F*ck that Friday.

Fuck that Friday that was yesterday, I am glad that is over with.  It ended up being a bad day that ended in a hot mess.  Not cool man..not cool.  I am not particularly fond of bad days.  I end up in a bad mood and in this case a hot mess by days end.  It’s just a waste of energy and emotion.  I am a happy person so when I end up spending a day pissed off or sad or in this case both it just a wasted day that should have never existed in the first place.  I kept yesterday clear because there were plans made and but what did I do?  I waited..and waited…and waited and come 1:30pm finally got a phone call.  What was the excuse for this person not being here when they said they would be?  I was tired.  Bullshit.  One of my biggest pet peeves is waiting on people, second biggest pet peeve being bailed on and not even for a good reason.  I was fuming..irate to say the least.  This person was supposed to come out so we could work on things while the kids were in school, instead she decided she was tired and needed to sleep.  Even admitted that she was up at 10am to take the dog out and went back to bed!  Are you fucking kidding me!  You were up at 10am and didn’t even give me the courtesy of a call or text to let me know that you were this tired so just maybe I could find something else to do with my day instead of waiting for you.  Completely irresponsible and oh so rude.  She tried to justify it by saying “it’s not like we had an appointment with someone, if we had an appointment I would have been there”.  Oh holy going to go through the roof!  You had an appointment with me!  What am I chopped fucking meat?  Oh wait, that right, I am just a stay at home mom with nothing better to do than sit around and wait for you, I don’t have errands to run or anything.  My time isn’t valuable.  I just sit around with no kids eating bon bons and being fanned by Fabio all day.  Fuck that.  No I got shit I could do but instead I took your word and cleared my damn day only to be shit on.  No more.  Done.  I am not your earth to walk on.  Have some flipping respect for someone other than yourself and get your head out of your ass.

When the phone call came the first words were “are you mad?”  Umm…does a bear shit in the fucking woods?  Yes I am pissed.  So on came the tired excuses and I needed sleep blah blah blah, needless to say I lost it a bit and said what I wanted to say.  I have a track record of just trying to keep the peace by smiling and nodding and just keeping what I really want to say in.  That’s bullshit nor is it healthy.  No one hesitates to tell me when I am wrong or worries about ruining my day but I find myself not wanting to stir the pot so to speak.  Well that time is over.  I will not sit back and be walked on or taken advantage of.  What is the real kicker is that after the phone call and getting what I wanted to say off my chest I felt guilty.  This always happens, if I know I made someone upset or ruined their day or hurt their feelings, I have now ruined my day because I feel guilty.  Why in the hell do I do this to myself.  So what did I do, I sent a text apologizing for getting upset.  Wtf!  I was clearly right in this situation with the other party clearly wrong..just wrong.  But yet I am the one that feels guilty.  So now along with being mad I am now guilty and sad that I might have hurt their feelings.  Ugh!

To end my wonderful day I watched Winn Dixie with the kids.  Have you seen this movie?  I was a hot mess by the end of it.  Why is it that all the kids movies make you an emotional wreck?  I think the creators of some of these movies have alternative motives because the kids don’t get it.  It’s like they sit around and try to think of scenarios to put in it that only adults will catch on to and understand which results in the moms sitting around crying and the kids have usually by this point went onto something else.  My son asked me “why are you crying, sad movies just make me tired”.   Well kiddo I will be tired too here in a minute because crying for some reason exhausts me.   As I sat and watched the rest of the movie I start thinking about the rest of the week and found myself an even bigger mess.  Then to top it off my husband walks in and asks me what is wrong and asks if I need a hug.  Well yes..yes I do.  I love his hugs, they are the best and this one sent me into a hyperventilating episode.  In my own defense, I haven’t cried for awhile and as a girl we just need to do that every once in a while.  It’s a release and boy did I let it flow.  But after my hug and getting it out I felt much much better.

So needless to say my Friday sucked my ass and I am glad it is over with it.  On to a new day….which is going to be good damnit.  We are already off to a good start, dad just came to get the kids so Billy and I have the day and night to ourselves.

Rock on!

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I am like you with the sequence of events: get mad, play nice, get mad again, finally say something, feel guilty, and sometimes apologize, but not too often 🙂 Hope you and Billy have a great day! I am a total worker-bee mode today!

  2. Why do we do that?? I get so frustrated with myself because of it!
    Can you send me some of your worker-bee mode energy because I am lacking it today!
    Hope you have great weekend!

  3. Before I even got to what you wrote, I thought, “There was an appt…with her!” Then I saw you thought the same thing.

    I’m glad the hug helped make it better!

  4. “Does a bear shit in the fucking woods?!?” Priceless!

  5. don’t you love when you are constantly reminded that your time is never as valuable as someone elses? ugh!!!!

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