HELMET Rocked..Mosh Pits are Questionable

The Helmet concert rocked!  I am pretty sure I damaged my hearing last night since my ears are still ringing this morning.  It was LOUD!  Seeing a concert at 12th & Porter makes it a personal experience in so many ways.  The venue only holds 300 people so there is not a bad place to be in the house.  We were right up front 3 feet away from the stage.  There were 2 opening bands for Helmet, Mindset Defect who is a local band out of Nashville and Intronaut who is from LA and is on tour with Helmet.  Mindset Defect was awesome, I dug them a lot, Intronaut not so much.  Intronaut, I couldn’t tell you one lyric they sang, the instruments were up way to loud and the vocals to low.  Then it was Helmet time…AWESOME!  Man were they good.  Page Hamilton, the lead singer for Helmet is awesome and a cool guy.  He made it a very cool experience.  He said that 12th & Porter was one of his top 10 venues to play because it is so personal and the sound is great.  He would stop and talk during the show, he even recognized 2 guys in the crowd from past shows.  One he looked at and said “hey you were the one that got your nose broken in ’92”!  He remembered that..that was awesome and I’m pretty sure made that dude’s night.


Mindset Defect

Mindset Defect




Helmet-Mr. Page Hamilton


In the Meantime…

What I don’t and never will understand is the mosh pit.  Why do males feel it is necessary to push or pretty much beat each other up during a concert??  I asked Mr. Jimmy, one of our friends that went with us, this very question.


Meet Jimmy...


His answer to the mosh pit question was it’s like being an alpha dog.  He said when you can stand in the middle of the pit with your arms out and no one dares come near you…You are the top dog..Alpha of the pack.  Well if I was a dude in the mosh pit I know I wouldn’t come close to Jimmy.  He’s scary but yet one of the biggest teddy bears I know.  He told me last night that he is my pit bull..Word.


Jimmy in the pit



4 dudes fighting for the Alpha Title


There is always one of these dudes in the mosh pit..for some reason the shirts come off and it’s usually one of the guys that should keep his shirt on.  Oh and there was a dude in the pit barefoot…GROSS!


Seriously..Put your shirt on.


You can almost smell the testosterone coming from the mosh pit.  They all run around with the “I’m going to beat the hell out of you” look on their face..push, shove, and then hug saying “sorry I almost knocked your head off dude we’re cool”.  Huh?  Don’t get it.

The concert was awesome and it ended with the guys from Helmet hanging on stage at the end shaking hands, signing autographs and taking pictures.  How cool is that?  Billy (my husband) was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face and I suggested he go up, he’s not one to do that sort of thing.  He did it and he got to shake Page Hamilton’s hand and say nice job.  Talk about looking like a kid on Christmas morning opening a present that they wanted all year long.  He was one happy boy, I don’t think I have ever seen him smile that big as we were walking out.  Then we got into the car and his phone rang with work..buzz kill.

I will leave you with one more video from last night….

Please forgive the quality of the videos and photos..they were taken with my cheap little point and shoot.


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  1. Whooo! Good times had by all it seems. You are so on point with the guys in the mosh pit, there always has to be a shirtless one (that shouldn’t be), among other “guy things” that they do 🙂

    My friend who is a photographer loved your witchy post! He is currently in Buffalo working on the set for the live broadcast of Ghosthunters this Sunday on Halloween…he loves this stuff!

    • That’s awesome! I am hoping to make it to my sister’s Halloween Party tomorrow night and get some good pics. I don’t know if I will have it in me though after last night 😉

  2. You might like T-Bone. his music is right on. Check out Bola radio.com.br
    Hit the extreme button. The pit is so 90’s. The dog pile on the field is great too. I love the blog.

  3. I’m glad you had a good time. I love the smaller venues. It’s so awesome that the band recognized that guy with the broken nose!

  4. Thank you for the kind words, we are around Nashville alot so please come out to another show soon. Introduce yourself too, we would love to meet you.

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