The Angel Tree Angels

Yesterday my sister and I took my kids to pick Angels off the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  What an awarding and wonderful feeling.

Before we left the house we sat the kids down to explain to them what we were doing.  Both of them understood the main reason…giving to the less fortunate so they too can have a wonderful Christmas and receive what they wished for.  What was hard was trying to explain why we must get the kids the gifts that they wished for instead of Santa.  My sister and I were put to the creative story test, I think we finally passed but we came real close to failing a couple of times thanks to my son being too smart for his own good and he kept calling us out on our story.  There was a fine line that we didn’t want to cross exposing the Santa truth.  We made it through without spilling the beans.

We went to the mall and each of us picked an Angel.  Will picked a boy his age (8), Emily picked a little 3 year old girl, Linds picked a 10 year old girl and myself I picked a 5 year old little boy.  Each of the Angels had a toy and clothing for their wishes.  We started with my little boy who wanted a DS game, off to gamestop for our first gift.  Done.  We headed to JC Pennys for the clothing.   Emily’s little girl made out with an outfit and a christmas dress, Will was funny with his, I went to pick out a pair of jeans for his and he said no way, I don’t like jeans I like comfy pants so my Angel is getting comfy pants.  Done.  Lindsey’s little girl wears sizes in the junior department so we headed there next.  That was a tough one because 1. she is a girl 2. she is in the junior dept and she is 10 3. we don’t know her likes, style and body type.  It makes it difficult because you want something 10 year old like and not revealing or too old, it’s hard to buy jeans because you don’t know the body type.  Lindsey picked out a couple of shirts and a coat for her and then changed her mind.  As she is putting the clothes back she gets tears in her eyes because it is so heartbreaking knowing that there are kids out there who are less fortunate, who just want the simple things in life and plus Linds wants the Angel’s Christmas to be perfect.  She decided on a shirt and a nice guitar since that was the other thing on the little girls wish list.

We headed to Toys R Us next.  We needed a cool skateboard for Will’s, Dora dolls for Em’s, a beautiful pink acoustic guitar for Linds’s.  I think they will be very excited Christmas morning to learn they received all the things on their wish lists!  The rest of the shopping was dedicated to Toys 4 Tots for a benefit my sister was going to last night.  We filled the cart to the top with games, footballs, hot wheels, barbies and slinkies.  Toys 4 Tots was getting one great donation from Linds!

The kids had a blast shopping for their Angels and Lindsey and I had a great time too.  Knowing that you are making a child’s wish list come true is a truly wonderful feeling.  It warms your heart in so many ways and makes you want to do so much more.  We were fortunate to have $300 to spend on our Angels and Toys 4 Tots from a charity benefit my sister threw awhile back.  I only wish I had that extra money each year during this time to give.  Maybe I will start a change jar this year and throw all extra change in there to cash in for next Christmas so we can do this again.

A true heartwarming experience.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Once again, documentation on your true awesomeness! It really is a wonderful thing both you and Lindsey did for those children.

  2. Giving is the key to life. To keep what you have one must give it away. Thanks for your story.

  3. You are a such a good person.

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