Getting excited again…

It’s a new day (breaking news, I know), the sun is out and it’s hitting 60 degrees today.  Glorious days.  It’s been in the 60’s since Sunday and will be for the rest of the week.  It’s like heaven.  I want to go out and roll in the grass and mud like a horse.  *moment to visualize that, scary right*  You can bet your sweet asses I am breaking out the flip flops come tomorrow.  So help me god if that white crap falls from the sky anymore this winter I might explode.  Hopefully we are in home stretch and that won’t happen anymore and it shouldn’t because we are now at the time where our average is in the 50’s.  This is why I love Tennessee.

Today I am going to break out my new lens for my camera that B gave me for Christmas and head over the lake to take some pictures.  How I have missed my camera.  I have been in a camera rut for a couple of months.  It’s hard to break it out when it is gloomy, cold and just down right gross out.  Now that the weather is beautiful it’s time.  I am going to put on my boots and go track away in the mud and see what kind of shots I can get today.  I am excited.  I am also ready to dive head first back into my photography, get out there and make it happen.  I need guinea pigs.  No not real ones, I need people guinea pigs.  To test my eye, to let me play, to help me learn and grow.  I know just the kids, mine and my friend’s L’s kids.  Today we have a date at the park after school and I’m taking the camera.

Back in November I started an Etsy store for my photography, SpokenStill.  I have sold one picture.  I have had a lot of hits on my site, photos added to people’s favorites and shared on their page but just one sale.  That’s ok though, I have let it fall to the way side.  I think my timing was bad and that I put them all up at once.  In doing that I screwed myself because then I have nothing fresh and new to add, therefore my pictures get pushed to the back of the search.  Plus I lost my gusto.  I am ready to get new shots and add them to the store.  I am ready to dive in and offer new products along with new photos.  It’s overwhelming and exciting.  I just lost that excitement for awhile.  Well I am back and ready.  Ready to play again, ready to refine what I have already learned and ready to learn everything that is still out there.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Funny you mentioned the store because at Christmas I wanted to buy a print but had no one to give it to at the time. But the spring and summer birthdays are right around the corner!

  2. Jamie,
    Oh my! I checked out the etsy site. These photos are beautiful! when I grow up I hope to take photos this good. Man…I need a new camera. Have no idea which one.
    Oh, and love the name spokenstill. You are something else. Happy shooting!!

  3. Oooo I am excited.
    I wanna buy something from you. So hurry and take more pics!
    Can I make a request?

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