Dinner Club..It’s my turn.

Friday night I am hosting Dinner Club.  We have a group of around 10 girls that get together each month, someone different hosting each time, you pick a restaurant that the majority hasn’t been to or a recipe that is different and make it for the group.  We have had so much fun doing this.  We have had the majority of nights at someone’s home but been to the winery and a couple of different restaurants.  Sadly I have had to miss a handful of dinner club nights due to being busy and not being able to mesh with the schedule.  This is my first time hosting, sadly last year when I was up to host I had to back out because I had something going on, so I am a little nervous.  I hate cooking for people, well not really, I just get nervous that someone is not going to like what I make.  I am a people pleaser and I want everyone to be happy and have a good time.  With it being Fall I have chosen to stay true to the season and do a chili night followed by S’mores for dessert around the fire pit.  I know, too easy, I’m a whimp.  It’s hard to compete (not that it is a competition by any means) with last years Fall dinner club.  My friend Kim hosted and did a roasted pumpkin soup, a squash and mussel linguine, followed up with a pumpkin type truffle.  It was amazing.  She went all out even down to the table decorations.  I was talking with a girlfriend about dinner club and what I was going to make, such a tough decision, and we got on the topic of chili and she asked how I made mine.  After explaining it to her and the fact it has spaghetti in it she said how weird that was and that she never had chili like that before and would be interesting to try.  BINGO!  It must be a northern thing to have spaghetti in your chili because that is the only way I know, plus I have never had anyone else’s chili like mine, really it’s my mom’s recipe but I am keeping it alive!  It’s a thicker, sweet kind of chili with yes, spaghetti in it.  Then there was the question of what to make for dessert.  I am not a dessert person so I could really care less about it and don’t know that special dessert to make for everyone.  I already had the idea of starting a fire out back so we could all sit out there and enjoy our wine under the night sky then it hit me….S’mores.  How easy is that???  After sending out the invite and getting feedback about the menu everyone was excited about the S’mores!  I think it’s all of our inner kids coming out, who doesn’t love a S’more?

I am uber stoked about Friday night because it’s the first time in a long time that almost the entire gang has been together.  We will still sadly miss one girl who can’t make it.  😦   We have a couple of chicks that are new to the dinner club scene joining us and oh are they in for a treat.  Well one will fit right in because she is crazy, this is one of our requirements to be a part of dinner club, mental instability and you must have a love for wine or alcohol in general.  See after having kids you learn that your mental state is questionable and then you resort to wine/alcohol to fix it, so needless to say we are all moms in our dinner club.  We all can rock some wine drinking, we are very very very good at it..did I mention we are good at it?  One of the newbies is my stepmom, she is in for a treat but she will fit right in and have a great time.  We are all nuts, have a love for food and adult beverages, have mouths of sailors (ok not all but most of us) and we can rock some inappropriateness at any given moment.  One girl that might be coming I don’t know very well so she is in for an eye opening treat as well.  One of my friend’s husband has taken upon himself to rename our dinner club to “The Drinking Club”  and has threatened to put us all in therapy.  He knows us all way to well and has witnessed first hand our shenanigans.  Friday should be somewhat low key..maybe.

Here’s to Dinner Club..or should I say “The Drinking Club”.  Cheers.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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