SCARY. I just went to their website and looked at photos. That was enough to creep me the heck out! And I agree, not knowing where to go would get to me most of all!

  5. I like that line, “Nobody’s going to take my scare away from me.” Sounds like a fun evening! 🙂

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