Toddlers and Tiaras=The worst show on TV

So I have watched the previews for the show Toddlers and Tiaras many many times and they alone turned me off.  Yesterday as I was flipping through the channels I noticed it was on by the bratty screaming little girl who looked 14 instead of 4.  Normally I would have kept surfing, but I stopped and I watched…for the first time.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I spent time in my life watching this show but I felt that I had to in order to say I watched it at least once and then I would have honest griping rights.

Where do I begin?  Everything, everything, about this show is completely wrong and disgusting.  In my opinion, this is the most disgusting and disturbing show on tv at the moment.  Yes worse than 1000 Ways to Die.   If you are unfamiliar with Toddlers and Tiaras it is a reality show that follows little girls and their families as they compete in beauty pageants.  Now I feel I should make clear that I am not a hater of beauty pageants, my problem lies in these little girls being dolled up to not even look real at such a young age, the way the mothers are, which is truly the disgusting part, and the way the little girls act for the most part.

After watching the show for 10 minutes my opinion of the show didn’t change, it just confirmed it.  I wanted to stick ice picks in my eyes, beat the mothers and place on the girls in therapy.  I do believe the episode I watched was the season 3 opener which followed 3 little girls ages 4, 6 and 9.  The 4 year old, who’s name is Mackenzie, was a little bossy brat who’s mother admittedly just let her do what ever she wants to keep her happy.  Huh?  Now I realize this little girl is the way she is because of her parents so I feel a little bad for calling her a brat but that’s what she was.  At 4 years old she was bossing her mother around, yelling for her “drink” and her Ni-Ni (pacifier), pushing her mother away, not listening etc.  Disgusting.  If my kids even played with the idea of acting even remotely like this they would be grounded for the rest of their lives.

Then there was the 6 year old, I believe her name was Daisy, she wasn’t so bad but her mother took her to man who makes teeth.  Because she is in the awkward phase of loosing baby teeth and getting her big teeth they got her fake teeth!  They made her fake.  At 6 years old what kind of message is she receiving from this?  That you have to be fake to be beautiful?  Are they creating the future cast of Bridalpasty or any other show that follows girls that are obsessed with plastic surgery?  There were also girls who wore wigs.  Now I am no professional but this can’t be sending good messages to these little girls.  These girls already at this young age are train wrecks.

Now the mothers.  This is where I get furious and would like just for a moment to be alone in a room with the moms.  My first words to them would be “What the Hell are you doing?”  “What the Hell are you thinking?”.  They obviously have issues whether it be that they were not told they were beautiful as a young girl, they are living through their daughters, maybe they have daddy issues, they were dropped on their heads as children, or maybe they are just delusional and retarded.  I don’t know but they should be ashamed of themselves.  They are doing nothing but creating little monsters.  Little monsters that I don’t want my kids to have anything to do with.  I don’t want my kids anywhere near this kind of influence.  My daughter gets told she is beautiful on a daily basis from me and her dad, hell she gets told that from complete strangers everywhere we go.  There isn’t a chance in hell that I would dress her up at age 5 to look 20 years old with makeup, fake teeth, highlights, eyebrows waxed and wigs.  Gross.  These mothers let their daughters walk all over them, they give no discipline, tell their daughters that being perfect is what it is all about.  All they are doing is creating little walking train wrecks that will have anorexia at the age of 10.  I wonder if the girls have a savings account for plastic surgery instead of a college fund?  It wouldn’t surprise me.

During the pageant some of the little girls come out in foo foo dresses, I would expect that but I was blown away to see some walk out looking like they were in the Pussycat Dolls.  Seriously?  Your daughter is 9 years old and you want her to look like a little hoochie stripper or something?  They would have knee high boots, these little skirts where their butt was almost showing and dance like they needed a pole.  That was so disturbing.

