My Monday Ramblings and a few Rants.

My Monday ramblings…

My kids just left with my Dad for the next 3 days.  Which leaves me with no excuse not to get anything done.  But I will milk it for at least today!  haha!  I am hoping my husband and I will at least go to dinner and maybe out for a drinky poo this evening.  We haven’t been able to do that for a month.  I miss my hubby time.

I hate to pluck my eyebrows I swear it is self induced human torture.  I have got to start getting them waxed again.  Just thought I would share that.  😉

I am getting so excited for Christmas, I feel like a little kid!!  5 days to go!  My son made it a point to remind me to take a ring off the tree each day they are gone.  Aye, aye Captain!  Done.  The present under the tree are killing my daughter..I catch her just staring at them like if she looks hard enough they will magically start unwrapping themselves.

I think my dog is actually becoming a real dog!  He is finally learning..I think his brain is just a late developer.  He can stay here a bit longer.

I hate dermatitis.  It’s like the devil living in your skin.  I found I had it last year when I had these little pestering patches that came up on my face that would not go away.  All it is is dry skin, the most annoying dry skin you ever had.  Mine is not bad, when I researched it I found out it could be so so much worse so I can’t complain too much about it.  My patches are small so when they do decide to grace me with their presence it is manageable and easy to cover up.  It just annoys the living daylights out of me.  UGH!

The happy meal ordeal that is going on is just down right dumb.  Cities are banning them and people are actually suing McDonald’s!  WHAT?!?!?  Insane.  Do they really thing taking away the Happy Meal and the dumb little toys are going to make the child obesity/unhealthy eating epidemic go away?   No, no it won’t.  What we need is a parenting class for parents that can’t tell their children NO!  It actually quite simple..the kid asks for a Happy Meal and the parent answers No.  If the kid throws themselves down in a temper tantrum because they can’t have the stupid toy then your child is a rotten brat and doesn’t deserve it in the first place.  Banning the happy meals is not solving any problem.  If I take my kids into McDonalds and they ask for a happy meal and I tell them they no longer have them I can guarantee their response will not be “oh ok then I will have a salad and some apple dippers”.  This will only happen when hell freezes over and pigs start flying.  They will still say “I want chicken nuggets and fries”.  It’s not a food establishments fault for making these things readily available, its the parents fault for allowing their kids to eat it non stop and caving to the kids demands.  Yes I allow my children Happy Meals every once in a while but only every now and again.  When I do say no they do not throw fits they say ok.  Kids are entitled to some chicken nuggets and fries in moderation, not constantly.  I know I crave some McDonalds fries every now and again.  If your child is obese and unhealthy you cannot blame McDonalds, you as a parent have to suck it up and realize it is your own fault for allowing your kids to become this way.  Everyone is looking to place blame on someone else and not looking in the mirror and taking the time to see it is themselves that needs the blame.  The only positive thing I can come up with is the toys will not make it into my house on occasion.  That is it.

I about lost it yesterday in a parking lot.  I turned to go up an aisle to get out of the parking lot and just about rear ended some broad that was waiting for someone to back out.  She was not pulled conveniently to the side so people could go around her while her lazy ass waited.  Oh no, she was stopped right in the flipping middle.  I had to count to 10.  I get that everyone would like a spot up close and honestly when I find one it’s like hitting the lottery, especially around the holidays.  But usually the people that wait for them like this dumbass was they are just too lazy to walk an extra 20 feet.  They are they ones that usually could use some exercise.  If you have kids in tow under the age of 3, or have an elderly person with you, you are pregnant (and I mean big pregnant) or are an elderly person then waiting is just fine.  It is awful to walk through a crowded parking lot with small kids in tow, they don’t listen, they want to run all over and don’t want to stay with you so in that case the shorter the walk the better, I get that.  Yesterday this woman was by herself, no car seats in the back, no elderly person in the passenger seat she was just that flipping lazy.  So annoying.

