NYE Weather Forecast: You Will get Wet.

The forecast for New Years Eve for Nashville:

You are all screwed….Take an umbrella if your plans have you outside.

The timeline:  You will be slightly damp around 8pm and at 11:59 you better hold on to your hats because you are going to fly the hell away in tornados and storms.  But on the bright side it’s supposed to be 65 degrees.

I can't wait to be in a crowd of 50,000 people with a chance of one of these coming!

Super.  I can’t wait to be flown away to the land of Oz.  Good thing I was thinking about moving anyways.

Who wouldn't want to live there! There's Rainbows!!!!


It just figures since this year we are going downtown to watch the Guitar Drop.  We usually stay away from cluster fucks of people especially for something like this.  We either spend time with friends or stay home.  Again this year B’s company is supplying all the power for the shindig and he needs to be down there and scored all access passes.  Which means we can get anywhere we need to, park very very close, and have access special areas sans all the crazies.  This is one reason I agreed to go.  It will be fun, there are concerts scheduled all day we can people watch and be a part of ringing in the new year with 50,000 of our closest friends.  It’s one of those things that I can say I did and be content for years to come without the urge to do it again.  Cool.  I need a raincoat and some goulashes.  I am kicking myself in the butt for never buying a pair of the cute rainboots that are out there now, I have looked at them a million times and thought to myself “do I really need a pair?”  Nah, I’m good.  Well shit!  I really need a pair now.  Damn it for being a cautious shopper during those times.  What the heck is wrong with me!


I super duper need these now.


B and I went out to dinner last night and celebrated the new year at the local bar since tonight there will be no tasty beverages for a couple of reasons.  1. I don’t want to drink and have to fight people to use a port-a-potty every 10 minutes 2. he is “working” so he can’t drink anyway 3. I really don’t want to be hammered around all those people.  4. In one way shape or form I will be there representing his company too and I must behave.  So last night we had our New Year’s tasty beverages.  I only had 3 shots and 2 beers so I thought I was good to go until we got home.  Talk about being hit with the liquor brick.  When we got up this morning he said “how do you feel?” I could only answer one way “I don’t know yet”.  Well time has passed and I have a bit of hangover.  We started to recap our tasty beverage consumption and he said you only had 2 beers and 2 shots.  I corrected him and said I had 3 shots, he did not join me for the last one since his 7 crown and cokes were taking control of his brain at that point.  Then he reminded me on how big our shots were and how much PJ the bartender loves us.  I said ok then I had 6 shots and he corrected me that her shots are more like 3.  Well crap that makes the total 2 beers and 9 shots.  That explains why I made it out of the bathtub and to the bed and that is it last night.  Done.  Why do I think shots are such a good idea and red snapper shots at that.  A Red Snapper is Crown Royal, Amaretto, and Cranberry Juice.  That just sounds gross but it is quite tasty.  2011 resolution…No more Red Snappers, they are evil.  I need a shock collar or something so when I even think about a shot I get zapped.  I also need to be zapped when I reach for my phone after the Red Snappers.  Texting while drinking is a no no.

Now for what I think needs to go away with the ringing in of 2011.

K$sha..she needs to stop it, quit singing, you suck.  You are nothing but trash and I am ashamed that you are from the city I live in.

The radio stations need to find other musicians to play besides K$sha, Rihanna, and Katy Perry.  I do like Rihanna but good god!

Pajamma jeans-no one will wear these and if they do they need to be slapped

Red Snappers

Mean people and bad people.  Send them away to an island somewhere where they can be mean and do bad things to each other.

This new wrap garment thingy that I had the pleasure of seeing on TV yesterday.  It’s awful and I really wish I could remember the name of it to share.  It is hideous and retarded.

So on that note:





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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Damnit, you beat me to mentioning the pajamma jeans in post!!!!!

    Your texting last night was excellent when we spoke 🙂

    Sounds like you had as much to drink as the guy I drove home from the bar! hahaha

  2. We had rain, too! It’s 50 degrees here, and the snow has melted! Now, if it could just stay like this until March, that would be the best Christmas gift ever!


  3. Pajama jeans? I’m afraid…so very afraid to google it.

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