The practice of restraint during the holidays is so hard.

I am happy to report that my Christmas shopping is complete…ahhhh.  I do still have to take my son shopping to get his gift for his sister but that is easy and quick.  Yesterday I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and got my end done and what a feeling it is, I feel like I can somewhat relax.  What I am faced with now is restraint.  The restraint to not buy anymore stuff.  I have failed at restraint already for my son, he will be receiving a big gift and I explained to him that if he gets this one gift he will not have as much as his sister.  He understands so this is great.  But I have failed.  I stood in the garage looking at the kids gifts and started to feel bad because of the number for his sister vs his.  Why do I think it needs to be even?  Kids don’t count, they don’t notice because they are too busy ripping open their presents to pay any attention to their sibling’s gifts.  Yesterday while I was out I failed miserably and bought him a couple more things.  Not big stuff but still I did it.  No More!  I will not take my happy ass anywhere where there is a chance to buy anything but food, except when I take him shopping but that is it.  Krogers and Publix are the only places I will allow myself to go by myself for the next 10 days.  I can do this!  Every year I think I have done so good at not going over board with the gifts and then comes Christmas Eve when its time to drag everything out, I stand there and look at all the crap I bought.  Way to go Jamie, you have now officially went over board yet again.  With the way things look out in the garage I think I did better this year, still probably too much but better.  Baby steps, right?  I have such a shopping problem at this time of the year.  I love to buy things for people, I think I get a high from seeing their face when they open their gift, to see their happiness that I had a part in making.  I need therapy, a 12 step program.   😉   My dad makes it a point to call me out every year, and this year will be worse because he will be here to witness my problem first hand for the first time.  Great, I can’t wait.  Let the shopping/money lecture begin.  Good thing is, as much as he calls me out on it he knows I get it honestly from my mom.  She was the same way, our Christmases were always great and we always received probably too much.  So shopping is in my blood, I get the failure of restraint honestly…it’s in my blood and part of my dna.  haha! Oh well…

So now I am left with the time to get everything wrapped and ready for the big day so not to be up until 2am on Christmas Eve.  That always happens too, I call in my elves, my husband and sister, and make them help.  We do have fun the 3 of us, staying up late, wrapping, making the decision to what gets left unwrapped, running back the hall way at every sound to make sure the kids are still in bed and sitting everything out so it’s just right.  Presentation is everything you know, certain things must be wrapped and others sat out to see when they walk out rubbing their eyes.  There is a lot of thought that goes into the presentation, I’m anal and a bit goofy with it, I realize this.  My sister sleeps on the couch to man the tree for the night.  She also makes it a point to make sure the kids don’t start ripping into things the minute they get up.  She is the tree police.  She tells the kids she is watching for Santa to make sure he leaves what they want.  How much longer will this work?  Heehee.  What fun it is though!  I can’t wait.  Christmas morning is priceless and so much fun.  Plus I am a kid at heart so I can’t wait to play with all the toys and games!  I still get butterflies Christmas Eve, I still don’t sleep well with anticipation of the morning, I still get tears in my eyes in the morning watching my kids and how happy they are.  There is a magic that comes on Christmas..and that magic will never be lost.



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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I also need that 12 step program you speak of above! I will be your sponsor for the next 10 days! Pinkie swear!

  2. I felt like this was a pep talk. Thanks. I was about to take a second mortgage out on my house cause I saw more things in the stores that my kids would love.

  3. You sound JUST like my mom growing up. She always made sure things were laid out in a certain way…the “big” gifts were rarely wrapped, particularly for shock value. I wasn’t allowed to come downstairs until everything was ready…i.e., the camera to take a picture of my expression when I waltzed in the room.

    And she’d be like you, in the respect that even though I knew not to expect gads and gads of presents, she’s go out and buy a few more, anyways. It doesn’t show you have no self shows you really love your kids and want them to have a great Christmas! Kudos!

  4. I’m always picking up more presents as well. This year I’m with you: I’m putting a stop to it. After this weekend.

  5. Yes, we meet, have wine and eat cookies and poptarts! you will love it!

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