Extremists suck all the fun out of everything anymore.

As I drove to the kid’s school this morning to drop off the cupcakes for their “fall party” I got to thinking about how all the extremists cry babies suck the fun out of everything anymore.  You can’t call it a Halloween Party now because someone might not celebrate it and they will get offended.  Just the same as people getting their panties in a bunch over Merry Christmas..it is now Happy Holidays.  Because of the minority of people that had to push their views and their beliefs all over the place and bitch and whine now the rest of us are punished for it so to speak.  You people suck.

Today for the fall party the kids could wear halloween shirts if they chose.  My kids did.  My 5 year old is in a I love Vampires shirt with her cross bone tights, my son is in a zombie shirt that has brains written on it.  Damn right.  I also made sure to pick the halloweeniest (yes I know that is not a word) cupcakes I could find.  It’s just ridiculous.  I was talking with a girlfriend yesterday and she was telling me about a poll that was online asking when the kids trick or treating night should be since Halloween this year falls on a Sunday.  The majority was for Sunday but then you have your religious people once again fucking crying because Sunday is a religious day.  God forbid they trick or treat and get candy on the holy day!  Yes I get the meaning behind Halloween and the history of it but who really sits and thinks about the meaning behind it when you have a 5 year old dressed as Snow White and an 8 year old as Ash the Pokemon Ranger. When it comes to  trick or treating is about the kids..dressing up and getting candy.  They are not out there worshiping the devil all they care about is how much chocolate they can get.  So to all you non-fun having, going to make everyone else miserable, and rain on everyone’s parade…you my friend can suck my ass.

The people that are offended by Halloween or “Merry Christmas” let themselves be offended by it.  What happened to turning a cheek and ignoring whatever it is that offends you or is different from what you believe?  It the same as someone thinking that porn, for example is just horrendous and offending but yet will sit and watch it and then bitch about it.  If it bothers you don’t watch it.  If Halloween offends you, don’t dress your kid up for school, shut your lights off on trick or treat night and sit in door and be miserable by yourself.  If Merry Christmas offends you, don’t read it.  Suck it up as that is what someone else wants to say.  Why should the majority bend to the minority?

I am not a religious person as I have said before but I will not suck all the fun out of everything and bitch, whine and cry about it.  Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but if someone doesn’t believe the same as you, you suck it up and move on.  Who cares?  I am not going to sit here and scream someone is wrong until I get my way.  That is childish and yes I see all these people that feel so strongly about their way of thinking that they do scream until they get their way childish crybabies.  My meaning of Christmas is that it is the time that we celebrate our family.  I am not celebrating the birth of Jesus, I am celebrating the birth of my family.  It is a time (again in my eyes) to give thanks for everything that we have, to come together as a family and celebrate our life.

What’s funny is that both of my kids went to Mother’s Day Out (preschool) at a huge Baptist Church and they celebrated Halloween with a Halloween party and costumes but yet my kids in a Public school can’t.  WHAT THE HELL????

What’s next?  Is someone going to find something wrong with Valentine’s day?  Oh can’t celebrate V-Day because that Cupid is nothing but evil with it’s bow and arrow shooting people in the butt!

Give me a break!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Amen Jamie! I share much of the same thoughts. I still have to participate in church-like things because my mother MAKES me even at 32 years old. I feel like a hypocrite but yet it makes her feel better that I am there. I don’t get it, but I let it be. She doesn’t get on my case about not going to church all the other Sundays out of the year. We just agree to disagree and don’t push our views or beliefs on each other or anyone else. Why can’t move people just do the same?

  2. Great post! Love it! As a teacher, I can’t tell you how I have to watch everything I do and say. I can’t give out stickers that have little cute witches on them. But, I did anywho. It is not supposed to be called Halloween, but fall festival. We have 2 teachers who get subs on Halloween party day so they don’t have to be there for the parties. We walk through the town and the kids have a party. People are such hypocrites.

    • Thanks! Sorry for all the colorful words in the post but I was a little worked up when I wrote it 😉 I can’t believe teachers would get subs to avoid the parties and that you can’t even give out halloween stickers! That’s just too much!
      I hope you have a wonderful halloween!

      Make sure to look for my halloween post on Monday!!

  3. I agree with you. People need to relax a little bit.

    On Friday, a co-worker’s son’s school let children dress up in a costume that was one of their spelling words. That was kinda neat.

  4. I think i love youuu! lol.

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