Best said Line of the Week & Let’s talk Friend Requests.

I feel like a champ today!  I made it to bed at 8:30 last night and when that alarm went off this am I was ready to go.  I really need to make a habit of that at least once a week because I feel grrrrrreat!  That was me channeling my inner Tony the Tiger.  Only if I had some Frosted Flakes I would totally kick today’s ass, for shnizzle.

Best line that I heard this week so far came from my son (8) after school one day:

W: Mom I got L’s number today. (a little girl in his class who is just adorable and lives right up the street)

Me: Oh yeah!  That’s cool.  Did you ask for it or did she just give it to you?

W:  She gave it to me and I told her “I can’t guarantee anything.”

If that’s not a typical dude response I don’t know what is and he’s 8.  Good lord.  He wanted to call her that day and just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  For 25 minutes he couldn’t make up him mind.  During that time I asked him why he wasn’t calling and he said “I’m nervous and scared”.  I asked why and he replied “I’m scared of her parents.”  Smart boy…Smart boy.

Yesterday he came home with her number again and underneath the number it said 3:00.  I asked what that was all about and he said I lost her number so she gave it to me again and she said to call her at 3:00.  Bossy little thing.   😉   He 3 and went up to her house and played.  So cute.  As we were walking home from her house he said “She likes me”.  hahaha!

Now lets talk Friends and Friend Requests.  I received a friend request today on Facebook and I am completely annoyed by the choices you have to choose from.  When you receive one you get to choose from: “Accept”, “Cancel” or “Not Now”.  What the crap is that…”Not Now”.  Do they think that if I don’t want to accept it today that just maybe I will accept it tomorrow or next week?  Umm…No.  So what happens?  You hit “Not Now” and it hides the request.  So now you have to go into “show hidden requests” and delete them.  Like the extra step, the ‘here look again..maybe you will change your mind’ is going to make you rethink the request and say “you know what, Yes yes I want to be your friend” and you will hit accept.  Ummm…..No, sorry.  When I checked my hidden requests today I had 16.  If Facebook does this on purpose to make you take a second look just in case you change your mind, I have sad news for them.  It doesn’t work.  Fail.  I hit Delete 16 times.  I still did not want to be friends with these people months after I hit “Not Now”.  Sorry and delete.

Don't ask again or I will find the F off button.

Truth be told I could go into my friends list that I have accepted and delete half of them.  I have hidden so many it’s ridiculous.  Criteria for being hidden from my news feed:

You use all caps in everyone of your posts…hidden.  Stop this crap it’s annoying.

You want to preach and/or quote the bible in every post….hidden.

You post actual pictures of your grandma’s funeral…hidden.  (that is true by the way, someone actually did this)

You post provocative pictures of yourself and you are gross and should be covered at all times….hidden.  I don’t want to see that shit and I’m pretty sure no one else does either.

You ask for a prayer every other post for stupid crap…hidden.  Answer will always be No.

You post what you have for dinner every night….hidden.  You obviously have nothing important to say so if I hide you I am most likely not going to miss anything.

Everyone one of your posts are copied and pasted and tell me that I should do the same…hidden.  Stop it and come up with something of your own.

I think I might go in and get delete happy now…here we go!





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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Ha, awesome! I am feeling like a champ too. And I am with you on the FB requests and statuses\pictures. I have a few of me in bathing suits though so I am not sure if that is provocative or not 🙂

  2. Your son is so ahead of the game. “I can’t guarantee anything.”—So funny!

  3. I loved that!
    Your son is already the little man.
    Its funny that stuff they come up with.

  4. Are they teaching this crap in schools now? They have to be, LOL! Your son is adorable 😉

    Loved what you said about facebook. Let’s not forgot those that can’t edit themselves. I know someone who advertised they had called the cops of their husband. Now that’s classy!

    • Haha! Probably! How times have changed!

      I totally agree about the editing themselves. It’s like some forget that it is for all to see and read. And it’s usually the ones that have 593 friends and they probably don’t know half of them.

  5. Don’t forget the ones who only have one subject – be that dogs or cats or whatever. My best friend is like that but I have to not hide her – every so often she leaves a post I need to have seen. And she’s my bestie. What can you do, but shrug and say Oh Well.

    Love the little man – so cute. Youngest once told me he understood why C’s parents were very protective of their only son. “He’s the only one.” he said. “You’re more relaxed because you’ve got spares.”

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