Fun with Words..Past and Present.

Remember when you were young..middle school/high school years and we thought we had the best grammar ever?  Looking back on it today it sounded like we never studied a grammar book in all of our years of school.  AND to boot we thought we were sooo cool for talking this way.

Growing up I was corrected for the way I spoke to my dad a lot…A LOT .

Here is a normal conversation that took place between my dad and I way back when.

Me: Me and Christy are going to the movies.

Dad:  Who?

Me:  Me and Christy.

Dad:  Who?

This would repeat a few more times until it clicked in my head and I would respond:  “Christy and I are going to the movies”.

This drove me insane!  It happened every time, it never failed, he would never let me slip and just get out a sentence.  Now today I find myself wanting to correct people when ‘Me and XXX’ is used.  I want to look at them and first say “Who?” and then correct them “XXX and I”.  Oh how my father has scarred me.

Another one is using ‘like’.  Example:  “I was like No way!” or “We were like driving down the road…”  Really how exactly  does this does one ‘like’ drive down the road.  Either you are driving down the road or you are not.  Again I was so guilty with this one!  My dad hated this one too and he rode my butt when I would say it making me start all over and say it again not using the word “like”.  Or he would interrupt me mid-sentence and say ‘like were you?’.  I just wanted to look at him and yell YES I was ‘like’ driving down the road now be quiet and let me finish!  Today it sound absolutely ridiculous.  *just so you know I am so self conscious using the word like now in this post*   😉

Oh and the best one “goes”.  You would use this in place of ‘said’ or ‘says’ and would generally be used in recapping a conversation.  Example:  Christy goes “Hey the dance is next weekend” and I go “I know, I am like so excited!”.   How dumb does that sound?  When I would use my ‘goes’ and ‘go’s’ my dad would again stop me mid sentence and ask me “where are you going?”  Seriously..who came up with this going in place of saying?  It makes completely no sense.

I was just scanning through blogs, which what was the inspiration of this post, and I read a little of one from the home tag page and ‘like’ was used about every 3 to 4 words.  I immediately assume this particular person is in high school or right out.  I didn’t click on it and read the whole post but just in the little paragraph that was there I could tell a round about age group.  I am not judging, questioning anyone’s intellect any way.  It’s just the young way of talking..that is it and it is amusing to listen to or read now that I am grown up and have corrected this way of talking with myself.

The whole point is this…I used to talk that ridiculous way and I know my kids are going to talk like that soon.  When those dreaded days come I will correct them, most likely in the same manner my dad corrected me and they will get completely annoyed by it.  But then one day they will grow up and have these exact same thoughts when they have kids.  It’s a funny cycle.

***let me just put this out there…I do not claim to have perfect grammar…I do not use correct grammar all of the time…I will be the first to say my grammar is questionable at times and I am sure someone would have a hay day with a red pen on all of my posts***

At the moment my kids are guilty of what my husband and I like to call the “Napoleon Dynamite” way of talking.  It is completely hilarious and if you have seen the movie you know exactly what I am talking about!  It is just a matter of time before the ‘likes’ ‘goes’ and ‘Me and xxx’s’ will start.

Another fun one is slang from back in the day and the slang today.  I sometimes question my ‘coolness’ factor with some of the current slang because I have no clue what it means.  This is when having older kids will come in handy and they can clue me in on what the latest slang means.  I am still to this day guilty of using some slang, it’s hard not to.  Today you don’t only have to know the current slang with kids we also have to have mad deciphering powers to figure out what they are typing.


LOL-Laught out loud

PAW-Parent are watching

CRAFT-Can’t remember a F*cking thing ( would like to think your teen wants to be crafty oh no truth is they got to drunk and CRAFT)

PBB-Parent Behind Back

And now we even have to decipher numbers..geesh!

10Q-Thank you

143 or 8319-I love you

182-I hate you

9-Parents are watching

99-Parents are gone

Clever little turds!  Here is a website for all of the text message shorthand/IM slang

If you ever have a question about the meaning of some slang you have heard, someone has came up with a handy dandy slang dictionary.  Oh thank you Slang Genius..What a brilliant idea!  I am being completely serious..I know this will come in handy one day!

Here is the brilliant slang dictionary!

Some old slang:

That was Sweet!

It’s da’ bomb

It’s all good!

We were just kick’n it


You can talk to the hand!

Oh Snap!

As if!

On that note I have to bounce!

Peace out my homies!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Catholic school and my mom beat grammar into me as well even though when speaking I will sometimes morph into the language of the masses as to not be marked as “snooty”. I also can still recite the top 30ish prepositions in alphabetical order!

  2. Love that! One of my girlfriends broke out randomly and did the alphabetical prepositions one night. It was hilarious because we had no clue what she was doing because it was completely warning. Her mom was an English teacher.

  3. Absolutely cool post! and how true, I totally agree with your “like” description. Something I keep hearing all day.

    P.S. sorry for barging into your blog, but could not resist writing a comment on! 🙂

  4. How sweet! I’m still reading more of your posts! 🙂 pretty cool! 😀

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