I have Rabie Foam in my yard, one space people!, & my knee is STD free.

Let's pretend this is Mother Nature

This morning when I looked out the window it looks like Mother Nature was foaming at the mouth all night because that white crap is back on the ground again.  I know, I know enough with the complaining of the snow already but damn this is ridiculous.  The kids are out of school once again.  We only got about an inch or a little more of snow but the roads are completely horrible.  B traveled home from North Carolina last night and he said once he got into Nashville he couldn’t give any gas to the truck because his backend would take on a mind of its own.  He was sliding everywhere and that is in a truck with 4 wheel drive and traction control.  That’s just not good.  Hopefully the roads will be fine by late afternoon when my dad is supposed to pick up the kids for the weekend.  Yay.  A quiet weekend after 2 weeks of chaos, snow says and sickness.  Just for the record my kids have been out of school more than in school for the month of January.  Not cool my friends, not so cool.

I read a blog post the other day that was freshly pressed titled How Many Spaces Should You Put After a Period by Dr. J.  This frankly blew my mind because I had no idea the ‘rules’ had changed.  When I was in school, oh so long ago in early to mid 90’s I learned that you put two spaces after a period when typing, always.  According to the blog post and an article in it this is wrong.  The article in the blog post put it this way and I quote  “Typing two spaces after a period is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong.”  Well how about them bananas!  I found the blog post, article and comments very interesting.  The post and article I found interesting for obvious reasons..I was learning that I have been wrong for 20+ years and am still wrong and will continue to be wrong.  Great.  The comments I found interesting because it made me feel old.  Comments saying ‘I learned one space’, “people that use two spaces drive me absolutely nuts” to wrap them up in a nut shell, and other comments that are from people in the same boat as I am and had no clue to the change in the typing ‘rules’.  This is huge people.  I rank it up there with Pluto not being classified as a planet anymore.  Poor Pluto!  Poor period now being all crowded by more letters.   😉   This is going to be a hard habit to break for me.  I have been trying to make myself aware when I type but as you can tell by this post I am failing miserably.  My thumb just automatically taps that space bar twice after that cute little dot giving it space and a spacious ending before the next sentence begins.  Now when I do catch myself and give it only one space it looks funny.  B just walked in the room as I am typing this and I asked him how many spaces he uses.  He said two.  I told him about the changing of the spaces and he shrugged his shoulders and said that is what I learned in typing class and who ever changed it can “Go fly a kite”.  haha!  I am stuck, do I continue to use the two spaces because it is natural and continue to drive people crazy as they read my posts or do I make a conscious effort to change to the little one space and get into the ‘now’ of typing and be all hip.  Who knows.  Most likely I will stay set in my old ways because I am old and I don’t have to put thought into it  😉  and two because I am in no way shape or form a professional writer, my stuff will never become published and sell millions.  Now if I ever do write anything that will be read by millions or have to write a formal letter to someone I will consciously use the one space.  Pinky swear.

This is what people are doing to me and I am ok with it 😉 it makes me different & special

Good news.  I got the results back from the doctor yesterday evening and it is fluid on my knee, I’ll take that diagnosis.  Now they are sending me exercises to do with my knee.  If that seems it is not doing any good and the swelling continues the next thing is physical therapy and she wants to do an MRI.  As long as my knee doesn’t have the STD Gout, I’m happy and in good shape.

So what we have learned today…

-Mother Nature has a bad case of Rabies

You should only be using **1** space after a period people!

-And my knee is STD free..Thank goodness.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Glad to hear your knee is STD free!

    Do your kids have to make up snow days at the end of the school year?

  2. I did weigh in on the spacing fiasco but via a FB posting not WP and I have been using one since I can remember. If I was taught otherwise I have since blocked those memories out.
    Yay on being free of anything that is STD-sounding 🙂
    Snow…we had another 5 inches, my joy is oozing out of me (written in sarcasm font).

    • It’s probably my typing teachers fault because they were both 198 years old when they taught. haha!
      The snow I am over and if I was up there I would be crying. The reason I keep complaining is because this is so rare and I’m over it.

  3. Yay! for the knee.
    Boo! for the snow.
    And honestly – who cares about the spaces! I always used two until I got a Twitter account cos all those extra wasted spaces got on my nerves. Took me all of – umm – two days, tops to break myself of the habit.
    But it was for a reason.
    Not just because someone (in America) has decided two is bad.

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