A little randomness with a side of crap to do!

If you haven’t noticed yet what day it is I will tell you..it’s Friday.  Usually on Friday’s I don’t do to much, meaning cleaning and such because it’s the weekend and with the kids home it’s just useless to try to keep the house picked up and nice.  Not today.  I have dinner club here and a shit ton of stuff to get done.  Why?  Because I am a procrastinator!  I had the brilliant idea of not cleaning all week since I would have to do it today again.  This is usually the case any time I have a get together at my house..wait till the last minute to clean so it’s all nice and neat when the guests arrive.  Well this time it has bit me in the tooshie.  Sometime this week a tornado has went through my house and scattered everything everywhere…there were no sirens, dark clouds, howling winds to alert me of this storm.  Damn weather service.  So it seems I have twice the ‘to do list’ for today.  I have a date this morning with Mr. Motivation to kick my ass in gear and get to it.  I hope he is not late and he brings me flowers ;).  Every time I stop and think about what I need to do there is always one more thing I remember I have to do. Crap!

So for the last 5 years I have had short hair and about 8 months ago I decided I was going to let it grow.  I even made a pact with my hair dresser to not let me cut my hair because I know how my brain works.  I will get frustrated with it and make a rash decision to cut it off.  She promised.  A couple of months ago it got long enough to put into a poke your eye out ponytail.  Over the last month I started to notice a trend, it was up in a pony more than it was down.  This is the whole reason I cut it off in the first place.  The day before last I started thinking about cutting it back off.  I start looking at styles..I kept coming back to the same style.

I texted my hair dresser and sent her a picture of what I wanted thinking that she would remind me of the pact.  She didn’t and said she could get me in the next morning.  Yesterday morning I was sitting in her chair getting it chopped right back off.  Awwweeee…..  Back to normal.  It feels so much better.  I love my hair dresser..she is amazing and has magic hands.  I have been going to her for 4 years and I have never walked out of there disappointed.  I have tried other people and none of them even came close to what she can do so I march my happy ass right back to her.  One thing you must have as a girl is a good hair dresser.  One who takes the time, pays attention to detail and knows your hair.  She rocks my world.  I am pretty sure I have the best hair in my town. 🙂

I must get ready for my date with Mr. Motivation..he should be here any minute.


About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Hope dinner club is a success tonight!

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