Wednesday..a good day for a tattoo.

Joke of course, I am a lover not a fighter

It’s Wednesday and according to all things Gemini Wednesdays are my lucky day!  Word.  So what to do?  I am feeling better today so the letter yesterday must have worked even though Mr. Cold left some lingering snot behind.  I will get it out..I’m cleaning house in the nasal closet.  Yes there is laundry to finish and dusting that needs to be done but I have been in this damn house way to long, I need out.  I am thinking tattoo.  Just a little one on my wrist.  I need to finish my back tattoo but that is going to be a 2 hour process and I can’t go without my sister for that one because she needs hers finished too and it’s a bonding thing.  We started the latest ones together and we will finish together.  But the one I want right now is small and simple and won’t take but a half an hour to do.  I just hope someone has time to do it when I get there if not I will be bummed.  You have to syke yourself up for these..or at least I do.  I have always loved tattoos and got my first one for my 18th birthday.  There is just something about them, they are part of me.  I only have one that I regret but it is easily covered and no one sees it.  The rest represent where I was in that part of my life, a little reminder.  My last three have deep meaning behind them.  One is in memory of my mom with tribal angel wings and her initials below, another is a cool design with my kid’s initials and up top it says “once upon a time” and then I have my favorite flower with my sister’s in the middle of my back and a bird on the back of each shoulder that represents my sister and I looking over everyone.  I have 8 total, last time I went I knocked out 3 in one sitting because they all go together, it was my flowers and birds.  I try to keep them in places that are easily covered but I am running out of good places.  I love that the majority are on my back and easily hidden but hate that I can’t see them, they are for me more than anyone else.  The one that I want on my wrist will be a daily reminder.  I can’t decide if I want the word “fly” with little birds flying out of the letters to remind me always to fly with the wind so to speak because I don’t like being stagnant or ‘just be’ because you should always take the time to just be and enjoy your life and just be who you are.  Hmmm…decisions decisions.  This is wear being a Gemini comes into play and it sucks.  I can’t make a damn decision to save my life.  I am now waiting for my sister to get up to help me decide.  But she is Gemini too and we are screwed.  My husband will probably kill me for getting another, especially on my wrist because he doesn’t understand tattoos even though he has never complained about me getting them he just doesn’t ‘get it’.  To each their own I say!  He did go with me to get one, his first time ever stepping foot into a tattoo shop.  I think he has much more respect for them after witnessing one being done.

Being a Gemini….it is awesome.  We are amazing people!  Toot toot my own horn.  We are chatty, intelligent, go getters that make awesome friends.  Downside..we are indecisive and have short attention spans.  Great.  Does that mean all Gemini’s are ADD!  I am sometimes convinced I am.  Awhile ago I looked up my natal birth chart where you put in your birthdate, time born, and locale of birth place.  It was creepy it was so right on.  Then I looked up my sister’s.  My sister and I are both Gemini’s, my birthday is June 7th and her’s being June 8th, we are 4 years and 1 day apart.  Even though our birth days are a day apart our birth charts were different in many ways with some things being the same.  Both of ours hit our characteristics and personalities on the nose.  It was scary but gave a cool insight.  I highly suggest looking your up if you haven’t done so just for the Wow factor of it!  It’s fun.

A trait of being a gemini


Now that I have muble jumbled all over the place I am off…to hopefully get a tattoo!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Thats so cool. I wish I could just say, ‘Morning world. I am getting a tattoo today.”
    I have one big one in back. I love them too. I want to get another one sybolizing my two daughters and son but I am stumped on that.
    Happy Tattoo Day!

    • i got lucky with mine with the kids initials. I have a friend that is a really good artist and all i told her is that i wanted their initials and she drew up something completely awesome for me. the design has their initials intertwined in it. it’s awesome.

  2. love tattoos! I have 12.
    I’m wanting another one. when you get yours, definitely post a picture.
    soo exciting!

  3. So my fellow awesome Gemini I adore the quote/picture posted at the end of this and completely agree! I am a June 3rd btw. The A.D.D. might well be a Gemini thing. Having dated one the two of us were dangerous at times. I even bought him a shirt that read, “They say I have A.D.D. but they just don’t understand…oh look, a chicken!” He wore it proudly as would I 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new tat. Like Billy, my first time in a shop was fun and a completely new experience for me. There skill level is amazing. I still am holding firm to holding getting one when I know I am doing it because there is meaning behind it even if I end up doing it at 50 years old.

  4. firecracker3: My grandpa got his first one at 70 🙂

  5. I’m a Gemini, too. And I’m awesome at being indecisive. =)

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