We are all spoiled.

Well here I am, the day after Christmas and facing the after math of the controlled chaos that was yesterday.  It was fabulous which makes the looks of my house a bit more bearable.  My house looks like Santa’s workshop threw up toys and goodies all over the place and my kitchen looks like I had a 20 person party last night (the most people that was in my house yesterday was 7).  I will get to the clean up here in a bit but first my blog post and more playing with all the new toys with the kids.  The housework will just have to wait.

I am happy to report that our holidays went smoothy, were wonderful, filled with much love, happiness, smiles, laughter, food and wine.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better except that I wish my sister wouldn’t have had to work yesterday but at least she was here half of the day.  We even had our White Christmas!  The day started with the panic of my 5 year old coming into our bedroom at 5am saying she didn’t feel good.  Great I thought, she is going to be sick all day.  Between you and me I think she was fine and just wanted to get up to see if Santa had came, thank goodness she curled up in bed with us and went back to sleep until my son came in just before 7.  Now it’s show time.  I had to wake my daughter up and her response was “it’s too early to open presents”.  WHAT!  You have been staring at presents for 2 weeks now and asking everyday when you get to open them and now that it’s “the time” it’s too early??  Silly girl, get your hiney out of bed and lets Do This!  They sat around the presents looking, analyzing, and planning their attack.  W was beside himself to see his Xbox 360 w/ Kinect sitting there and the second E laid eyes on her Lalaloopsy doll she was all smiles.  After we had our coffee in hand, everyone’s brain was in working order, camera was turned on they got the “GO”.  And go they did.  The ripping the presents started and with each one they smiled.  That smile is the best thing ever and makes all the holiday stress worth it.  They made out like bandits.  My sister spoils them right along with us and puts her stuff out as Santa gifts too so the kids are just flat out rotten.  W made out with his xbox, games, arts supplies, board games, and a real bow and arrows, sea monkeys, clothes and other little things.  E made out with her mass amount of barbies and barbie furniture, pollies, Zoobles, games, clothes and other little things.  We all made out really, I was amazed when it was the adult’s turn to open their presents.  My sister had a wonderful Christmas with an array of different things, my husband made out with his pedal board and smoker among other little things.  When it was my turn to rip into mine I looked over at the mountain of gifts that had accumulated in my pile and was shocked.  I have to say I was crazily spoiled this Christmas and didn’t see it coming.  My husband got me a new lens for my camera and diamond earrings!  Now what makes the earrings such a surprise is that he doesn’t buy diamonds or ‘blood diamonds’ as he likes to call them.  This is only the 3rd time in 12 years that I have gotten diamonds from him.  The first being on our one year dating anniversary and the second being when I didn’t want to move to Georgia from Maryland with him he bought me a diamond necklace to help talk me into it I guess you could say.  I was shocked when I opened them to say the least.  They are huge!  I crack up every time I look in the mirror because I feel like I am big pimp’n with them!  haha!  My kids got me great gifts that included a snuggly blanket and very nice kitchen utensils and a few other things.  My sister spoiled me rotten with boots, a shirt, and a new purse.  Then there was the gift from her that brought tears to my eyes.  She got me a portfolio for my photographs with a hand written letter in it.   I love that girl.  We definitely were all spoiled this Christmas and everyone was uber happy!  The kids told us they had the best Christmas!

The day ended with wine and a great dinner with the family.  The dinner turned out perfect which is amazing seeing the buzz that I had come half way through the cooking time.  By that time the snow had started to fall once again, it was beautiful.  Dad and Susie had to head home right after dinner to feed the horses and get them in.  It wasn’t until they headed down the road that I got word on how bad the roads were getting.  I called them to let them know and Dad told me he had just slid sideways, I was a nervous wreck to say the least until I got the phone call that they made it home safely.  We ended our night with the kids playing the xbox until they were sweaty and pooped.

My husband was soon dead asleep on the couch, my kids were in bed and I spent the next hour and a half in the quiet having a little me time with the xbox.

It was a good day.


About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Awesome 🙂 So glad it went so well and was picture perfect!

  2. We got the kinect today. We played it as well. That would explain the soreness in my legs.

  3. I’m with you! For whatever reason, the Christmas gods decided to spoil me this year. Totally unwarranted. Besides my camera and mixer, I got a host of DVDs, Rock Band 3 (with keyboard!), a steamer for my clothes, and a nice bag for my laptop. I don’t know why or how, but I feel a bit like a kid at Christmas again!

  4. Wait…you used to live in Maryland? We could be hanging out right now! Come back!

    You woke up at 5 and then again at 7? That’s nothing! Last year Radley woke us up at 1:30 and then again at 2:30, and then 3:30.

    I’m glad your family had a great Christmas!

    • We lived there for almost a year in Lusby just south of Prince Frederick. Where abouts are you up there? I loved it there until it was time for my emissions check and had to spend $400 to get my car up to their standards and peel my tint off the windows. After that episode I couldn’t move quick enough because I was mad. It was beautiful though we could walk to the bay, our neighborhood had a private beach and Solomon Island was a 15 minute car ride. Loved it. Just beautiful.

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