WHAT! GNR is on the ‘Classic Rock’ Station!

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Remember back in the day..soooo long ago…the music you listened to growing up?  Not what our parents listened to in the 50’s, 60’s..our music from the 80’s & 90’s.  I can remember rocking to the Beastie Boys in the 4th grade, discovering my love for rock through Twisted Sister.  Yes, I just said that, Twisted Sister..it’s a shame, I know but damn it I wanted to Rock (heehee, get it?).  Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Beastie Boys,  Warrant, Ratt, Whitesnake, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Tone Loc, Salt N’ Peppa, Rob Base, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Pearl Jam….oh yeah baby I’m dancing in my seat.  I love hearing an ‘old’ song and it brings back memories..where you were in life during the time it was popular, who you were dating, what car you were driving.  Every time “Alive” by Pearl Jam comes on I am taken back to my sophomore year riding to school with my neighbor with it blaring.  Well I have come to an ‘oh so sad’ realization…all of this wonderful music is now considered on the old side now.  *Sniff Sniff*  On the local classic rock radio station they are playing Guns N’ Roses among others!  GNR is now considered classic rock n’ roll.  What!  I am not that old!  Led Zepplin, Bad Company, Heart, AC/DC…Those are classic rock..not GNR!  It’s so sad when our kids will hear the Beastie Boys and look at us and say with their nose turned up “Who is that?”  Oh the horror!  You want to send them to the bathroom to wash their mouth out with soap..who is the Beastie Boys.  Oh child!  Suddenly you want to break out and dust off the CD’s or the ipod (because you know all your old cd’s are rock’n in your ears now via the ipod) and say you will sit here..you will listen…you will love…and you will rock out “classic style”.


I am still down with the current music, I know I will always be.  I still rock out with the best of them, but there is something about the stuff we grew up on, how it influenced us, what it was about back then.  WOW I just sounded like my parents!  I can remember roll’n down the road with my mom and her turning on the oldies station, 103.5, and I would cringe.  Is that what our kids do now when we are rock’n our stuff?  Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance” came on my ipod the other day in the car and my son asked who it was because it is a weird song.  EXCUSE ME!  It’ the Humpty, Man!  I remember my first Guns N’ Roses cassette I got for christmas one year, I can’t remember how old I was but all it took was Mr. Brownstone to play one time and it was taken right away from me.  I guess dad wasn’t feeling a heroin song that Christmas morning.  Which leads me to the next point…today’s music and my kids.  Today’s music isn’t bad, I have a full love for it but some is questionable.  When will I pull the Mr. Brownstone moment with my kids?  I have never sheltered my kids from my music or the current music, we rock out, we  jam. I probably let my kids listen to more than they should, that is my choice.  My kids do like the Disney pop stuff, I can’t complain it is catchy and I catch myself singing along.  It could just be the fact that I have heard it so much I could sing it in my sleep but they also like the music on the radio, the pop, the rap, the rock.  My daughter loves her some Lady GaGa..she’s 5, she has no idea what a disco stick is..why someone would want your ugly or your disease.  Innocent enough.  She sings Katie Perry at the top of her lungs..which I still cringe to hear but it is catchy.  The only song I have ever had a problem with my daughter singing was “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It”..No Mam, not when you are 4.  My son has a love for all music like me.  He rocks out to some old stuff (which makes me extremely happy) Ozzy, Pat Benetar, Heart.  His favorite song is “It Gives You Hell” by the America Rejects, it could be that he gets away with saying Hell a million times in the song 😉 .  He loves it though.  He jams out to some Usher, Sean Kingston, Papa Roach, loves him some Green Day.  He is down more with the classic rock than the current…A-Mazing!  Happy Happy Parents!  That is due to my husbands love for all classic rock.  He is playing it constantly, therefore Will has grown to love it!  Nothing like seeing Daddy and son rocking to some Zeppelin.  He rocks a Zeppelin shirt like its no one’s business!   When is it going to happen…they come to me..Mommy I want this CD, I listen and totally don’t approve.  I know I will approve of most music because of the love I have for all music but there is, there was, there will always be questionable music.  The day will come when I will crush them with something they want to listen to and that is when I will redirect their attention back to the real music and play some Pearl Jam.

So for now we continue to rock…

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  1. I totally agree! When Bon Jovi or Journey are on the radio, it seems like my radio gets a mind of it’s own. Slowly and continously, the volume gets louder and louder until it’s at the Spinal Tap 11!


  2. I have the deluxe Monster Ballads cds, I adore Bon Jovi (one of the best concerts I was ever at) and I have mentioned in my blog somewhere before that I missed my calling as a 80s rocker chick on the hood of the car in the Whitesnake video. I have the video vixen within me 🙂

    At least Slash is on the current rock station and I do love Back To Cali! But GNR as classic is a tad sad.

    Rock on! (*gives screen the devil horns hand gesture!*)

    • I am quite jealous of you having the Monster Ballads collection..I have struggled with not buying that for a very long time! ROCK ON!!!!! Bon Jovi is H*O*T..always was..always will be!

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