Back to reality in more way than one.

The Monday after Christmas always stinks.  It’s a big fat slap in the face back to reality.  What was the first thing I thought about this morning when my eyes popped open?  Paying bills.  I loathe paying bills and double time after Christmas.  I don’t know why, its the same as it always is, but it could be because while I am paying them I am looking at all the toys and gifts from Christmas still spread around the living room.  Ugh.  Also I have to go to the store so we can eat tonight and that means I have to get dressed and do normal things.  What do I want to do today?  I want to stay in my comfy clothes and play with the kids all day.  I feel like I haven’t really done that yet.  On Christmas I played hostess, yesterday my sons buddy came down so even though I played Clue with them and a couple of other things I feel like I still didn’t have ‘that time’ with them and today I have errands to run.  I think I just made up my mind though..we will go to the store and then have mandatory play time.  The nitty gritty cleaning and putting away will just have to wait until tomorrow.  I WILL play with my kids!

As we were sleeping last night my husband’s work phone started ringing at 3:30am.  I cringe every time I hear it, especially in the middle of the night.  It’s usually just a job call, they need a generator or a pump and he calls one of his guys to handle it and back to sleep he goes.  Not last night.  I don’t think he ever made it back to bed.  He came in to tell me bye this morning and I look over and it’s 5 something.  Which can be normal but I know how he works and today he wouldn’t of went in that early.  I checked my email when I got up and had one from him.  The call at 3:30am was a call from the alarm company telling him someone broke in….again.  His shop got robbed again and this time they took everything.  I fucking hate dickhead assholes that steal.  It’s usually lazy ass fucks that want everything for free and won’t get a god damn job.  His shop is in the hood first of all so his shop gets hit occasionally from time to time.  This is the 3rd time in 2 months and way more frequent then usual.  Holidays?  Yes. The first time they took some cable, cable has copper in it and that is why they take it, to sell the copper.  The 2nd time, which was earlier this month, they hot wired a damn steak body truck and filled it with all the cable they could find and stole the truck, cable, and one of his guys mini van (for the 2nd time..yes this guy has now had 2 vans stolen from his place of employment) that was parked in the gated lot for the night.  Fuckers!  This time I don’t have the details of everything they took besides…’everything’ as he put it.  My husband bought a mini dirt bike “for our son” (yeah right he just wanted one   😉   a year ago and has kept it at the shop and him and the guys ride it around the lot for shits and giggles.  They took that too which tells me that got inside the shop and not just in the gated lot like usual.  ASSHOLES.  He is just sick to his stomach and most likely panicking a bit.  He has a huge job to do this week for the New Year’s Eve celebration downtown which involves many generators and miles of cable.  I just hope they didn’t take his generators.  They are worth millions.  If they did they are complete dumb fucks because they are big and green and have his company’s name plastered all over them.  It makes me so flipping mad when this shit happens and it makes me even more sick because of how it effects my husband.  I fucking hate assholes that do this shit.  Lazy ass fucks.  Go get a god damn job and get your shit honestly like the rest of us.  But no, you think you deserve everything…everything should be given to you and you shouldn’t have to work for a fucking thing.  Fuck you I say….FUCK YOU!  Low life fucking bottom scavengers.  You all should fucking rot…you are low life fucking scum.  You are too fucking lazy to work for what you want so you go and take shit from other people that worked hard to have what they have or in this case you steal from a company that needs these things that you take to do their job and the services they provide.  Fucking rot you douchebag fucknards.  I hope my husband’s company will wise up and realize they need to move the shop because obviously these assholes aren’t leaving the shop alone anytime soon.



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  1. I am so sorry to hear this 😦 Assholes are everywhere, it is ridiculous and infuriating! Keep me posted on this please. Again so sorry this had to damped your Christmas season.

  2. I am so sorry. =( I hope everything works out ok. Any word on the generators? I hope they catch those jerks and get everything back!

    • They didn’t take any generators but found the truck an hour and a half away they took $50,000 worth of cable and all said and done walked away w $190,000 worth of tools, cable and other stuff. Some are leaning towards an inside job. so sad.

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