I am Super Girl when I put on my Cape

It’s so hard to sit here and write a post when I have a 5 year old that won’t quit talking for 5 minutes so I can think and 2 8 year olds playing the Xbox who like to scream at the TV.  I am sorry kids but yelling at the UFC game isn’t going to make Brock Lesner do the move that you can’t figure out on the controller.  Stop it and be quiet so I can think!   😉   Then there is the  yelling at each other and the dog that won’t leave them alone so they yell at him too.  Too many loud voices in my living room!!!  Inside voices people…inside voices.  What is funny though is Jman playing the UFC game and making sound effects every time his guy hits the other, he’s over there huffing and puffing, I know when he gets hit or hits someone just from the noises.  I can’t figure out how to make his sound effects into words but it is funny.  Then there is the smack talk, they talk more smack than any other kids I know.

It’s 11:00 and I haven’t accomplished squat.  It doesn’t help that I slept in till almost 9.  That NEVER happens.  So I feel as if my morning was shot because well, it was.  I have had no morning due to the kids and phone calls.  I have a major project to start today and I cannot find the motivation.  I have to rearrange my bedroom and clean out all the nonsense crap which includes 6 guitar cases, random stuff that was my moms that I can’t make myself get rid of, and so much more miscellaneous bull shit.  My bedroom is not the wonderful oasis it’s supposed to be, oh no it is a catch all for all the random shit that doesn’t have a home in this house.  I think it is safe to say that we have officially outgrown this house.  I have zero storage and not enough closet space.  We need a bigger house pronto.  I wonder if I can get one at Walmart on sale.  It’s not that we have entirely too much crap it’s just that so many things don’t have a home because I have no where to put it.  I must find them a home but all the homes are taken..no vacant rooms, closets or corners.  It’s time to either evict some things or move them into different homes.  I do not want to play real estate person today because I am pretty sure I won’t make commission on any sales or relocations.  So I will work for free and sweat and break my back rearranging furniture that even I am amazed that I can move.  It’s amazing the strength you can conjure up when you need it.  My bedroom furniture is huge and heavy so the first time I rearranged it by myself B came home and was completely amazed and asked who I had help me.  I don’t need anyone’s help I am freaking Super Woman when I need to be!  I just hide it when you are home because I know you can do it, but get me on a mission when I’m home by myself and Dunt dun dun da!  My cape appears and muscles form that are usually hidden…I am Super Girl.  Seriously, I have a shirt that says so.   🙂    Why am I rearranging my bedroom you ask?  You would think the answer would be so that my bedroom would become this peaceful beautiful oasis it should be.  No my friends, it isn’t so.  I am rearranging to make room for all my husband’s recording gear.  He is moving it into the bedroom..I am not pleased.  He has to bring all of his other band stuff home from work where it is set up in an office in the shop because he is afraid the thieves will come back and this time take his music gear.  I can’t blame him for that, he has a lot of money invested into his gear.  He has a band room set up in the garage (another reason I have zero storage) so all that is coming in the bedroom to make room for a drum kit, guitars, more amps etc.  Oh JOY.  So that is what I will be doing today along with breaking up fights, listening to 8 year old’s sarcasm, smack talk and attitudes, keeping my daughter occupied so she doesn’t disturb Prince 1 and 2, make lunches, and finish a mound of laundry that looks like an Egyptian Pyramid.  Damn my life is exciting.  I can’t wait.  The truth is I do have the motivation to do this I just don’t want to so I am procrastinating and very well I might add.

So enough of the procrastination, I must do this.  I will do this.  I am on a mission.  I AM Super Girl.

Now where’s my cape???

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I like the new header on the blog page! Go Super Girl, go! I feel ya on the “stuff to do” although I have plently of space for stuff since I am the only one in the house. Did I tell you my purses have their own closet and organized by color, holy shit right?

  2. Super Girl INDEED! I have enough trouble typing on the computer when someone else is even in the room and they are perfectly silent. There is no way I could do it with a lot of action going on.
    Video game sounds are the best!
    The new header and blog design are cool. The font text used in the header looks like a font called ‘Bleeding Cowboy’. I love fonts.

  3. Hectic life but a family is great. Life is good. Thank God for that you have a loving husband and a wonderful. Life is great.

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