Winter is nothing but the Purple People Eater

I’ll tell you what, the sun needs to come out and the weather needs to get warm and stay warm.  Over the weekend it was 60+ degrees.  As much as I enjoyed it and it was oh so lovely, the truth is it was just a tease.  A big fat tease.  Like a big bully that just took your dessert and is dangling it over your head.  It is back to the 20’s with more snow headed tomorrow night.  Now I know I have no grounds to complain with the storm that just went through from Texas to the East Coast, the feet of snow that was dumped and the ice that has covered everything.  We were fortunately spared of that storm.  I feel for the ones that were hit.  This winter has been one humongous monster.  A big fat growing, drooling monster with a spike on its head.

I bet you didn't know that winter was the purple people eater.

I say we protest.  Rage a war against the Purple People Eater aka Winter.  This monster needs to be taken down, immediately.  So gather up your troops and don’t forget your gloves, hats, coats, scarves, long johns, ice scrapers, snow mobiles, shovels, snow blowers, and salt.  I heard salt to a purple people eater is like kryptonite to Super Man.  It’s on.  We will gather and conquer the purple people eater.

This should be what all the news stations use when coving the weather.

Now to change subjects.  I kept my son home today due to a fever this am which is now gone and he is fine. I really should take his butt to school.  He is in control of the tv at the moment and he turns it on this show on Nick.  It’s called The Troop.  I have never watched this show with him and knew nothing about it.  I wish it would have stayed that way.  It’s about 3 teenagers that are on a quest to save the world of monsters or some crap.  Well on this episode they are fighting Vampsters.  You read that right..vampsters.  A group of teenage boys that are half vampires half hamsters.  Yep.  Quality.  They live in a huge house where the floor is covered in saw dust, there is a huge hamster wheel and tunnels all over.  They ride skateboards and wear bling.  They are so cool.

I give you the Vampsters. They scream quality youth tv!

I am now traumatized from this show and scarred for life.  Thanks Nick. I need a forwarding address for my therapy bills.  But rest assured The Troop beat the vampsters and all is well in the world.  Maybe we need to send The Troop after the Purple People Eater.  Hmm….

Well now on with my day of nursing a not so sick child, grocery shopping and preparing for battle of the Purple People Eater.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Vampsters? You deserve saint status for making it through the show.

  2. Granted you could analyze the undertones of shows we grew up with but at least on the surface they appeared somewhat normal. Vampsters? And someone was paid to come up with that and act in the show and advertisers pay to have their commercials aired? Sad stuff!
    As for the winter of 2011, you know my thoughts on that already.

  3. Yeah some of these shows look like they were just thrown together.
    What they probably did was ask a bunch of 8 yr old what they wanna see … I so could see that show coming from a kid.

  4. True fact: I know all the words to Purple People Eater, so let me know if I can help in the PR campaign.

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