My son is scoring off the charts, I am one proud Mom!

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Why am I happy?  I will tell you….

My son.  He makes me so very proud.  Report cards came home on Tuesday and once again his was excellent.  I will get back to this report card in a moment but first..  2 years ago they changed the report card system and the grades are now 1, 2, 3, & 4’s.  4’s being excellent and beyond where they should be, 3’s being great-the equivalent to an A and so on and so forth.  After the new grading system came into play his 1st grade teacher looked at me and told me that she does not give 4’s, if she does give them it is a very rare occasion and the child has to show exceptional work.  She looked at me dead in the eye and asked me if I understood this because so many parents question why their kids aren’t receiving 4’s.  I said of course I understood, what is there not to understand, 3’s are great it’s like getting an A, so if he comes home with 3’s he might as well have straight A’s!!  All through last year (1st grade) he would come home with all 3’s and towards the latter part of the year with the occasional 4.  His last report card of the year the kid had 40+ 4’s!!!!  Off the charts!  He has always made me very proud of him when it comes to his school work.

Back to this report card that came home on Tuesday.  He received all 3’s, fabulous, way to go Will!!!  There is a part on the report card that pertains to reading and where they should be during the current grading period giving a range of how many words per minute they should be reading.  For the first grading period they should be somewhere between 42-65 (I think that is what it was, I know it was in the 40’s-60’s).  Under that number was Will’s number…100!  Are you kidding me!!  The last grading period for the year doesn’t even go up to 100!  He scored literally off the charts his first grading period for the entire year!  Who’s a proud momma?  Me that’s who!

Also a couple of weeks back the kids were tested for 3 days, the name of the test has left me but anyway it is a test to see where the kids are.  When the results came back we received amazing news…Will is now being pulled out of his class along with only 2 other kids for Math Enrichment 2 days a week!  He blows my mind when it comes to math.  He gets this from his daddy, the man is almost freakish with his math skills and how he does it in his head.  Well Will thankfully got that gene from him and not me because I loathe math.  It’s truly amazing at 8 years old what this kid can do.  He has taken it upon himself to go ahead and start learning multiplication, why you ask?  Just because.  That’s the answer you would get if you asked him.  He also tells me he can’t wait to start division.  He is figuring out the secrets to doing math in his head, with addition and subtraction.  He blows my mind.

Another thing that I am so very proud of is his work ethic.  At school he is focused and determined.  He does not get in trouble and by trouble I mean where the teacher had to get on him about something and he had to move his picture (the discipline get warned and then if you do it again you start moving your picture and losing recess time etc.).  I can count on one hand how many times this has happened in all of his school years, because if it does happen his day is ruined.  He is bit of an over achiever which is fabulous.  I had one worry going into this school year and that was his best buddy is in his class this year.  I know how these two act together out of school so with them being in the same class I was worried.  His buddy has to move his picture quite often, which tells me that the teacher has to get on him frequently.  This could go two ways..1.  Will will hop on the band wagon with his buddy and be in trouble too OR 2. He will stick to his guns and stay focused.  I am happy to report that Will picked number 2.  This is amazing at 8 years old he knows he doesn’t want to be in trouble, he is there to learn.  He already tells me that he is always going to get good grades so he can go to college and become an architect or a lawyer and that he wants to get a scholarship so we don’t have to pay for his college.  YES my 8 year old told me that!  Now if he can only stay focused and keep that state of mind we are on a very good path here.  He has started a Reader Achievement program in his class where they bring home a book and have to read it to a parent 3 times and the parent has to ask questions regarding the story and when we feel they are ready they tell the teacher and they get tested on the book.  Will brought home his first book and he read it to me 3 times and I asked questions and he got all of them right except for one.  This was unacceptable to him.  He took the book back, read it one more time and had me ask the questions once again.  This time they were all right, he was finally satisfied.  He tested on the book at school and scored perfect.

One more brag and I am done.  He is obsessed with money, not always wanting to have tons of it, he just likes it.  He saves all of his money and will only spend it when he wants something really bad.  He, at 5 years old told his dad that they should plant apple trees in the back yard so we could sell the apples and have a million dollars and buy a huge house.  He is always thinking about ways to make money.  He also is worried about spending money..between you and me I think he is going to be a tight ass.  He listens to everything.  He overheard my stepmom and dad talking one day about how much money they had spent moving down here, they were joking around.  When my stepmom asked him what he wanted for his birthday he told her that he heard what they spent to move down here and it was a lot so he won’t ask for a big present.  WHAT!  Now mind you they are not hurting for money and neither are we, none of us have it coming out of our butts but we aren’t hurting by any means.  The other day I was telling my husband how the pumpkin patch has become a money pit and you have to pay for everything now right down to getting in the play area, Will overheard me say this.  When I told him we were going to go to the pumpkin patch he said “all you have to do is buy me a pumpkin so you don’t have to spend all your money there.”  Again, WHAT!  The only thing he was worried about was the maze, did we have to pay to go through the maze.  I told him no and he was relieved.  He cracks me up.  I think I can say I am witnessing a millionaire in the making.

I am one proud mommy and he continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  I love that kid!

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  1. That is awesome news! I would be super proud as well, brag away!

    My younger sister started out as you put it like a “tight ass” with money, she isn’t like that anymore. But I was the one that ended up in finance. It was inevitable, I used to dress up in my mom’s heels and play banker-lady with Monopoly money 🙂

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