Twitter vs. Facebook. My Money is on Twitter.

I have a confession because admitting you have a problem is the first step   😉   I am addicted to Twitter.  Yes I said it.  I signed up for Twitter in 2009 maybe it was early 2010, looked at it became completely overwhelmed and closed it and didn’t look at it again for quite some time.  I have learned that this is the case with the majority of people that I have talked to about it.  It is very overwhelming when you first sign up.  You have no followers, you don’t know who to follow, you don’t know what the hell to tweet about, and everyone that they suggest you follow you usually have no idea who they are. So you close the site and shake your head, thinking I have no clue what all the hub bub is about.  After some time I went on a mission to figure it out.  One thing I hate is not being able to figure something out. Mission: Conquer Twitter started.  It was a successful mission, maybe too successful because now I can’t get enough of it.  I think it was after I started my blog when my real mission started.  I started reading people’s blogs and the majority had the little twitter button on the side “Follow Me on Twitter!”.  Ok I thought I can follow this person, their blog is cool.  The majority of people that I started following that I didn’t know already started this way.  Then someone one would retweet something from someone else and you liked what you they had to say so you follow them too.  Or someone retweets your tweets and you get followers that way too.  I have met via twitter and my blog a ton of cool people. People that I would have never had a chance to meet so to speak if it wasn’t for the web.  How cool is that!  I have read many times via blogs and Twitter about fellow bloggers meeting up in person for the first time.  That’s awesome.  Friendships made through the web that otherwise would have never been made.  I think that is amazing.  On Twitter I am always getting new stuff to read thanks to the handy dandy retweet button, new people to follow, finding new blogs full of information or that are just down right hilarious.  I get many of my daily laughs thanks to Twitter.  It makes my day.

I used to love Facebook and had a little addiction to it as well, who hasn’t?  As of late I find it starting to get stale and stagnant.  It’s the same people posting about the same things over and over again.  Don’t get me wrong I still get on it and check it but nothing like I used to.  It has become boring to me….repetitive.  It still has its advantages, you can check in with people, you can write more if you need to, get feedback, post pictures for family and friends to see etc.  I will most likely always be a facebooker, its a great way to stay connected especially with my friends back home.  Twitter might just lose its shiny coat sooner or later but for now that is my new love.  I love the sarcasm and the comedy I find on it, I enjoy the new connections that I have made through it.  I think there is less pressure as well with Twitter, less pressure worrying about saying the wrong thing, who is going to get pissed reading it or taking it the wrong way, certain people aren’t all up in your business all the time.  I am sure that would be different if my friends on facebook were following me on twitter so I guess you could say I have a new found freedom to say what I wish.  There is less of an “ettiquette” to follow on Twitter than on facebook in my mind.  I have the mouth of a sailor, this is not breaking news to anyone that knows me, but god forbid I say fuck on facebook.  I might offend someone.  I get it, and that’s fine.  I have young cousins, sister in laws, parents, parent in laws on there so I guess I should watch what I say out of respect for them.  I’m fine with that…to a point. If anyone of them get on twitter and follow me I’m sorry it’s game on.  I will not switch off my language, sarcasm, rants or what have you. What you read is what you get.  What I would have to sadly do though is stop publishing my blog to twitter.  Sad.  I don’t want family and certain friends all up in my blog because they don’t get it.  A few have found it in the past because of my big mouth and read it and have taken it out of context, or have just been so flipping offended by it blah blah blah. I have learned that if you don’t have a blog you don’t understand why people have them, especially if your blog just consists of your daily life and your commentary on it.  Period.  So they take what they read and run with it.  I have learned valuable lessons from those experiences on what I can and cannot blog about and I have learned that the Private Post setting is most valuable for my rants.  I do believe that most have forgotten all about my blog, thank god.

So my love stands with Twitter at the moment.  There is less drama, less bull shit.  It’s short and to the point and most of all more laid back…I like that.

One of my favorite tweets came from FreddyAmazin yesterday regarding Facebook:

“Facebook needs a dislike button , love button , idgaf button , lame button , & a why would any one give a shit button.”

How much more fun would facebook be with those buttons!  I would be clicking like crazy!

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  1. I agree! Twitter is short, sweet and in a way, sort of has a built in wall of protection with the locked tweets and the lack of statuses that result in threads like Facebook does. So basically you can rant and not get much lip from others over it! Oh hell yeah!!!

  2. It’s like you’re in my head. I keep my twitter life a secret from all but my husband & a couple of friends…I gave up fb for Lent because it’s taking over too much of my life. I felt like I *had* to comment of people’s status updates & pictures. I also felt like I *had* to keep family updated with daily accounts of the baby’s every moment.

    Twitter is low-to-no pressure.

    • I agree with you. I stopped commenting on everything and I do feel a little guilt from it bc you do feel the pressure to do so and I have noticed less traffic on my stuff but I am ok with that.

  3. I don’t use Twitter but I agree with your Facebook thoughts, I log on and I’m so underwhelmed!

  4. My experience with Twitter was just like your first one. But maybe I should check it out again.

    I would love to see those buttons on Facebook!

  5. I don’t have a Facebook… when I did I didn’t understand it at all.
    Twittering was much easier and I am still learning.
    I love love love Twitter.
    I can’t live without it. I too have an addiction obviously.
    Sometimes you just need to say something within 140 characters!

  6. Quit*
    Damn I am stupid

  7. I’m about ready to pull the plug on Facebook. I’m tired of constantly having to check my privacy settings. I have 200+ Facebook friends, but maybe 20 of them ever post anything.

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