Good News mixed in with Bad News.

This is it, the last day of school for almost 3 weeks, and it’s only a two hour day.  My son begged and begged last night to not have to go today, he is currently still sleeping and has no idea I let him stay home from school.  Heehee!  My daughter on the other hand wanted to go because they were having a Holiday Party *because god forbid they call it a Christmas Party* and her teacher was making pancakes for all the students.  Em won’t pass up pancakes at any time!  So it starts..the almost 3 week break.  It will be fun, I am looking forward to it and I know the kids are ready as well.

Yesterday I took my son for his 8 year check up at the doctor.  What a mad house that was!  Everyone is sick and I just hate taking the kids to the doctor when they are fine to be around a bunch of sick people.  I really wish they would separate or divide the waiting room…sick side/well side.  They were so busy and so backed up that our appointment was at 3:00 and we weren’t called back till almost 4:00.  Not cool when kids are involved but oh well.  What I learned yesterday shocked me.  My son is, like I said, 8 and he is 4’5″ tall and weights 63 lbs.  He’s huge!  80th percentile for his height and 70th for his weight.  I thought for sure the dr. would tell me to put some weight on him..he is a bean pole!  I am going to have one tall kid on my hands.  I am 5’3″ so he is going to pass me up in no time, scary.  I was doing laundry the other day and we all have black long john type shirts and I actually grabbed my sons and went to hang it up in my closet, that proves right there my baby is not so much a baby any longer.  *sigh*  I can’t get over how big he has gotten, how smart he is, how caring and loving and just an all around good kid.  I am truly blessed with my little boogers.

Yesterday my sister called with some not so good news regarding one of her closest dearest friends.  This friend is considered part of our family, we have adopted her as one of our own, she is loved by all of us and is very dear to us.  Her and my sister have been friends since my sister moved here in 2004.  She has been sick for around 2 months now not knowing what was wrong, the doctors would tell her it’s one thing and put her on medication only for the medicine to irritate what ever it is that is wrong.  Back to the doctor she would go and they would change their mind and change her meds, at one point putting her on medication that cost $900.  That is absolutely ridiculous for medicine to cost that much, just saying.  This back and forth has went on for a couple of months.  She can’t really eat anything, stomach spasms, tiredness, pain in her abdomen etc. the poor thing has lost so much weight she looks sickly.  I am surprised they have not put her in the hospital on an iv.  She is about 5 inches taller than me and weighs way less than me, poor thing.  This week she went back in for more tests and the doctor called with the results a day early..that is never good.  My sister called with the news that her friend has Cervical Cancer.  Then later in the day the doctor called back and said it wasn’t cervical cancer it is Ovarian Cancer.  Well lets get it right here!  Damn Doctors!  Anyway, it involves the ‘C’ word and I flippin hate the ‘C’ word.  My heart sank and I could hear the worry in my sisters voice as we started to discuss the news.  We lost our mom to cancer so we both don’t do well with anyone having cancer.  It is such an evil disease and just saying the word stings my tongue.  Her friend is so young, such a good loving person, wants so bad to have kids and have her family.  My sister just kept saying why couldn’t this have happened to me, I am the one that doesn’t want kids.  I did not like hearing that, I have accepted that I will most likely never have a niece or nephew from her besides her dog, but the thought of my sister having something like this broke me.  I refuse to even play pretend with the idea.  I don’t know anything about Ovarian Cancer so the first thing I did this morning was google it.  In my mind Ovarian Cancer was a less severe form of cancer and I thought highly treatable.  The first thing I read this morning is Ovarian Cancer is the 5th leading killer cancer.  My heart sank.  Now we have no idea what stage the cancer is in, further tests will tell.  I can’t help wanting to curse the sky.  I am just trying to have positive thoughts for a positive outcome at this point.  I worry about my sister.  If god forbid this turns down a road with an awful outcome, I don’t know how she will deal. But for now we will stay positive and hope for the best.  I read that, depending on the stage of the cancer, they can treat it with a major surgery removing the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus and ending with chemo to destroy what ever is left.  Hopefully it has not spread past her ovaries and fallopian tubes, if it has that is where it gets scary.  Time and tests will tell.  My thoughts are with this friend, I love you girlie.

On another depressing note, my step-uncle has been in the hospital.  It is my step mom’s oldest brother.  They had a scare earlier in the week when the doctors decided it was cancer, then took that back and decided it was something else.  It has something to do with his lymph nodes.  I am confused on this one.  She is taking off tomorrow with her other brother to go see him in the hospital in Evansville, I will wait with positive thoughts for the news on him.  He is being sent to Missouri somewhere to a specialist very soon.  I wish I could remember what she said they thought it was but it was a bunch of big words that sounded like a foreign language to me.  I had never heard of it before.  My thoughts are with them as well.

I hate to be such a downer but this is life, and it is my life at this moment in time.


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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. *sad face* I am sorry to hear this news. I am even more upset the length of time it has taken to diagnose the condition. It is you have to be your own advocate and doctor more times than not to get real results and not meds that cost 900+ bucks a month. I do hope treatment can be done and is successful.

    • It’s ridiculous, my sister told me yesterday that her friend said when this all started that she bet she had ovarian cancer. I get so mad at doctors. But we don’t know if she has had it all along and the drs were missing it or it was just developing and was undetectable until now.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your sisters friend. have her check out Doctor Joel Wallack. This man is good. Good forbid we wish anyone a to have a Merry Christmas.Beware of doctors more than half are high on either speed or drunk. Get second opinion. Please have your sisters friend listen to Dead Doctors Dont Lie. God bless you and your family.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. The “C” word is scary.

    Your daughter’s teacher made pancakes? That is awesome! I’ve never heard of a teacher doing something like that.

  4. I totally understand what you mean.
    I have never lost anyone dear or close to me ever until two years ago I lost my mother in law to cancer.
    I know you understand but it was the most hardest thing ever I had to go through. Even to this day, the pain doesn’t go away it. It just becomes a numbing feeling.
    I still can’t believe she is gone.
    F*ck Cancer!

    • I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law. What kind of cancer did she have, if you don’t mind me asking.
      The pain will always be there, sad but true, but you have to make it a point to concentrate on the memories and good times. I was numb for probably 2 years, the first year after she passed I hardly remember. I functioned but only in a daze.
      It does get a little easier, I promise. 🙂
      I hate the word cancer. It hurts to say it, think it.

  5. Cancer sucks. Period. My grandparents both had different forms of cancer, and the word alone makes me sick to my stomach. I will be thinking about your friend tonight. Hopefully they will catch it in its early stage and be able to treat it!

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