My shopping problem(s).

I can tell you that I have a bit of shopping problem with the example of going into the Children’s Place yesterday for one white long sleeve shirt for my daughter and walked out with 2 pairs of shoes 3 pants, 4, shirts, a sweater, a pair of leg warmers and tights for my kids.  Where is the restraint???  But oh they will look so cute in their clothes!  I saved over $50 dollars…That justifies it, right?  Then there is the christmas shopping for the kids.  Here I was for sure that my son was going to be the cause of my santa shopping stress, oh no he was easy..done.  My daughter on the other hand wants everything under the sun, easy right?  I was mistaken.  After going to the almighty Toys R Us and looking at these things that she wants it’s all crap, well not all of it but some.  She wants these Squinkies.  Have you seen these dumb little things that are just asking to be lost in the couch, under the bed, eaten by the dog and/or vacuumed up?

Behold..The Squinkies

They are about an inch tall and just tiny dumb little things.  They serve no purpose, they would be played with once maybe two times and then left in the world of boring.  Yet every time the commercial comes on I hear “I WANT THAT!”.  Umm..sorry darling but you will be disappointed on Christmas morning if you have your heart set on these things.  Mama ain’t buy’n it.  I have to give it to my daughter though she really does play with her toys for the most part.  My son on the other hand wasn’t a huge toy player wither.  I have bought many toys for him over the years that have been left lonely and unopened.  He was always one that had to have someone playing with him at all times, he would never just go off and play by himself.  I blame myself for this one because I was up his tooshie so much when he was a baby.  I felt bad just letting him play by himself.  I learned my lesson when my daughter came around.  I was determined that she would be able to sit and occupy herself by herself.  I am happy to report she does.  She will disappear at times and when I go looking for her she is sitting in her room by herself just playing with her pollies, ponies or barbies.  It’s flipping fantastic.  So as it is easy for me to buy things for her knowing she will play with them and get good out of them there are still some things I just can’t make myself buy.  The Squinkies being one of them.  Another one is the Zhu Zhu Pets.  She had wanted them for a long time and I always refused.  She came into some birthday money earlier in the year and we headed to the store to spend it (because she has her mama’s shopping skills in her already at 5 the money was burning a hole in her pocket).  She picked Zhu Zhu Pets.  I let her get them because it was her money and not mine.  Thank goodness because she played with them maybe 5 times and they are now by her bed where they stay and watch her sleep every single night.  They have not been touched in months.  So when the new princess getup for the Zhu Zhu Pets came out and I heard “I WANT THAT!”  I quickly reminded her of the 3 lonely forgotten Zhu Zhu Pets and she has since changed her mind on wanting those.  Ahh…victory.

Then there is the shopping for the hardest man to buy for on the face of the planet…My husband.  He kills me every year at Christmas and his birthday.  I never ever know what to get him.  He doesn’t just blurt out “I want that”, he rarely gives subtle hints for me to take a mental note on, nada.  He is a music man which is fantastic if you know your music stuff…I don’t.  I have no clue what he has or wants or needs.  Well that’s a lie..he sends me emails with links in them to stuff that he wants but it’s a Les Paul ($5000), an older mustang to restore into a hot rod drag car (at least $5000), this amp thingy that is over a grand.  I love ya babe but our money tree isn’t flowering the Benjamin’s like it’s supposed to, maybe I am using the wrong fertilizer.  I do remember him saying he wanted a pedal board for his guitar pedals, I think, so that is one thing he is getting.  I just really hope I am remembering right.  We will see.

Another stress…trying to keep in mind what dad and Susie are getting for the kids, oh and my sister so not to overlap or repeat the same gift or so I can compliment a gift, i.e. My sister got Em My Little Pet Shop vet set, Em doesn’t have any My Little Pet Shop animals to go with it so I got her a set to go with my sister’s gift.  My brain definitely goes into overload..steam, smoke, bubbling out my eyeballs.  And my favorite..everyone asking me what everyone wants.  My dad wanting to know what to get my husband..Hell I don’t even know what to get him!   Then the ideas for my sister….oh goodness.  All the good ideas I have given to my dad for her and now I am left with a blank brain.  I was under the impression I was going to take her shopping to pick out pots and pans and now she is unsure she wants them..Holy moly now what am I going to do??  haha!  Yesterday I got the question from my dad…”What do you want for Christmas?”  Ummm…I have no idea because I am too busy thinking about everyone else’s gifts I haven’t given a thought to what I want.  I want…a stand alone mirror, a smarter dog, a maid, world peace, lots of alcohol to make it through and a doobie.  There.  I don’t think my dad will by me a bag pot so I can smoke a doobie to calm the stress.   😉    Hey he asked!

My problems aren’t really all that bad it just gets a little stressful.   🙂

Happy Shopping!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Your Christmas List sounds as realistic as mine! Haha btw I have to send you a pic of the shoes I want now, total princess shoes! Ahhhh love!

  2. I know its so stressful sometimes. I either wanna have a heart attack or hyperventate.

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