No sleep till…

I am not off to a good start today and it started sometime after midnight last night.  I slept in a coma for awhile and then was up tossing and turning with my mind running at 1,000 mph.  Ugh!  I have a crap ton of stuff to get done this week and in the middle of the night my brain wanted to start thinking about all of this.  Really Brain?!?!  It couldn’t wait until daylight to sort out what I was going to do today versus the rest of the week?  So annoying.  Then to top off the morning the bus decided to come 5 minutes early.  I didn’t even have my daughter’s coat on and here it comes, this drives me absolutely nuts.  It is 20 degrees outside and I didn’t have time to bundle up my kids, Emily walked out with her coat half on carrying her backpack and Will thank goodness got his coat on all the way but didn’t get it zipped up.  Yes all of this before 7am.  I want to go back to bed but I just can’t….too much to do.  I have got to go to the store, I need to go to Bass Pro Shop with my dad, I have to go back to Murfreesboro for the millionth time in the last 5 days, I have to get 2 more presents before the weekend, I have to get a few presents wrapped before the weekend, get the whole house clean and figure out where I am going to put 2 adults and 2 kids this weekend (my sister and brother in law are coming!) plus help at Emily’s school on Thursday.  I know this doesn’t sound like a whole heck of alot to get done in 5 days but when you only have a certain time frame to work with each day you must strategically plan, doing these things with two kids is not must be done while they are in school.  I will get out my cape and be Super Mom this week…*insert superman music here*

I just mentioned that my sister and brother in law are coming this weekend!  I am so excited!  We haven’t seen them since February I think it was and that was only for a couple of hours.  They are only coming for one night but I will take what I can get!  My kids are doubly excited, their son is Will’s age and they have a daughter who is 2 and might just be the cutest thing ever.  My sister in law, well both of my sister in laws, and I were pregnant at the same time, all due with in a couple of weeks of each other, so Will has two cousins within 3 weeks of him.  Too cool to have three cousins that close in age.  Will is stoked to play with Luke!  There is a chance they might go home without any kids because I might just kidnap them and keep them here with me.

I just about fell out off the couch last night when I asked Billy what he wanted for Christmas and he actually started naming off things…reasonable things…things that aren’t $5,000 a piece.  People, this is HUGE!  This has not happened in my 11 years with this man.  Now knowing what he wants I am feeling double the pressure to go shopping and find a few of these things and get him done.  Good thing about this is now I have items to tell his mom.  Then he asked me what I wanted and there was silence…just crickets chirping in my head.  Uhhhh……I’ll get back to him on that.  My sister still won’t tell me what she wants and I am about to flip out on this one, not towards her no no, but because I am feeling the pressure to get her done.  Ever since Mom passed away I have taken over the Mom Christmas gift role for her and want her to have what she wants, the things mom would have gotten her.  Usually I have a back up plan for her in case she doesn’t tell me specific things..this year I am drawing blanks.  Think..think…think.  Ouch, I just thought to hard about that one.  I still haven’t done Christmas cards and I don’t know if those are going to get done or not.  I haven’t even bought any.  One more thing to add to the growing list of things to get done.  Yes there are 3 weeks left before Christmas but the kids get out of school in two and when they are out my time to get stuff done, shopping being the main one, is over.  I still have to take my son shopping for his sister and grandparents but after that I refuse to take my kids out shopping, it is not fun for me or them.

So on that note I am going to get busy.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I feel your pain on this to-do list! I am going to get stamps for the Christmas cards today even though I only wrote one card, maybe it will speed me along. I currently have my weekly to do list on my lap and thinking f-this working and events this week, it totally interferes with my list! Haha

  2. Phew! What a rush!! Careful not to miss it all once Christmas arrives!

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