The puzzle and an update.

I bought my son a 750 piece puzzle for Christmas with the thought that he would enjoy it since he had told me he wanted a big puzzle to do.  My thought was we would work on it together and when finished glue it and put it up on his wall.  This puzzle would be awesome wall art for his room.  Yesterday we busted it out.

The three of us started to organize the pieces and the next thing I know we were down to two people at the table.  I look around and W is now in the living room playing the Xbox.  I ask him why he left us and he said it’s too hard.  What!  We haven’t even started it yet and you already gave up!  Well phooey!  So my daughter and I started the puzzle together.  I used to do puzzles all the time back in the day.  I loved them.  I haven’t sat and worked on a puzzle in probably 10 years.  The last one I did my sister in law bought for me and I wish I could remember the name of it, but all the pieces were cut exactly the same and it was a maze.  You could get the whole puzzle together and realize it’s together wrong if the maze doesn’t work.  I had to put it together 3 times and by the 3rd time it was right but I was missing one piece!  I was so frustrated I am pretty sure I just threw the darn thing away.  E did so good helping me start the puzzle yesterday.  She did not get frustrated and quit, she sat there and worked, you could see her brain pumping away.  It was awesome.  After the kids went to bed and B was asleep in the chair I went in to work on the puzzle some more.  I realized last night when I sat by myself how much I miss doing a good puzzle and how relaxing it is.  I turned my ipod on and worked on it and worked on it and worked on it.  Next thing I know it is 12:30.  I made myself go to bed.  It is not finished but it will be today.  I am now on a mission.  I hope W will help me today and get interested in it.

An update on yesterday’s fiasco as B’s shop:

After B got home yesterday he gave me the run down of his crazy, long, exhausting day.  I had said yesterday that his shop got robbed.  I thought it was the alarm company that called him at 3:30am but I was wrong it was the police that found their steak body truck an hour and half away.  They were wanting him to come pick it up, needless to say he didn’t go pick up the truck right away he went straight to the shop.  B went into work with the thought that the truck was the only thing taken because they have moved everything besides the big pieces of equipment into the shop.  The lot is gated and under an alarm and the shop has alarms on every door.  When he arrived at the shop and did a walk through he was amazed.  The gate alarm had been bypassed, they had somehow gotten into the shop without setting off the alarm, every drawer was open and things scattered.  Who ever did this took tools, a dirt bike, power washer, a steak body truck, $50,000 worth of cable among other things.  The grand total of what they walked away with….$190,000.  Sickening.  All the cable that was loaded for this weeks NYE job was gone.  They took so much cable that they couldn’t fit anymore in the truck and left around 10 pieces laying on the ground where they loaded it up.  So on top of B having to deal with police, CSI unit, his company, alarm company, his bosses, the set up of NYE and all the head honchos involved there, he now had to send someone to Atlanta to pick up cable so they could start the job downtown which is now delayed just a bit.  The poor man was completely drained.  They think it is the same person/s that hit them last time and they have a notion that it is an inside job.  That is exactly what I thought when they got hit last time for a couple of different reasons.  All the doors have alarms on them so when B noticed the one door open he was confused.  While the door was being inspected they noticed that the alarm wire had been cut, and wasn’t just cut yesterday.  Hmm…  Makes you scratch your head and question everyone.  Someone new this was the way in.  He said that who ever did this must had spent at least 4 hours in the shop going through everything and loading the truck.  They are assuming the same people as last time because then too a steak body truck was loaded and stolen and both times a window was busted and a screw driver was used to start the trucks, and also they get in and out of the lot the same way.  Jerks.  I hope his day is better today than yesterday.  It may or may not be one of the employees but it was definitely someone that knows the shop and the way around it.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Wow, I’ll be thinking about you and your family during this frustrating time. What an awful thing to have to deal with. Hopefully the culprit is caught!

  2. An inside job? Sad. =( I hope they figure out who done it.

  3. That totally SUCKS! I’m so sorry that happened. $190,000 IS sickeneing.

    I got a van Gogh puzzle from my cousin. I haven’t opened it yet.

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