My week: oops, awwe, slap.

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This has been an interesting week to say the least.  It has definitely had its ups and downs.  My weekly rewind…

  • I have no regrets with a recent decision that I made except for one..I made someone very upset over it and that hurts me to know that with my decision I hurt them.  I failed to take into consideration how they would truly feel about my decision.  A bit selfishly I justified it in my mind because I wanted to do it and didn’t fully think it through on how this person might react or feel about it.  Through ‘discussing’ it the real truth finally came out and from here on out I will respect their opinion.  It is now squashed and moving on…
  • I was told this week that I am “a spoiled brat”.  This might be true to an extent looking at everything but I appreciate everything I have, everything that I get to do, and the life I am able to lead.
  • Thinking about the spoiled brat comment:  I was raised with a silver spoon in my mouth, never going without, we always had everything we needed and almost all of what we wanted.  This rings true for my life at the present also.  In the past I have hit rock bottom with no one to blame but myself.  That was the toughest period of my life and the toughest thing I have ever been through.  It was a short lived period and as much as it sucked I wouldn’t change a thing.  It has made me who I am today and that is an amazing strong person.  I am thankful that both of my parents turned me away and made me dig myself out of the hole.  It taught me to never take for granted what I have had, do have or what I will have.  I have a good life and I am grateful for a great husband that provides this family with more than what we could ever  ‘need’, loves us unconditionally and for the person he is.
  • Yesterday on the way to take the kids to get their 2nd round of flu shots my son started telling me what he wants to be when he grows up.  He wants to be a defense attorney.  I explained to him what a defense attorney does and he stops me and says I know there are two types and he finished explaining them to me.  I told him that he must keep good grades and that there is a lot of years of school ahead of him if that is what he wants to do and that there is a lot of work involved.  He said “I know mom and I am always going to get good grades because I want to get into a good college”.  He’s 8 and way to smart for his own good.  He said well you have to go to college if you want to make any money and have a good job because if you don’t you can only work at a fast food restaurant.  That’s my boy!  I love him more than words can express and he makes me the proudest mommy in the world.
  • My son has heard my sister and I talking about starting our own business and one aspect of the business is selling art from local artist and my photos that I take.  He told me while we were out yesterday that he is going to draw a picture for us to sell.  He did just that when we got home..he drew two pictures.  One of an hour glass with the sand flowing through with clocks of every kind all around.  At the top he wrote “Time flows forever and ever and ever…”  The other says “Never Give Up” with beautiful shapes and designs all around.  Again he is 8 and came up with this all by himself.  His mind is old and wise.  When the time comes I will proudly display his art.  Our house is filled with random drawings from the kids hanging everywhere, on doors, walls, above our bed, on my bathroom mirror.  They are everywhere and they make me smile every time I turn a corner.
  • A recent trip to Walmart disgusted me, but what’s new it’s almost every trip.  I hate that damn place but yet I am there at least once a week.  Hey, they have good prices and you can’t blame a girl for wanting to save a dollar.  But the people…ugh!  I know it is just Walmart and not a fashion show but seriously at least get dressed before you go there.  I will admit I go at times in my comfy pants and the majority of the time with no makeup but at least I am presentable.  This last trip I had the pleasure of looking at a couple, let me paint a picture for you…The girl was in her pj’s, these pants did not pass as just good ol’e lounge pants or yoga pants they were pajama pants.  Take a damn minute and put some real pants on, Walmart is not a 24/7 slumber party.  Her boyfriend or husband’s pants were down around the bottom of his butt.  Seriously?  I am so sick of seeing dude’s underoos when I am out in public.  Buy a fucking belt and pull up your fucking pants.  They were so low that he had to walk funny to keep them up.  Now you look like A.) you have poop in your pants that you are trying not squish all over your butt or B.) you have something stuck in your ass that you are trying to dislodge.  I don’t and won’t ever understand that fashion trend.  It is stupid and ugly and DOES NOT make you cool, if anything you look dumber than what you probably are.  Oh and the people that want to wear slippers to Walmart.  Good god.  If they are slippers that pass as shoes rock them, but if they are pink and furry you are a lazy piece of trash.  It takes one minute to put a real pair of shoes on.  I wish I could just walk up to people and slap them.
  • Which leads me to my next point….people on the road.  There are times that I wish I had lasers for eyeballs so I could zap stupid people.  Yesterday I was clearly pulled out in the line of cars and when the line starts moving some dumb ass brod pulls up to not let me all the way out like I wasn’t even sitting there.  I was there long before you pulled up bitch and now you just missed my car by inches.  Yes that is me you see in your rearview mirror pumping my fist at you, really wanting to flip you off,  and now you made me cuss in front of my children and I want to rip you out of your car through your window and kick you in the teeth.

With the last one said, I am not leaving my house today.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I hate, hate, hate Wal-mart. I’m afraid I am going to start talking to myself in that damn place. They never have what I need and I just would like to talk out loud about…

    • LOL! I hear ya girlfriend and the sad thing is I have caught myself talking to myself in there. I am usually cussing the store or other shoppers under my breath. If I would really pay attention to people around me they are most likely thinking I have a mental problem and have an imaginary friend with me.

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