A Snow Day.

It’s a snow day.  Yes there is no exclamation point, no YAY! we are going to play in the snow all day, I am not excited about this like the kids are.  Snow day means the kids are home, they want things, they will bicker and fight, they will want to go out and play in the snow, my to do list for the day will not get completed, I will not nurse this cold I have with a much needed nap.  Phooey on the snow day.  I know, what a grumpy mom I am but it is what it is, at least for this snow day.   Here is a picture of our “Snow Event”


Wow..that is one hell of an ‘event’

I am sorry but if you can still see the grass poking up through the snow it is not a snow event.  Turn on the news, what is happening in the mid west is a snow event.  What I will say is the roads are a mess so I do understand the cancellation of schools for ICE but not snow. I found myself cracking up last night because the news would break in during commercials of the football game with Severe Weather Updates.  I think what they really wanted to say was “People of Nashville, you do not know how to drive in this so stay off the roads!”  I did a post about a week ago regarding snow here, up north and down south, this is a fine example of that.  I pulled up my local news app last night on my phone and read an article on traffic.  Nashville Metro Police responded to 44 wrecks between the hours of 1-2pm.  Why so many?  Because people here don’t know how to drive in any event, snow or ice.  I do not like to drive on ice and refuse to do so but at 1pm it was not icy it was snowy.  What happens to people’s brains when they see snow?  Do they automatically forget any common sense regarding driving they might have had before the wonderful white stuff started magically falling from the sky?  I don’t know, it confuses me.  It’s not hard people…slow down, take extra time, take extra precautions, become even more of a defensive driver, be aware of other ding dongs around you, do not ride someone’s bumper.  If you do not know how to drive in the magical white stuff, please stay home.  All smartassness aside this is, in all actuality, an event for here in Middle Tennessee, we have not had snow on the ground before Christmas in 4 years so it is something to talk about.

So what are we going to do on this snow day?  I will be a good mommy and take the kids outside to play for a minute.  I say a minute because that is all they will last.  We have no snow boots, no snow suits, we don’t have the appropriate gloves.  We do have the appropriate coats so at least their chest will stay warm while their toes get frost bite.  They do not own long underwear..well my son does but only because we needed it for his halloween costume.  I have a snow pants and long johns but only because I have kept them from when I lived in Indiana and would ski and actually need the appropriate snow attire, but I can’t put that on while watching my kid’s jeans get sopping wet with snow.  Well I could but that would be mean   😉    Where I am from up home we have Perfect’s Ski Slopes.  We would ski all the time, Oh how I miss that!!!  Last year my sister in law got us passes for Perfects to take the kids skiing and tubing.  What a great Christmas gift!..if we lived up there still, now that we have moved away not so much.  She does get an A for an awesome gift and the idea behind it!  But why haven’t we used it?  I will tell you.  In order for me to take the kids skiing or tubing in the snow I would have to go out and spend over $200 for the appropriate warm attire to only to be worn that one time, I can’t justify that.  It just doesn’t snow down here enough with accumulation to really play in that would justify buying all the snow suits, boots and appropriate gloves.  So what do we do when we get some to play in?   My poor kids..do you remember the kid from A Christmas Story when his mom bundled him up so much he couldn’t move?

That is what they look like minus the snow suit.  They have on as many pairs of pants I can get on them under a pair of jeans or sweats, my daughter has on 3 pairs of leggins under her jeans, they have 6 shirts on plus their coats, 5 pairs of socks in their tennis shoes, and at least 2 pairs of gloves.  Poor kids.  We were up home at my dad’s one time last winter when a snow storm came, we got about 5 inches of snow and the kids were completely amazed!  They got to actually play in snow..real accumulation.  They got to build a REAL snowman!


So pretty! The trail leading into the woods at dad's old house

Man, I miss my dad’s old house and the nature and beauty that surrounded it.

My dad's house from 2009

My dad's house from 2009

Back to reality..a snow day up there is totally different than a snow day down here.  It is what it is.  So today we will have our snow day, play in the snow for a moment and occupy our time the best we can.  I see some video games in our near future because that is the kind of energy I have today.

Happy Snow Day!

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  1. I hear you on the “to do” list I also don’t miss the mega snow events we had here last year. Living by myself and having a deck on the 2nd story of my house I had to shovel it off multiple times to prevent it from damaging it and the house. Plus I live on the corner so that means clearing the sidewalks so people don’t fall and sue me, plus the driveway and steps. I was ready to move. I was making a for sale sign for the house out of construction paper and Elmer’s glue, I was about ready to cry due to exhaustion.
    I pray that this year is different, I can’t do that again and I even have all the “snow gear” to where out there! Try to enjoy the day. My mom used to do the a special program or lunch or something when there was a snow day so it was something special for sister and I, a tradition which I still remember and totally loved back in the day!

    • Oh I do not miss that at all! I am good for one snow fall a year and then it is time to move on to warmer things. After today I am good the rest of the year. I hope you guys don’t get the storms you did last year too, those were some doozies.
      I usually do fun things on snow days with the kids but today I just have so much I need to do and secretively at that (christmas stuff) plus I really need to nurse this cold at least for one day. All I have done today is play referee.

  2. Dude that’s snow!!!
    I had no idea. It rarely snows in El Paso TX and if it does its melted by 11 am.

    Lucky kids!
    I bet if snowed like that I would have gotten to stay home from work.

  3. You stole the words from out of my mouth! I was about to say…if you can still see grass/pavement, then you don’t deserve a snow day! Your dad’s old property looks beautiful…and what cute kids, to boot! I would love to go tubing for a Christmas present! Lucky!

    • I’m with ya, but the roads were terrible yesterday morning. My husband said he slid right through two intersections, but he also was pulling a big generator that helped push him through, his brakes weren’t working with all that weight behind the truck!
      Thanks so much!

  4. OH NO! I am just one state over. I hope it doesn’t come this way. It’s not so bad if you don’t have to drive in it, but, like you said, some people lose their common sense about driving when it snows.

  5. Those are some really cool pics!

    I’m with you on the definition of “event.” If you can still see the grass, it doesn’t count.

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