I don’t understand the use of all caps in facebook statuses.  When I get on there and see one in all caps I feel like I am being yelled at.  Then you take the time to read it and they are asking for prayers or what have you.  Seriously, that is not necessary.  Just use normal size type and let me know what is on your mind.  And that brings me to another point..the asking of prayer on facebook.  I am really going to try to make this not sound mean because that is not what I am trying to do.  But it seems this is being abused.  I am all for sending some positive thoughts your way if needed but when it’s constant for every single thing you are abusing it.  One the other day was I am having a bad day please send prayers my way.  No.  If you have a loved one that is in the hospital about to go through a life threatening surgery, you have just lost a loved one, your dear friend was just in an awful car wreck then comes the positive vibes but because you are having a bad day?  NO!  Suck it sucks at times.  It’s bad enough that some of my friends on there want to post bible readings and it’s like going to church on some days but now everyone wants a prayer for every little thing.  Maybe we should make a facebook for prayer and religion.  If I did go to church I don’t think I would need to go because I get my daily dose of religion just logging on to fb at times.  That sounds awful I know but it’s just my opinion.

Well I must start milking my day of nothing.

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  1. I’m annoyed by the Happy Meal thing, too. I get Happy Meals for myself sometimes. I like to think of it as portion control.

    I hope you get to go out with the Hubs tonight!

    • Me too! But when I texted him to see if he wanted to I got back “we’ll see” *stick my tongue out at him*! Then he emailed me and said we should go get our hand carry permit bc it will be fun. Yes that is what I want to do..I want to pack a gun. But then again maybe it will come in handy when the local mcd’s wants to take away the happy meal!

  2. The all caps thing irritates me too. Even more obnoxious than that is when everything is in caps except for letters that are SUPPOSED to be capitalized.


    The Happy Meal thing is stupid too. The name of the restaurant is McDonalds NOT The Biggest Loser. Kids aren’t overweight just because of McDonald’s. They haven’t learned proper eating habits. The don’t exercise. There are a lot of schools that don’t even have P.E. anymore. Some parents don’t care what their kids eat. If you’re going to sue McDonald’s, then you might as well sue every person or institution that gave your kid something bad (unacceptible by food nazi standards) to eat.
    I keep waiting for the day that there is a grocery nazi at the end of the checkout line in grocery stores.

    • I hear ya. Do they not realize their caps lock is on and they are typing like a douche bag?
      I know I already feel like I am being watched at the grocery store…yes there is a box of twinkies and 2 boxes of chocolate covered cherries in my cart, oh and a bag of chicken nuggets!

  3. Several people had the same conversation re prayer issues on FB, or here is your “thought for the day”. If i wanted a thought I would come up with my own. how dare someone assume i want to think. 🙂 preech on sister.

  4. Holiday parking lots and checkouts line are the way the universe tries to weed out the weak links. See who can keep their cool, make sound decisions, etc. Good job keeping it in check! You pass go, please collect $200.

    The “we’ll see” answer from people is one of my top hated responses. I want to just yell at them and say, “that’s a no, just say it, don’t be a p****y!”

    FB posts that always show up when a person seeks pity and never any other time are always completely ignored by me, as are the texts from those people. I am that harsh! They learn or they start to run out of people to do the “look at me, look at me, oh poor me” routine.

    You rock that kicking-back state of being, it is necessary sometimes. I have learned this more in recent years and am happier as a result.

    • Awesome!
      yes I was not please to get the ‘we’ll see’ answer. he will take me to dinner whether he likes it or not. I will let him slide on the drinks afterwards.
      I am real close to hiding or deleting the needy prayer people.

      I think I rock the kicking back state of being a little too well and probably too often. haha! Yes I am a kick back professional! Now if I can just get paid for it. hmmmm…..

  5. Are you serious about the whole Happy Meal thing?
    Now what will make me and my kids happy?
    Soup and Salad? NOOOO!
    Ribs at Chilli’s? NOOOO!
    Give us our Happy Meals!

  6. Best…rant…ever! You hit on so many interesting and different topics! I was so fed up with holiday parking today at the mall. NO ONE is nice enough to let people make turns..everyone is ME ME ME ME…ugh…is it Easter yet?!?

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