The Difference between Snow here, up North and down South.

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The first flakes of snow are falling now and it is so pretty.  Just a flurry or two throughout the day is all they are calling for, the ground is still too warm to hold the snow but it is just beautiful.  A snow event here in Tennessee is quite amusing and it was even more of an event when I lived in Georgia.  Let me explain…

I am from Indiana, a born and raised true Hoosier where snow falls and accumulates over an inch, ice collects on the roads, and people know how to drive in both and not too much freaking out occurs unless it is a big one.  You go to school unless there is a mass amount of snow on the ground or if there is ice on the roads, you don’t get out of work because you can’t make it (I called into work one day because I was not driving on 3 inches of ice and they sent someone to come get me), they don’t close businesses and stores unless it is Bad.  Hell, on my wedding day we woke up to 8 inches of snow and frozen pipes but the wedding still went on and yes people came to our wedding.  In Georgia and here that is not the case.  When we lived in Georgia (about 30 miles east of Atlanta) I was sitting at work one day when a ‘snow storm’ came.  You would think an F5 twister was headed towards the office.  The office stopped and my fellow co-workers started staring out the windows, the chatter started about whether or not they should leave before it starts accumulating, wondering about their kids in school, their husbands and wives out in this awful weather etc.  I sat, I watched, I listened, and I chuckled inside my head.  I couldn’t get over the spectacle this was turning into, it was great entertainment.  *In no way do I intend this to sound mean because if it doesn’t happen very often and you are not used to it, it can be quite a situation to be in.  This was my first time witnessing snow in Georgia and it was something to see.*  About an hour later after the snow started to fall they ended up closing the office and sent everyone home…for 2 days.  The store was the first stop on a fews trip to have that bread and milk, others went off to pick up their kids or spouse.  I called my husband who worked about a mile a way and I will admit we had a laugh out of this.  I headed home myself and that was an experience all in itself.   There is a reason that I stay off the roads now when a snow event happens…people that aren’t used to it can’t drive in it and that makes the roads a dangerous place.  That ‘snow event’ in Georgia landed not even 3 inches of snow and the whole town stopped and shut down for 2 days.  It was something but hey it’s Georgia and that kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time.

Here in Tennessee it is almost the same but it does take a little bit more of the snow and ice to shut everything down.  Well that might be a lie.  One morning I got up to get Will ready for school, I looked outside and it was snowing and there was a thin blanket of snow on the ground already.  I went ahead and got him up and ready for school and made the mistake of not turning on the news because I thought to myself he are going to school the roads are fine and not a whole lot of accumulation is predicted.  WRONG.  After getting him ready I turned on the news and there it was “School Closed”.  Oh my oh my.  Lesson learned.  Even if it is flurrying turn on the news in the morning.  I think that day we got maybe an inch of snow.  There was an evening last year when we did get a crazy amount of snow for around here and I had plans to go to the bar with some friends.  One opted to stay home because where she lives it is all hills and I would have probably stayed home too, another just didn’t want to get out in it.  It ended up being me and two other yankee friends, one from New Jersey and one from Ohio.  Needless to say the bar was pretty empty, there were a few in there that braved it but we still had an excellent time.  The roads were covered by the time I headed home and everyone was driving 2mph, not really icy roads just snow and slush.  Again, if you don’t know how to drive in it, it can be scary.  I do and the other people that don’t know are the ones that frighten me.

It is just so different here than up North and that is to be expected when the average snow fall isn’t much each year.  I am cool with one good snow fall a year, and maybe one on Christmas day, one time to play in it, build a snow man and then it is time to move on and warm up.  I do not miss Indiana’s winters at all.  I am convinced I am meant to live some where warm, preferably tropical.  I see us retired in the Keys somewhere.  Hey I can dream!   😉

So for now I will watch the beautiful snow fall and not accumulate, start a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the first snow of the season.


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  1. Being a PA girl and my parents’ having a second home in the mountains, it is funny to see the worry and craziness that occurs with some.
    I still recall a time in the mountains where it snowed at least 6 inches just one evening and my friend and I cleaned off my Jeep, shoveled the driveway and headed to the bar. It was packed! Anywhere else would have been a ghost town 🙂

  2. You are right! I will admit I have probably lost some of my winter driving know how over the years from not having to deal with crazy weather constantly like up home. Oh no! We might have to deal with crazy snow one time a year and that is a big maybe.

  3. I came back from FL to snow flurries at home. It wasn’t sticking though so that was nice.

    I’m like you. Gimme a couple snows but clean it up quickly! I want warmer weather.

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