I love Spring/Summer la la la la.  They are my favorite seasons of the year.  I am meant to live some where warm so I get a little excited when it’s warm out.  It’s not Spring yet but it is right around the corner and I’m pumped.  Here are some things I am looking forward to:

-Flip Flops, Wedges, any shoe that has minimal fabric or restraint on my feet All.The.Time.  Tennis shoes, boots, enclosed shoes period what?  What are those??

-Drinking my coffee on the patio listening to the birds sing good morning

-Tanks, strapless shirts, my jean skirt, summer dresses

-Walking barefoot through the grass

-Blooming beautiful flowers

-Ice cold beer on the back patio

-Cookouts and friendly gatherings that include me kicking their asses in a *friendly* game of cornhole   😉

-Taking the kids on fun day trips, parks, zoos, picnics

-Pool Time everyday!

-Driving with the windows down

-Playing basketball with the boys and kicking their butt (I might be a little competitive…just a little)

-Windows open in the house

-My summer playlist by the pool with a mimosa

-A good summer thunderstorm and the smell of the rain

-Eating outside on a patio….with a beer of course

-Not having to hear my alarm clock for 2 1/2 months..WOO HOO!

-Fishing with my dad, stepmom, kids and sister.  We have a contest started for the biggest trout.  Biggest fish by the end of summer gets bragging rights for a year and a trophy.  I will win this of course   😉


I can’t wait for spring! I become real ‘outdoorsy’

But until then I will put on the shoes of restraint, long sleeve shirts and pants and forge ahead only to daydream of the warmer days ahead.

Today my day is complete non stop running.  One thing right after another.  It makes me glad that I didn’t run at a 100% yesterday because today it’s 120% with no exceptions.  It’s going to be full steam ahead by 10 and most likely not stop till about 11-12 tonight.  I have to take pictures for my sister for a couple of hours, clean, grocery, hair cuts for the kids as soon as they walk through the door, get myself ready for the evening festivities which is me taking a friend that is in town out on the town.  To top that off it’s Fat Tuesday and downtown will be a mad house. Days like this I try avoid downtown because it’s crowded and it’s nothing but a drunk fest and with it being Tuesday I will not be partaking 100% in the drinking, which means I will be out mostly sober with a bunch of Mardi Gras “woohooing” drunks and it will take everything I have not to kick them in the shins and run.  That was positive, wasn’t it?!  I will try not to be so negative and have a good time.  It will be fun!  Damn it!




About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I love Spring. Its not too hot here yet and its warm enough to be outside. I love sitting outside and drinking coffee in the mornings or having a drink in the evenings. Barbeque’s are always fun but most importantly it’s baseball season.

    Two boys in little league keep us quite busy. We’ve started our little league season this past week but it’s still pretty cold out. Considering we have practices that can last until 10pm, I sit freezing my butt off with a smile on my face until warmer weather gets here. I’m trying to stay positive too 😉

    • I just signed our son up for soccer for the first time. I am NOT looking forward to the practices during the week and games on Saturday mornings.

  2. yeah spring is my favorite. Its warm enough to be outside and have fun. Then hell hits in Summer with 119 degree weather.

  3. I am now excited even more so than before reading this! I am back on the hunt for flip flops, dresses, etc!

    • I know me too especially now after being at my sister’s today and seeing the cute dresses she found over the weekend. I have the shopping bug..BAD!

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