Rocked Dinner Club like a more ways than one.

I am happy to report that dinner club was a success!  Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, cooking and getting ready for the evening festivities.

Table is ready!

What a great time!  There was nine of us that got together for it last night.  There was much laughter, food, and good times had by all.  I stayed very simple with everything on the menu.  Crack Dip for an appetizer, chili for the main course and S’more’s for dessert around the fire.  What is Crack Dip you say?  Well it is crack in dip form because once you start eating it you can’t stop, hints the name Crack Dip, it is so very tasty.  The word around the table was that everyone liked my chili.

Yeah, My chili Rocked! Just ask Liz!

Some didn’t understand why it had spaghetti in it but that is the way we have always made’s the only way I know chili.  I thought maybe it was a northern thing to put spaghetti in your chili, not so much I think it is just a Cincinnati area thing.  (I grew up right outside of Cincinnati in Indiana)  I had a few fellow yankees here last night from Jersey, Vermont, and Northern Ohio and they had never heard of it like that.  Well now they have and they liked it!  Word.

After dinner we headed outside and my friend Liz and I made a fire.  We rock.

Just look at that fire..we are awesome!

I had gotten sticks out of the brush pile and prepared them earlier in the day so I handed out the roasters to who ever was ready for some S’more action.  I had to explain to a couple how to roast a marshmallow..are you kidding?  Have you lived in a cave your whole life?  😉  I’m kidding of course!!  One had never used a stick before to roast..huh?  One asked if it was sanitary to use the stick..again huh?  Another asked if we needed to soak it in water because it will catch mam.  Rules of roasting over an open fire…  You find a tree with a good skinny branch or a stick on the ground, you prepare stick by tearing off any leaves and little baby branches, place marshmallow on stick, put stick with marshmallow in flame…easy as that.  There is no sanitizing, no soaking.  If your stick happens to catch fire, which would mean that you had it down in the flame to much, you simply place stick in fire to burn and find another.  🙂

I had bought 2 bottles of wine, with the thinking of one for me and one just in case someone else would like some.  This did not go as planned.  Me, myself and I consumed 2 bottles of wine last night.  I turned dinner club into my own personal little drinking club.  Champion.  This champion is paying for it today but thankfully I have no kids this weekend to parent.  Awesome.  My husband made his own little drinking club last night as well.  His buddy came over and they stayed out in the band room consuming Crown Royal like true rock stars.  I came inside at one point during the evening, it was around 9:30, went to look for him and the room was locked.  I thought they had left and headed to the bar, which was their original plan.  I headed into the bedroom and someone was in my was my husband.  I came back in a few minutes later to see why he was still here, he informed me that he was praying to the porcelain god.  Champion.  It was 9:30.

Everyone started heading home around midnight or so.  My bestie Lisa stayed to hang out with me.  As we are sitting in the living room chatting about, well I have no idea and I am pretty sure by this point I was slurring and mumbling because she just kept laughing at me, I realized how much wine I had throughout the evening and all of a sudden I was talking to 2 Lisas.  She headed home about 1am and as she closed the door I went horizontal on the couch and didn’t move till 6am.  Woke up clothed, head pounding, parched and needing Advil like a human needs air to breath..I needed Advil to live.

So in conclusion, Dinner club was a huge success.  There is nothing like a night with all your girlfriends!  Good friends, Good food, Good Times.

Fabulous in fur and sequence. Cheers!

We were being complete dorks and thought it would be a good idea to get out the fur and sequence hats.  I had an excuse for this behavior and you can see that in my hand, my friend Kathy on the other hand has no excuse because she has water due to the two babies in the belly.  God love her!  A good friend is someone that will act the fool with you even though you are hammered and they are not!  I love my girls.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. That looks like you had a great time. I used to belong to a breakfast group years ago. A dinner group sounds like much more fun. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. That is awesome! The part about your husband in the bathroom at 9:30pm had me laughing out loud! So glad it went well 🙂

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