Santa is Coming! And it begins….

In the words of Buddy the Elf…Santa is coming!  Santa is coming!  Yep, I just said it.  As the mounds of catalogs for toys and all things goofy start to pile up from the mail, the stores start playing that oh so familiar music and the commercial ads start you have no choice but to start thinking about Christmas.  I have averaged about 3-4 catalogs a week so far and it’s only November 3rd.  Usually I would immediately toss the catalogs but now some make the cut to stick around.  The majority are toy catalogs which I am grateful for because they have a lot of off the wall, out of the norm toys which make shopping for the kids fun.  One of the other catalogs I receive on a bi-weekly basis is Brookstone, it has some cool items and I get a lot of ideas from it but some of the stuff in there is just a little too much.  I think it is geared towards the people that have money falling out of their backside that can afford to spend money on crazy stuff, for example the $3500 recliner that massages every single part of your body and most likely has an orgasm button.

See how happy he is? I bet there is a setting..

Then there are my favorite catalogs to look through just for the laugh I get…the ones that are full of all the useless goofy crap that no one really wants but it seems like such a good fun idea when you hit that order button.  You know damn well that when you see something in there, you laugh and say so-n-so would love this!  In all actuality deep down you know that the recipient will open the present everyone will get the big laugh and then it will go in the closet for the remainder of its sad useless life.

Seriously? Who is going to walk around with this on?

The answer to your beer lover's prayers! Our heather gray hoodie has an insulated elastic-top pouch on front to carry around a bottled beverage-leaving his hands free for fishing, golfing or barbecuing.

That is just spillage waiting to happen if you ask me.  Someone will look at this and think..”That is Brilliant!” then purchase it.  The recipient will wear it once, most likely that night at the Christmas party, spill beer all over their shoes and it will be tossed into darkness forever.

I give you the onion goggles!  Never shed another tear while chopping an onion.  Only $9.98.  Brilliant!   😉

hee hee...

One great and clever marketing schemes they are doing this year is starting all the holiday sales now.  How kind of them always thinking of the consumer!  I am onto these marketing sneaks.  Sure you don’t have to wait until Black Friday this year because all the deals start right now so you can go out and get all your shopping done early and come time for the holiday rush you can relax.  Bwah ha ha…this is what they want you to think.  Come Black Friday they will slash the sale prices even lower and you will be tricked into more shopping because the sales will be so good you won’t be able to resist.  So even though you patted yourself on the back and got everything done by Thanksgiving, the ads will start, you will find yourself in the holiday slashing of prices trance and you will pack up your family, your girlfriends, or your mom and head out to spend even more money.  They win.  You have now spent twice the money and bought twice the crap.  Sneaky turds.

Happy Shopping!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. has a leather leg holster for bottled beer. Classy with less spillage 🙂

  2. That item that you wrap around your hip and has these pockets for drinks .. are you kiddding?!?! ME! I would use it for bottles, cuppies, and of course beer. Cause I gotta be drunk to wear it in public.
    I am now a reader … thanks for reading and commenting mine!

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