This little girl is 2!  2!  Good lord!  Her dad is obviously a closet flamer living through his daughter.  Get a life man, it’s time to come out of the closet and make your own drag get up because that’s obviously what you are really wanting to do.

TLC should be ashamed to be broadcasting this filth.  I guess it is appropriate that Toddlers and Tiaras be on “The Learning Channel” since this show is teaching little girls how to be fake, superficial, and bratty and giving them a false sense of reality.  They can learn how to be real train wrecks.  In my opinion this show should be taken off the air and all copies burned to never be shown again.

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  1. I agree, so disturbing. I was horrified when I first watched it but I had to give it a fair shot and see what really goes on…well as best as you can anyway from an edited reality tv show.

  2. Dude you hit it right on the money.
    It basically is child abuse. How does anyone not see it?

  3. This show along with others I also find very disturbing. So much so thay I become angry. Ironic, that it is on The Learning Channel. What could we possibly learn here? I have never understood that network. And, still ET and the Insider hypes it up at least once a week. Can we all write or call the network to stop this moronic programming? All these people are paid to be on these programs.

    I am with you..Shame on TLC.

  4. Its totally disgusting and should be against the law. The mothers (mostly) are mostly very fat, but are fulfilling their dream of being on stage and beautiful. The little girls arent beautiful, they look pathetic and it makes me sad to see them strut like a stripper. Yes, disgusting.

  5. I also find this disturbing and disgusting. I have only watched once. I don’t understand how anyone could not find this disturbing – other than maybe a child predator.I agree that it borders on child abuse.

  6. Oh, how awful. I had not seen that little 2 year old before. How disturbing. A lot of times its the mother who I blame. But here the Dad (definitely a flamer) makes her little stripper outfits, but the mother helps with her sexy routine. Why is this show on the TLC, actually it shouldnt be on any channel. What is wrong with these parents.

  7. I think these mothers wanted to be hookers at one time and are living their dream through their poor daughters

  8. I can’t believe that there isn’t some sort of law against shows like this and if it isn’t it should be. This is emotionally abusive. What type of self image will these girls have? And why are people watching this. Why is this entertaining? We are a really sick society.

  9. I just saw a preview on Entertainment Tonight, and they showed a 9 year old in a “Daisy Duke” outfit. Then the little girl called her cut-off jean shorts “booty shorts”. How is that appropriate in any context? Then, they showed a 4 year old complaining that she didn’t want to spray tan, and of course this was all in subtitled because she couldn’t talk yet. I’m rarely disgusted by anything, but these people who participate in these creepy kiddie pageants are insane. Shame on TLC for airing it and shame on E.T. (also a show with little to no redeeming value) for promoting this drivel.

  10. Omg I just finished watching toddlers(brats)and tiaras(bigger brats) some of these kids are absolutely so bratty! I cannot believe these parents don’t beat the shit out if these kids that yell back at them like Olivia who just made me want to beat her ass after watching the way she was yelling at her mom backstage while other kids are doing their performances on stage. I can’t believe how bad I wanted that mom to slap the shit out of her! That is so terrible to say, I know! Parents it is not cutesy when your brat is yelling And hitting you at you no matter what age she or he is and you should be embarrased you idiot! I can only imagine what kind of problems you are going to have with her when she is a teen. Best of luck to you.

  11. I’ve seen a few episodes, one of which the girl was actually normal and somewhat down-to-earth, and she wanted to be a gymnast and actually said that her mom wanted her o do pageants. So there she goes, does a round-off, back walkover and splits. At only six. And what does her mOm say? “oh, that was sucky”. What? Thats incredible for her age! I did gymnastics and a thirteen I had some trouble doing that as perfect as she did, and that’s supposedly “sucky”?!?!?!? Also, in another episode, a girl didn’t like getting her eyebrows waxed because the wax was too hot once and it actually took off some of her skin. I really don’t blame the girl for screaming at that point. And then the mom says off to the side, “sometimes I just hold her down and rip it right off.” Unbelievable.

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