A Crazy Conversation and other rambles.

Well I'm not drunk or a monkey..or am I a monkey?

I am full of some rambles today so bare with me.  I am supposed to be doing a post regarding an award I got yesterday, someone loves me!, but that is pushed back till tomorrow or at least until later today if I can find a few moments.  Now, Where to start?

If you have been here before you will notice I changed my header, colors and picture.  This is what happens when B is out of town and I am bored after the kids go to bed.  Another  thing I do when B is out of town, is stay up way too late.  Why?  I have no clue.  I don’t know if I feel like I am getting away with something or if I just don’t go to bed knowing he is not in there.  Which is silly because once I am in there I sprawl out like an eagle and love every minute I have in the bed to myself.

Looking at my blogroll, I need to update it something fierce.  Half of the people on it don’t blog anymore or haven’t in some time, so what’s the point of having quick access to a blog that hasn’t had new material in 4 months?  I don’t either, this will be updated today.  Should of done it last night but I was too busy with my header.  Plus I have a few new blogs that I love to read to add to it.

I have way too many episodes of deja vu.  It creeps me out.  I had one while I was typing the above paragraph.  Maybe I do have special powers!  bwah ha ha!  I’m going to go see if I can grow a money tree.

I was reminded yesterday that I do indeed still live on the Bible Belt, nothing has changed.  I had my carpets cleaned yesterday morning and it was 2 guys that came to service my carpets.  They were extremely nice, friendly and chatty and a pleasure to have in my home. We talked about the schools around here, B playing music and basketball. Then came the question…”What church do you go to?”  Here we go, I thought.  I said politely, we don’t go to church.  Of course what came next was a recommendation of which church to attend, with the reasoning “they have awesome bands there, your husband would love it”.  Really?  Just because my husband plays in a band and this church has a rock’n good band doesn’t mean we are going to jump on the religious band wagon and think “well what the hell! They have a good band, let’s go love Jesus!”  Nope. Sorry. Our conversation then turned to Japan. I made a comment of thinking the world was coming to an end that day because a small plane crashed just miles from house on the same day as the earthquake and tsunami.  I said this with a smile people, I was kidding.  The other guy then started telling me that the world is going to come to an end because the bible is telling of all of events that have happened and events that are to come.  Well, if the bible says so, it’s just got to be true. <—That’s called sarcasm.  I will keep my other thoughts to myself on that matter, so I don’t offend.  He then reminded me of Nostradamus and how his predictions have been 90% right.  Whatever.  I don’t know much about Nostradamus and his predictions, what has came true and what has not but if he could see into the future and predict what is to come then rock on buddy. The world will come to an end when everyone flies off their rockers and kills each other, aliens invade or when the sun runs out of life and explodes engulfing the earth. This will happen because science has proven the life cycle of stars, and the sun is nothing but a great big star.  Stars are born, run their life cycle and at the end they run out of their juice and explode.  That is when I believe the world will end, and according to science we still have a billion years left.  My mind rests easy.  Let’s Party.

A friend told me yesterday that she received a group email from an ex-friend of mine stating, short and sweetly, that she will no longer be participating in our dinner club and she gave no explanation as to why.  Hmm…  My first thought…*evil laugh* Who got tired of her bullshit this time and called her out on it again?  I find this very interesting and I am intrigued.  I am hoping to get the 411 on what is going on with that interesting info today at my lunch date.  Yes, I am nosy like that and if I do find out she has had it out with someone else I will get great pleasure out of it.  This ex-friend has a history of pissing people off, I was just waiting for the next victim of her bullshit, neediness, and extreme selfishness.  Through her and I having it out, another friend jumped on board with her and broke up with me in an email.  This proves two things. 1. These two are made for each other because I have learned they are exactly alike and I have heard through the grape vine that they have become really close and 2. They both suck at being decent human beings.

I just got off the phone with B and was filling him in on the above received info and his reply was this.. “you need to write her a letter that says: Dear __, This is how it goes down with you.  Step 1. Meet you.  Step 2. Feel sorry for you.  Step 3.  Help you.  Step 4. Get tired of your shit.  See a pattern?  You are the common denominator of all the bullshit.”  This is why I love this man.  He cracks me up and of course he was kidding, kidding about me wasting my time with actually writing a letter, not kidding on the way he feels about the situation.

With all that out there now I am off to rock my day!



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  1. ahhhh the simplicity of B’s advice is oh so fitting! Hey since you got the 411 on the end of the world as I did yesterday we need to party ASAP!!!!

  2. Okay…I’m a Christian and I’m really tired of the “end of days” proselytizing. Seriously. This happens every 5 or so years and it’s getting old. I’m banking on the Mayans. They picked a day & stuck with it.

    • First, I hope I didn’t offend because that is never my intention. I am with you, every other month it’s the end of the world. Crying Wolf I say. If the world does come to an end on some said date and we all just go on about our business and pay no mind, it’s because we have heard it a thousand times.

  3. I am anti-religious ….no scratch that I am anti-wasting my sunday mornings. Thats more better!
    I loved this blog and this part in particularly “doesn’t mean we are going to jump on the religious band wagon and think “well what the hell! They have a good band, let’s go love Jesus!” You my friend are brilliant!

  4. I like the new header!

    If you’re not a drunk monkey, I hope you’re Trunk Monkey. Look up those videos online. Trunk Monkey was awesome.

  5. And this, my dear, is why I love you so! LMAO! Love the new header BTW 😉

    So I’m thinking, that since a star the size of our sun has a lifespan of about 10 billion years and it is thought that our sun is about 5 billion years old, we should be in the clear! When I was in sixth grade I remember our English teacher having us watch a movie on Nostradamus in the library. When it was over, there were a bunch of kids crying. I thought the movie was awesome. Anything that can make a group of people react that way has my attention, although I don’t think the world is going to end any time soon.

    Personally, I cuss way too much to got to church. Here’s my theory, I’m already going to hell anyways so I might as well enjoy the time I have left before I get there. I use to live next to a preacher so I consider my holy mission complete!

    B sounds alot like Mr T. I’d write the damn letter just to prove a point 😉

    • Yeah, pretty sure we are in the clear when it come to the world ending. There were kids crying from the movie? I need to see this movie!

      Girl my mouth is that of a sailor x275. It’s ridiculous but it love my super adjectives. That’s all they are, super emphasizers!
      The church thing let me just tell you, B told me we couldn’t get married in a church because I would be struck by lightening. Religious? Um…Nope.

  6. I’m sick of hearing the world is going to end and then it never happens. I’ve been buying toilet paper one roll at a time because I see no sense in buying a pack of 24 when the world is going to end tomorrow, but it means I have to go back to the store every few days.

    • Alright Good Greatsby, that might just be the best comment left on my blog EVER! I know it’s at least the best comment of the week! It had me laughing hysterically. I should make you an award. 😉

      I feel ya, who wants to go to the store for toilet paper all the time. In my opinion start buying bulk again, we have at least a billion years left.

  7. Personally, I don’t go to church for the following reasons:

    1- The Catholic church is corrupt
    2- I curse. A lot.
    3- I am often angry at the Lord and use his name in vain (=-D
    4- I don’t for one minute believe that you have to go to church to prove your damn faith to anyone. See? I’ve just damned faith and all of its associated contraptions.

    Hee hee!

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