Facebook: I will not be your 653rd friend. It’s not a popularity contest.

I feel the need to talk facebook for just a moment.  In the past week I have received 3 friend requests, 2 from old guys that live in my old home town and one from someone I went to school with.  The 2 older guys I am pretty sure are just networking for their businesses but what I don’t understand is that I don’t live there anymore.  You would think they would do a little research to see who they are sending these requests to for their ‘networking’.  Just because I am mutual friends with quite a number of people in my home town and my home town is stated as Aurora doesn’t mean I live there, you need to check the current city status.  How am I going to benefit your business being 2 states away???  Answer, I am not.  Now with the 3rd request I received, it is from someone that I went to school with and the only reason I know this is because I went to his page and read that we graduated from the same school 3 years apart.  I have no clue who this person is, his name does not ring a bell or even conjure up that one memory that makes you think “oh yeah! I remember him from that one time!”  Nothing..Nada..Zilch.  He also has 600+ friends.  Now who knows 600 people personally?  I don’t and I don’t feel the need to know that many people or have that many friends on facebook.  It seems some think there is this secret silent contest going on to see who can get the most friends on facebook.  I am not participating in this contest because frankly it is stupid.  The ones who are contestants in this silent contest are click happy and annoying.  Just because I am friends with your cousin’s uncle’s mom’s granddaughter doesn’t mean that we need to be friends on facebook.

In the beginning it was fun to get requests because it was all new and exciting.  That little red thing pops up above your friend request icon and you get excited..someone wants to be my friend!  Yay!  You just got on so most likely you are going to know all of your requesting peeps.  Now after almost 2 years I get one, see who it is and have to research who these people are.  You do have your stragglers who are just now caving to the facebook magnetism and creating accounts and have to play catch up or some are from some recently made friendships.  Nowadays I am researching more than I am not.  Also hitting Ignore more than I once was.  There is some guilt that comes along with hitting the ignore button.  You look at the friend request, research who this person is, figure out you have no clue but yet you have 50 friends in common.  You have to make the decision of “am I going to be that one person that hits ignore?”  I have learned there is quite a few people who just accepts the friend request because of the number of friends in common with the thinking they all know this person so I should somehow to so I will just accept.

Here is a fine example of that….Awhile ago I got a friend request from a woman, I had no clue who she was but yet we had over 50 friends in common.  It became my mission to figure out who this person was because obviously I should know her.  I started hitting up my friends that we had in common to see if they could tell me.  They had no clue!!!  They accepted because someone else did.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?  I went through about 10 people before someone could tell me who she was.  She was one of my friend’s mom whom I had never met.  Another one that was oh so click happy.  I ended up accepting her friend request because her son was a good friend of mine.  Yes, I fell for it and folded to the pressure.  She soon got blocked because she was quite annoying on there.

I currently have 252 friends on facebook.  Why so many?  Well I have my friends old and new, my sister’s friends that I ended up being friends with, my husbands friends that I have somewhat of a relationship with and people I went to school with or was in my graduating class.  I did clean house a couple of weeks ago and deleted maybe 10-15 people.  Woo Hoo I know, not a lot but I did feel better after doing it.  Like I said before there is a level of guilt that comes along with deleting people, I don’t like to feel guilt.  I have blocked quite a few so I don’t have to read their nonsense on a daily basis or look at their awful pictures.  There was this one gal that had sent me a request, we went to school together, she was in my husband’s class, and regrettably I accepted.  She was totally click happy.  I learned this after seeing that she was friends with everyone and their brother and then sent a request to my dad!  She doesn’t know my dad!  Do people just go through someone’s friend list and send every single person a request?  She ended up getting blocked at first because of the pics she would post of herself.  She felt it necessary to post all these pictures of herself on her bed in these crazy positions, some pulling her shirt over so half of her nasty ass booby would be showing.  I had to draw the line with that one and hit block.  I don’t want to see that crap especially from her, if she was at least decent looking I wouldn’t mind it so much but no she was nasty and vulgar.  Needless to say she was one that got deleted.  I now have a protocol that I follow for friend requests.

1.  If your name does not ring a bell with me, my sister or my husband you are not getting accepted.

2.  If you just want me as a friend for your business and I am not interested in your business you are getting ignored.

3.  If I have to research you, you most likely are getting ignored.

I will not be your friend for just the say of it anymore.  I will not be your 653rd friend just so you can feel popular and loved.  No.

Facebook is not a popularity contest.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. You know I agree! Hell, I was school president in high school and I still reject a fair share of people. Needless to say if I ever attend a class reunion they will throw things at me! Again though, it isn’t a popularity contest, it is about including those I see fit in my life.

  2. Well said! I received requests from friends of friends and thought perhaps it would be enjoyable and most of all interesting. Not so. I accepted a request from a former co worker, not quite sure about it but knew it was harmless. He was in real estate and I had thought it would keep me in the know. Wrong. He uses facebook like twitter. “At he gas station, hi” “waiting for a drink, hi”, blah, blah. Then, he hit the 800 mark and went ballistic. Like he was a lotto winner. For him it was a popularity contest. I dumped many who were similiar. I feel bad but I do not “live” on facebook. I want it to be interesting and fun. Happy to see I am not alone.

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