Some mumbo with some jumbo.

It’s Friday and I have some random mumbo jumbo….Here we go now!

-They just showed on the Today Show the first $1,000,000,000 home.  Yes you read all those zeros right a BILLION dollar home in India that was built by the worlds 4th richest man.  It is 27 floors, has numerous pools, a movie theater that seats 50, hanging gardens, a ball room and a 600 person staff.  WHAT!  Who needs all that?  And to boot it over looks the Mumbai slums where over 60% of the population still lives.  What a slap in the face for them!  I would egg it!

-I read an article yesterday on yahoo about a Minnesota Mom who was sued by the RIAA for downloading 24 songs off of Kazaa for $1.5 million.  This happened in 2006 and she is about to take it back to court for the 4th time.  You go girl!  That makes my $3700 that I had to pay when we got sued for the same thing look like chump change.  They originally wanted $7500 but Billy told them we would have to declare bankruptcy so they settled for $ kind of them.  Yep I have been sued by Virgin, Capital, Sony, just to name a few.  If you download songs illegally don’t keep them in your shared folder, we learned this the hard way even a year after we stopped downloading!

-I don’t understand the debate among some regarding the flu shot, to get it or not to get it.  There is a worry about it containing preservatives.  Do you really think the doctors are going to give you something that is going to hurt you or your child.  My answer is no.  I would rather my kid have the shot and not get the flu and be in the hospital than worry about a little preservative.  With the kids in school, in my opinion, the flu shot is a must.  Kids in school are little walking germ dishes waiting to pass it to another.  Think of all the parents that don’t have the time or can’t take off work to deal with their sick kids, therefore they send them to school to be around your child.  Flu shot?  Yes please!  **Just my OPINION.

-I read a friend’s post yesterday (you can find it here:  about trust and how hard it is to find someone you can truly and completely trust.  I read it and sat back and thought about it for a minute.  In my 33 years I can count on one hand (that would be 5) of how many people I 100% hands down trust.  That is not a lot.  Finding a trusting person is very hard, they are a dying breed.  I feel very fortunate to have my 5.

-I am ready to put my house up for sale and move.  We have always moved a lot since getting out of Indiana and where we are now is the longest we have stayed put.  I love Tennessee so I don’t want to move out of state just a change of scenery, a different town.  I feel it here becoming stagnant, like the waters have stopped flowing and the ripples will soon seise.  I don’t like stagnant, time for something new.  Hopefully within a year we can make this happen.

-I am a very confident person so when I feel myself questioning who I am it eats me up inside.  I have had this feeling lately and it is driving me insane.  There is nothing worse than the feeling of questioning who you truly are, especially when you know you are amazing.  So why am I feeling this way?  I am blaming hormones and PMS.

-My sister and I are talking about starting our own business venture.  This is so exciting but yet scary as all get out.  We have been talking about it for 2-3 years now and have never acted on it.  We have put our foot down and said enough with the talk we need action.  Hopefully over the next couple of months we will have all of our ideas on paper and be ready to make the first step in the process to make our ideas come to life.  She has always wanted a shop with random stuff in it to sell and I have always wanted to do photography so we are hoping to combine the two and see what we can come up with.  All a little overwhelming.  🙂

-My girlfriend in Maryland and I have been talking about a girls trip to Vegas after the first of the year.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I am really hoping we can make this happen.  If not Vegas, Key West maybe or hell I don’t care somewhere fun and warm.  Getting a group of girls together for a weekend away is always a great time!  What better place to do that than Vegas, it’s cheap, fabulous, fun and well, always a good time.  We have got to get on this and get something booked!  Who wants to go?   🙂

Happy Friday!!!  Hope everyone’s weekend is rock’n!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. – I saw that intro clip on the Today show as well, ridiculous!
    – Also saw the article on the lawsuit. Again, I see both sides of the coin on this one. Sorry to hear you were napped on that though 😦 I used to download music although never much. I feel as long as they charge me a fair price I am fine with paying for what the artists create.
    – Flu shot for kids, a must. They are germy!
    – Thanks for the shout out on my post yesterday and mentioning it here today 🙂
    – I have never moved out of my hometown other than college. Not that I wouldn’t do it but since I am so close to my mon and dad I would have a hard time adjusting due in part to that whole lack of trust of people if I were in an entirely new place with all new people.
    – I think we all have those thoughtful phases where we questions ourselves, our lives, etc. Sometimes it is because we push it aside for so long that when it bubbles up it seems so overwhelming. It doesn’t mean that there is anything really wrong but I think it is a natural reminder to be reflective at times.
    – I love the idea of the business venture. I wish my friend (the guy in the pictures from Halloween) had a website so I could show you his shop. Amazing! It is a little of everything and just delightful.
    – The girlfriends vaca sounds like so much fun. I have never been to Vegas, although my sister was and wants to go back which is funny considering she is lame, even she admits that. 🙂 It is on my to-do list in life!

    • I should have linked that comment to your post..crap! I am in a mad hurry at the moment so I will do that when I get back!
      You should come with us to Vegas!!!! It’s soooo much fun! Put it on your to do list for after the first of the year!

  2. Good luck with starting your own business! That would be cool.

    Vegas…awesome idea! I’ve always wanted to go.

  3. You mean Mumbai, not Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates)! I’ve seen the pics of that ‘house’. Apparently it has a staff of 600! Plus it looks hideous. I don’t know how they can live like that next to such extreme poverty.

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